5 Benefits To Morning Workouts

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You may try to think of every excuse in the book when it comes to setting your alarm clock an extra hour early just to get up and get in a morning workout, but trust me, you’ll be grateful later that you did. Whether you want to just get a quick ab workout in at home before you get ready for the day, or want to join an actual class like spin, getting those endorphins going in the morning will set you up for an energized day.


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Mood Booster

Working out gives your body a major boost of endorphins, so getting that in first thing in the morning will really help set you up for a positive day. Rather than going into the office tired, stressed and possibly anxious about the day ahead, you will feel refreshed and ready to tackle the day.



Feel Energized

Similar to boosting your mood, getting your blood pumping, heart racing, and endorphins flowing during a morning workout will get you pumped up for the day. It is also a great feeling knowing its early in the morning and you’ve already accomplished something. Something as simple as making your bed first thing in the morning can give you a sense of accomplishment, so just think what a full morning workout will do.



Boost your Metabolism

Working out is known to get your metabolism going, but it completely depends on the individual whether or not this will make a bigger difference in the morning. The harder you workout, the more your metabolism increases, so if you don’t have the energy in the morning to give your all during your workout, you may still notice other benefits like a mood booster, but you will not get the most when it comes to burning calories.

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Getting it Out of the Way

There is no better feeling than knowing after a long day at work you can come home, relax with a glass of wine and watch Bravo without having to change into gym clothes and get your cardio on. It may be the last thing you want to do in the morning, but you will feel so grateful you did when 4 pm hits. There are a lot more excuses to find after work then there are in the morning, other than the fact you simply are just too snuggled in bed.



Time to Yourself

Hitting the gym first thing in the morning isn’t as common as you may think, especially during the winter months when it’s pitch black until about 9 a.m and no one can find the motivation to get themselves out of their cozy flannel sheets. Which is why if you’re just starting out at the gym, or don’t like an audience while you work out and want to try new equipment, a morning workout is ideal. If you are going to a local gym, or one in your building chances are it won’t be busy at all, and you’ll be able to 100% focus on yourself, without sharing equipment or feeling self-conscious.


We know getting into the routine of a morning workout is not an easy one, and finding the time and style of exercise that works best for you can include a lot of trial and error. If you can, however, get up that extra hour early before your normal alarm and force yourself to be active, you will not only quickly get into a habit but notice almost immediate benefits that positively affect your mind and body.