Columbia Frontier Peak GTX Review

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If you enjoy the great outdoors you know just how tough it is finding the right pair of footwear. Hiking is an intensive activity that requires a certain type of boot in order to be properly protected. Whether you're adventuring on or off the trail, Columbia's Frontier Peak GTX is a solid choice. Made from quality materials and built tough to last long, this boot is a hikers dream! Columbia has been a trusted brand in outdoor apparel since 1938 and the GTX lives up to their notoriety. This option is available for men and women and comes highly rated for its design.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Gore-Tex Lining
  • Water-Resistant
  • Omni-Grip Sole
  • Ankle Support
  • Leather/Mesh Upper
  • Leather Care
  • Wear Out Easily


This hiking boot is perfect for three-season wear and is available for both men and women. If you enjoy hiking, whether it’s on or off the trail, this boot offers a decent array of features and retails for an affordable price. It’s made from quality materials and offers a surprising amount of support for a pair of its design. The nice thing about this option is that it looks nice and stylish as opposed to some boots which are just plain unsightly. Its contrast color and earthy hues are ideal for outdoor activities and will help you to blend seamlessly with your surroundings no matter if it’s wilderness or city streets.


Hikers know how important it is to have a waterproof boot! You never know what the weather might have in store and you certainly don’t want to get caught out in the rain without weather-resistant pair. GTX comes complete with a Gore-Tex lining material that offers superior waterproofing. Gore-Tex is an airy fabric membrane that was first introduced back in 1969. Since then it’s become a go-to for outdoor enthusiasts because of its comforting feel and un-matched water-resistance. It works by repelling water in its liquid state but still allows water vapors to pass through it. This means that sweat and moisture won’t get trapped inside your boots so you can feel cool, dry, and comfortable even after long hours of strenuous activity.


Forget about slips or falls while you’re on the move thanks to its Omni-Grip rubber sole that offers the best traction around. Designed with an innovative lug pattern, this sole was built for maneuvering on wet and slippery terrain. If you wear a boot with a flat tread pattern it won’t be able to grip the surface beneath your feet and you could end up taking a tumble if you're not extra careful. But, with this pair, the thick lug pattern is able to hold tight even to the worst ground surfaces. This means that you’ll be safer while wearing a pair of GTX hikers because you will be less likely to fall and hurt yourself. It’s also non-marking which means that you won’t have to worry about accidentally scuffing or marking any floored surfaces that you walk on.


The GTX hiking boot offers quality construction and is made from long-lasting and comforting materials. Its nubuck leather upper helps to keep you cooler and drier thanks to the leathers breathable texture and moisture wicking properties. The mesh overlays allow for better airflow inside the boot which helps to prevent excessive sweating and eliminates pesky shoe odors. The nubuck leather is an extremely long-lasting choice of fabric that will be able to withstand tough wear and tear and is perfect for hiking in almost any weather conditions. These hikers offer metal eyelet lacing and speed hooks for a tighter fit and faster overall fastening.


Anyone shopping for hiking gear knows how costly it can be to find the right pair. When it comes to features and benefits the cheaper ones just don't seem to offer the same kind of quality as the more expensive ones but all changed when Columbia's Frontier Peak GTX hit the shelves. This boot is made from quality materials and delivers excellent protection, comfort, and performance enhancement all the while selling for an affordable price. Anyone who is in need of a quality pair of boots without wanting to pay a fortune will love this option’s accessible price and impeccable delivery of quality craftsmanship.


Columbia Sportswear is an American company that makes superior outerwear, sportswear, camping equipment, and more. Paul Lamfrom founded Columbia back in 1938 with the dream of creating the highest quality outerwear and sportswear the world had ever seen. What began as a family-owned business stuck to its roots through the decades and delivers the same quality of craftsmanship to this day. Nowadays you would be hard-pressed to find a city didn't have a Columbia Sportswear location considering they distribute products within 72 countries and have over 13,000 retailers.


Okay, so having a gusseted tongue might sound a little like something you would rather avoid, it’s actually a feature seen with boots that make them all the better! A gusseted tongue is a design aspect that helps to keep all sorts of debris like dirt, rocks, water, and mud out. Normally, these things can sneak inside your footwear through the lace eyelets or even the gaps between the tongue and the upper of the boot but when it’s gusseted there’s no point of entry. This is because the tongue is literally sewn directly to the upper material leaving no space for foreign matter to pass through. This helps to make your boots more waterproof and keeps them nice and clean on the inside which is important if you’re planning on hiking through tough terrain.


This pair provides excellent support which is a necessity for those long hikes. Its shaft sits perfectly above the ankle bone which helps to provide a more stable environment and protects that delicate area. This is a must if you’re planning on hiking through tough terrain because your ankles will be vulnerable to sprains and other injuries while you maneuver across unstable areas. Its sturdy sole provides better underfoot stability and helps to lessen the impact felt with every step. These boots have a supportive midsole that protects the delicate arch area and lessens the waves of shock that travel through your feet and up your legs. Some hikers lack in this area and have either too much or too little cushion but this one offers just the right amount to keep you feeling your best without being too bulky or weighing you down.


The durability of these boots was an issue for some wearers who complained that they fell apart a little too early. Most people found that they lasted only one or two years with occasional light hiking but for the more intensive hikers they tend to fall apart closer to the one year mark. One of the main complaints is that the upper material often splits or tears, especially along the line of the sole and that the stitching is fairly weak. Though Columbia does offer a warranty with their footwear this could still be an inconvenience for avid adventurers. One good thing about this issue is that these boots are quite inexpensive so having to replace them sooner than you would others won't put such a dent in your wallet. This makes up slightly for the fact that they’re not as well-made as other options. If you usually only hike occasionally or on fairly even terrain than this pair should last you a good amount of time, however, if you're more of an avid hiker who enjoys those tough off trail adventures you should take this into consideration before making your final decision.


Caring for this option can be a little taxing. Mostly because the nubuck leather is a bit tricky to deal with. This material can be touchy and shows dirt fairly well. The problem with the leather is that you need to use specific cleansers and conditions which you can usually buy at the same place where you purchased the shoes. If you're unsure how to best care for this material have a read through our leather shoe care guide for all the latest tips and tricks.

Bottom Line

Overall the Frontier Peak GTX is a good choice of footwear for outdoor enthusiasts. Hiking can be a tough task especially if your footwear doesn't live up to your expectations. This option is lightweight and breathable so you'll feel more comfortable while you're on the move. It's higher shaft provides better protection for the delicate ankle area and helps to prevent accidental sprains or injuries while you're maneuvering over at rugged surfaces. Columbia has been a trusted brand in athletic and outdoor apparel since 1938 and the GTX is a worthy addition to their collection. It's made with Gore-Tex lining for waterproof wear so you can feel nice and dry even in wet conditions. The upper unit is made from nubuck leather that allows for better airflow inside the shoe and helps to wick excess moisture away from the skin. Another great aspect of this pair of boots is that it's very reasonably priced which makes it accessible to practically anyone. Some pairs are just too darn expensive and really don't offer as many performance-enhancing features as the GTX does. Its gusseted tongue helps to keep dirt, mud, and debris from entering your boot because it's sewn directly to the upper and leaves no room for unwanted things to sneak in. One of the downsides is that this pair won't last as long as some of the other options and is prone to splits and tears especially along the seams. At least this is offset by its lower retail price so you won't have to worry about spending a fortune for shoes it's going to fall apart sooner than others.