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While the skincare market seems more natural than ever, that is more a reflection of marketing prowess than trustworthy ingredients. CLn Body Wash is a truly gentle, cruelty-free formula that puts imposters to shame. Boasting relief from acne, eczema, and even infection, this body wash takes care of your skin on either end of the spectrum. 

CLn Body Wash isn’t the toughest cleanser out there but they created their Sports Wash for more heavy-duty cleaning. This formula is a bit expensive but is safe to use on the face and body, so it can combat bacne without drying the skin. Fast results will have you ordering another bottle in no time. Give your skin a dermatologist-approved treat with this CLn Body Wash.

Editor's Pros & Cons


Gentle Formula


Developed By Dermatologists


Great For All Ages

Easy To Use



Can Irritate Some Conditions


CLn has interesting roots as a brand. The brand was started by a cardiologist who developed small skin irritation. It quickly escalated to MRSA and then cellulitis, causing serious discomfort. When he was too sensitive for the prescription soaps being offered, he decided to try to develop something better.

This vision eventually brought him to the creation of CLn Body Wash but it wasn’t created overnight. Dermatologists and scientists worked tirelessly to develop a formula that was gentle on even the most sensitive skin. Their first product was this CLn Body Wash which changed the way over-the-counter washes treated problem skin.

Instead of options that are hard to afford and not clinically-approved, CLn Body Wash was intended to be an inexpensive, no-nonsense option for skin ailments. CLn Body Wash can be used by the whole family, young and old. CLn ensures that their brand takes care of people from all walks of life with all sorts of needs. It also has the National Eczema Association Seal of Acceptance!

Clinically Tested

Many trends in skincare are not backed by proper testing and approval. It can be anxiety-inducing to not know if a product you’re using in delicate areas of the skin will have adverse effects. There aren’t many risks to using the CLn Body Wash thanks to all the extensive testing done in its development.

Not only is it clinically tested but it is also created by physicians themselves. Dermatologists who knew exactly what the skin needed to create a wash that could meet those needs. That's exactly what CLn Body Wash does. Leading dermatologists in the field took information that was tested and proven to isolate the most effective component of medicated baths.

Medicated baths have been a skincare staple for issues arising with the skin. However, a lot of them are too harsh for those that need them. To combat this problem, these dermatologists developed a formula with only the most effective cleansers. This one, in particular, is made with sodium hypochlorite. Feel protected with the expertise of dermatologists by your side when choosing CLn Body Wash.


One of the main goals when creating the CLn Body Wash was to make it accessible for people with any budget. You shouldn’t have to spend a fortune to take care of yourself properly. Limited resources don’t necessarily exclude you from purchasing this, but buying in small batches is less cost-effective than bulk buying.

If not buying in bulk, the price of CLn Body Wash can be pretty high. A three-ounce bottle costs more than a body wash and face wash put together. Though this can work on any part of the body, that is a pretty high price for three-ounces of product. The worth fully depends on how and why you’re using this.

If you are already spending a lot of money on multiple products because you can’t find the perfect cleansing formula, it won’t be too outlandish to spend money on a product like CLn Body Wash. If you’re on a tight budget, this probably won’t be an affordable solution. If using a spot treatment, it can last much longer despite its smaller size.

Cruelty Free

CLn Body Wash boasts cruelty-free manufacturing, and that is part of their mass appeal. Not only is it gentle on any skin, but also gentle towards the environment. There is no testing on animals when producing the CLn Body Wash.

Not only is their effort to save animals respectable in and of itself, but they also try to produce their wash ethically in terms of manufacturing standards. It is free of animal by-products, steroids, antibiotics, and more. Every single bottle is made with care for the world it is making it for.

This is a stark contrast to many other body washes. Artificial scents and chemicals are used to create a smoother formula or fresher smell. Usually, these small features are at a cost to the world and often your skin. You won’t even find parabens in the CLn Body Wash’s formula. Armed with the power of CLn’s benefits, you can’t go wrong choosing this cruelty-free pick over a more toxic option.

Ease of Use

Many washes when they don’t include incredibly harsh ingredients require a bit of leg work on the part of the user. Whether they have to put it on warm wet skin and let it sit, or have to go through a process of exfoliation, they can require much more work than just washing. CLn Body wash isn’t like that.

All you have to do is create a lather with circular motions for one to two minutes, similar to a face wash. In face wash, this is recommended due to salicylic acid taking up to two minutes to effectively cleanse. It is the same kind of reasoning in the CLn Body Wash but without this acid. You’re just activating it and keeping it on the skin long enough to work.

