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If you’re sick of trying to squeeze into seemingly miniature sports bras that are made for slim athletic bodies, you’re not alone. Women with larger breasts have been feeling the struggle for a long time. It is very hard to find a bra to fit, let alone a sports bra. The Champion Underwear Sports Bra is here to help. Made specifically for cup sizes C through DD, this bra can give you the support you need so that you can get on with your day and/or workout.

The Champion Underwire Sports Bra is made with eighty-six percent Meryl nylon and fourteen percent lycra spandex. It features a hook and eye closure in the back to make donning and taking off a little bit less frustrating. The extra stretch that’s knit into the bra will help to minimize motion, which will minimize pain and discomfort as well.

You may not be able to tell at first, but the Champion Underwire Sports Bra features a wire for additional support. It is padded, though, so that’s good news. There are three layers to the cups, which will help you keep your curves without worrying about anything showing through that you don’t want to show through.

Side panels are added in to help with stability and shaping. The cups are lined with soft fabric to minimalize skin irritation. The Champion Underwire Sports Bra is also tag-free to help keep your skin comfortable. The V-back style helps to keep the straps in place on your shoulders.

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Fits bigger busts







Straps aren’t adjustable


Champion is a clothing manufacturer in America that specializes in sportswear, and it is a subsidiary of Hanes. Champion has grown to be Hanes’ second best-selling brand, with Hanes itself being the only one in front of it. Hanes also owns Playtext, Outer Banks, Zorba, and others.

In 1919, the Feinbloom brothers established the “Knickerbocker Knitting Company.” Soon after, the company agreed to make uniforms for the Michigan Wolverines. The company changed its’ name to “Champion Knitting Mills Inc” in the 1930s. At that point in time, they specialized in sweatshirts. The United States Military Academy used Champion’s products during their training exercises and their phys ed classes.

Sara Lee acquired Champion in 1989. During the 90s, they produced the NBA teams’ uniforms, as well as some of the NFL teams’. Many major colleges have also represented Champion’s name. Champion still works with many organized sports teams today. Check out some Champion products here.


The Champion Underwire Sports Bra is made with eighty-six percent Meryl nylon and fourteen percent lycra spandex. Together, they will work to give you the stretch, stability, support, durability, and comfort that you need and deserve.

Nylon is a man-made material, and it is very durable. Nylon is what gives the bra it’s strength. It will protect your bra from tearing and bursting. It will even protect it from certain chemicals. Nylon has good air permeability and dries quickly. If you’re active, live in hot climates, or have large breasts, you’ll appreciate that in the Champion Underwire Sports Bra. It is important to note that if you have sensitive skin you could become irritated by the chemicals in nylon material.

Spandex is integrated into the construction of the Champion Underwire Sports Bra for a reason. It brings a lot of useful characteristics to the table. Spandex provides flexibility, durability, support, and shape retention. This means that you’ll have a more proper fit, for longer. For other products made with spandex materials, check here.


The fit of a sports bra is just as important as the fit of a regular bra. And, if you’re someone with larger breasts, you’ll know the struggle of finding one that fits your curves right. Well, the Champion Underwire Sports Bra was made especially for women with cup sizes C through DD. It may be a challenge to fit everyone’s bodies into “sizes”, but Champion works hard to cater to everyone possible.

The Champion Underwire Sports Bra closes in the back, at the bottom of the V-shape made by the straps. The V-shape is strategically placed to help keep the straps on your shoulder. There may not be an option for adjustability in the straps or the band, but the closure does make it easier to get the bra on and off. No more wrestling it over your head and then unrolling it down your chest. If you have a smaller chest, try these bras.


In the days of self-expression and diversity, there are still people who are concerned about keeping their bodies a little more private. The good news for those of you this applies to is that the cups in the Champion Underwire Sports Bra have three-layers of protection to allow you to keep your womanly shape without showing off more than you want to.

There are side panels included that will not only keep you in place, but it will eliminate the pesky bulging skin you experience over other skinny bands. Your cleavage will also be tucked away nicely so that you can wear the Champion Underwire Sports Bra as a camisole if you needed to. To check out exercise tops, look here.

Even though there are is deep scoop in the back, there is still great coverage of your shoulder blades, and the band remains thick, even where the closure is.


The Champion Underwire Sports Bra is loaded with support to get you through your workout and/or day with less pain and discomfort. This bra has an extra-large side panel, which is great for full chests and those who could use a little forward projection. Champion understands that no two chests are the same, and sometimes they’re not perfectly symmetrical. Side panels can help by guiding your breasts to where they should be.

There are cushioned wires hidden inside the Champion Underwire Sports Bra which deliver high support. Typically, medium and high-support bras are designed with wired cups to decrease the strain on your ligaments and skin from all of the motion during exercise.