With the same ease as washing your face, you can clear your skin from irritation, swelling, infection, and discomfort. It shouldn’t burn or irritate when you use it, so the one to two minutes spent cleansing won’t have you counting the seconds until you can rinse off. Just add water and you’re good to go with this CLn Body Wash.

Fast Acting

Reviewers marveled at how quickly this CLn Body Wash worked on problem areas. Some saw results in as little as a couple of washes. Others saw visibly “cured” skin in only a matter of two weeks. CLn Body Wash targeted just how to effectively take care of problem skin in a very short time.

One of the benefits of being so fast acting is that you won’t have to keep buying bottles while unsure if it works or not. Instead, you can quickly assess whether the CLn Body Wash is right for you. Whether you have folliculitis, eczema, an everyday rash, or even an infection. It will take no time before you get relief from the CLn Body Wash.

Since this can be used on babies who are six months and up, you can begin to see relief almost as soon as you start using it. Since babies cannot express what is bothering them, a quicker way to ease their pain is an absolute must. Same goes for its gentle ability to ease skin problems in the elderly as well. Faster relief means an easier healing process for everyone involved.

Gentle Formula

Since this can be used on broken skin, as you see in rashes and eczema, you need a gentle formula for it to not be painful. Otherwise, every application feels like a torturous slow burn. That is unacceptable in many situations, especially those where you’re seeking relief from pain.

It is even gentle enough for daily use. This can replace your current soap without issue. Its age range makes it safe for the whole family. If you’re experiencing extreme eczema or a rash, this can soothe it. Some reviewers who had broken skin or severely dry and flaky areas didn’t like how the CLn Body Wash felt.

Those reviewers felt that it was too harsh against their already damaged skin. Considering this, you should test the CLn Body Wash on a small area of skin to see if you react to it. Though problems were very rare, this body wash is meant to provide relief, not cause more pain. Be sure to test on a section of skin before using for rashes, infections, or eczema.


CLn Body Wash is water-based, making it a light cleanser that won’t feel heavy on the skin during use. Their ingredients may sound a bit complicated and hard to read, but they are clinically straightforward components. Unlike other brands that have ambiguous contents, this has more complex components that aren’t harmful just because their names aren’t as easily recognizable.

Sodium laureth sulfate is a mild detergent. It is found in many personal care products as a gentle cleanser, which is perfect for a product like this CLn Body Wash. Cocamide MEA is an extract from coconut oil. This adds to the non-drying properties of the CLn Body Wash.

Sodium Hypochlorite is the one key ingredient of CLn Body Wash. This is the salt that comes from hypochlorous acid and is commonly used on a large scale for purification. It works similarly on the skin in smaller dosages, creating a clean surface without damaging the skin.

The other ingredients in this product are mostly to keep the formula cohesive. The active ingredient, sodium hypochlorite, is the star of the CLn Body Wash, without a doubt. There is unlikely to be any interactions with this short list of ingredients.


It may seem confusing that this can be used for both acne and eczema. One is associated with an excess of oil, while the other is often considered a problem causing very dry skin. Though there are of course different skin types afflicted with these things, they are generally the exception, not the rule.

Acne medication can be known to be quite drying. It can cause flakiness, more redness, and irritation. For a formula to be truly versatile, it can’t cause these effects. Many people won’t be able to use it if it is excessively drying

The CLn Body Wash promises a non-drying formula, regardless of why you’re using it. That being said, this may still cause you to require a bit of lotioning after you wash it off. Every skin type is different with different needs. If you have naturally drier skin, an unscented, non-comedogenic lotion would be a great addition to your CLn Body Wash routine.


What is so amazing about the CLn Body Wash is how many different ways it can accommodate people’s needs. As mentioned, it is safe to use from ages six months to one hundred and six. There is no limit to who can and can’t use this CLn Body Wash. Dry skin, sensitive skin, and even incredibly oily skin can find relief with the CLn Body Wash.

It works for ailments from acne to eczema. If you have dry, rashy red skin CLn Body Wash can put an end to your discomfort. If you’re frequently breaking out and can’t find a gentle solution that works, this could be the solution to end pesky pimples. It can be used all over the body, or just the face.

If you only need spot treatment, it works for that too. This is strong but gentle enough for delicate areas. Even under the arms, breasts, or inner thigh can be treated with the CLn Body Wash. Reviewers raved about the CLn body wash for in their gym bag or at home.

Bottom Line

Anyone who hasn’t had luck with typical body wash options will welcome this CLn Body Wash. Their gentle formula is versatile for a variety of uses without being greasy or drying. Great for all ages and skin types, CLn Body Wash is an easy solution that everyone in the family will love. Though their formula may be too harsh for some skin conditions and it comes at a higher price, it is still a product that can be trusted.