Women find that wired bras don’t move as easily with your body as the wireless versions do. And this makes sense. But, some women have to choose between more support or more flexibility. The fact that the Champion Underwire Sports Bra features a back eye and hook closure means that it will provide more support than pullovers. If you’re looking for a pullover bra, check here.


Comfort is brought to you in many ways from the Champion Underwire Sports Bra. The materials and design used work together to give you padding, coverage, support, flexibility, stability, breathability, and dryness. When all of these are accomplished, you’ll have comfort.

The material is soft against your skin, and you should only have problems if you have sensitive skin or are sensitive to any chemicals that are in the material. If you do have sensitivities, try looking for a cotton bra.


Having flexibility in your sports bra is important; even when it’s a snug, supportive fit that you’re after. Breasts benefit greatly from their movements being limited, but they do still need to have the freedom to move naturally with your body when you exercise.

While the Champion Underwire Sports Bra is created for the support, it does include a fair amount of spandex in the construction, which will give you enough wiggle room to move comfortably. The spandex will also help your bra to not lose its original shape so that it can remain just as supportive on the twentieth run as it is on the first. If you’re looking for other stretchy apparel, check here.


Whether you’re an active person or not, it is common knowledge that not many people enjoy being in clothes that are saturated with sweat. This can be said of anything clothing, not just bras. Typically, people become rather uncomfortable in damp clothing.

Luckily, the Champion Underwire Sports Bra is breathable. Nylon has great air permeability and moisture-wicking properties that can help to keep moisture off of your skin to keep you dry, cool, and comfortable. Not only does it wick away the moisture, but it also dries more quickly than other materials. This will help to protect you from harmful odor-causing bacteria that are attracted to sweat. For more breathable bras, look here.


Athletes, runners, gym rats, yoga enthusiasts alike have complained for a long time about the fact that cotton athletic wear retains too much moisture. That’s why Champion made Double Dry Cotton, which manages moisture by delivering the best in wicking performance while still keeping the look, comfort, and feel of cotton.

Cotton Incorporated is to thank for the creation of the finishing process which enables the bra to have moisture management. How it works is that it pulls moisture to the outer layer of the fabric of your bra. By doing this, your bra will absorb and retain, less moisture. It will dry quicker. And it will be less likely to stick to your skin. For other products aimed at keeping you dry, check here.


One major thing that most people look for when it comes to bras is adjustability. Now, that’s not normally something you get out of a sports bra, especially a high-impact one. However, people are saying that they desperately wish the Champion Underwire Sports Bra had an option for adjusting the length/tension of the straps.

Yes, they are designed to stay in place, but not every woman needs the same fit when it comes to the straps. Torsos range in height, shoulders range in size and width. Also, there may be an eye and hook back closure, which helps with convenience, but it doesn’t have an option for adjustability, either. For a bra with the adjustability, check here.


Champion makes all of their products in hopes that customers will be satisfied. However, there will always be instances when products don’t work for certain people, or they have defects. If you find that you’re not one hundred percent satisfied with your item, you can send it back, unused within the first ninety days following the date of purchase.

The company will issue you a credit to your account when they receive the return. It is as simple and quick as that. When you first ordered your product, it came with a packing slip. On the reverse side, there is a form to fill out if you need to do a return. Fill it out and include it in the package with your item.

Make sure that you place your product in a package that is going to be secure. You can print a shipping label from EZ Returns, which will be pre-paid so you won’t need any additional postage. To use the pre-paid label service, there is a small fee of $6.95. This amount is deducted from your refund.

If you don’t want to ship your return, you can also deliver the package to the returns department via the address on Champion’s website. You also have the option of returning the item to a Hanes outlet store.

Bottom Line

At the end of the day, if you’re fairly larger chested and active, you know what you need out of your sports bra. The Champion Underwire Sports Bra is designed with your needs in mind. Specially crafted for the larger-chested and active woman, it works tirelessly to bring you the comfort, flexibility, support, breathability, coverage, and protection you’re looking for in a bra.

The Champion Underwire Sports Bra is geared towards women with cup sizes from C to DD. If you have smaller breasts, you will find that this bra does not give you the correct kind of support in the correct places. It has wide side panels that provide additional support and guide your breasts forward.

The extra-wide and supportive side panel, along with the V-shape of the straps, the eye and hook closure, and the padded underwire work to bring you optimum support and comfort. The spandex included in the material blend will give you flexibility and shape retention. Double Dry Cotton in the Champion Underwire Sports Bra is used to keep your skin dry, cool, and comfortable. The nylon material adds to the breathability.

The Champion Underwire Sports Bra may come at a steeper price than some competitors, but it provides high-impact support for larger-chested women who may otherwise have a difficult time finding what they need. There is a satisfaction guarantee, so you have nothing to lose.