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APL or Athletic Propulsion Labs, a new name that most have never heard of, how can they compete with seasoned veterans? Founded in 2009 by twin brothers who were both collegiate athletes, the two quickly realized that they could take what they learned from the college sporting fields and brought them to sports shoes. The founders of APL wanted to design a shoe that would give the athlete a competitive advantage and still look stylish. The twins recently became one of Oprah’s favorite things for 2018, which is a high honor. APL began with a brilliant design called “Launch N’ Load” technology. Launch N’ Load captures the energy a runner puts into the forefoot of the shoe and releases it when the runner is ready to jump giving a much higher vertical leap. APL has been a new kid on the block, but with all of the new technologies they have implemented in their shoes has really shaken up a very established industry. APL has shaken the shoe world up with its most recent edition shoe called the Techloom Phantom. The Techloom Phantom mixes the high-performance technology offered by APL and the stylish good looks giving this shoe a multifunction shoe.

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Propelium Outsole

Techloom Upper

Neoprene Tongue



Shoe Is Not Designed For High Arches

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  • Easy to run on a treadmill and on the pavement. I use them to train also at the gym. I don't have to wear socks and these are very comfortable. Love the way they look too.
  • These become easier to slide on with use. Great walking and workout shoes. These feel great on my wide feet. Love them.
  • I am so glad I finally found a sneaker that doesn't hurt my arches. These shoes are comfortable when working out and walking. True to size.
  • True to size for me although I've heard some people had to buy a larger size. The fit is perfect. Great support and I absolutely love these.
  • I will buy another pair probably as walking in these are very comfortable.
  • APL Techloom Phantom are the most comfortable shoes and they are also true to size. Love, love love them.
  • Amazing shoes to wear for boot camp classes and leisurely. I wish I had these in all of the color options.
  • Love the colors that are available. These are cushiony and lightweight and breathable. Worth the investment.
  • I had to have these as soon as I saw them. They are comfortable and look amazing. I get so many compliments when I wear them with leggings. A little pricey but worth it.
  • Love how comfortable these shoes are. Easy to keep these shoes on all day. The wider toe box is a plus. Very classy looking too. I want another pair.
  • These shoes are true to size, they fit like a glove. A very comfortable walk and provides the support needed. Love them so much I got a pair for my mom.
  • Absolutely love these shoes and they fit perfectly. Love the lacing system also.
  • Buying these was a no-brainer because I love APL Techloom Phantom.
  • It has been years since I purchased a pair of sneakers. I love these and glad that the sales associate recommended them. I have these shoes on almost daily.
  • For me, buying a size larger fit perfectly. Very cute.
  • Being on my feet all day is a norm as a personal trainer. My feet are so comfortable standing and working out. These are my second pair.
  • I felt the comfort as soon as I put them on my feet. Love how they look on my feet also. And although they are pricey I am glad I got them.
  • I am excited about these shoes and they are super cute. I went up a size as I do with all my sneakers and they fit well.
  • For me, these shoes fit true to size and are very comfortable. On my 2nd pair.
  • At first, I got a larger size because of the reviews that I read. But returned them for my normal size and they fit perfectly.
  • Some buyers complained that comfort was less than expected.
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The Techloom series offered by APL is a shoe with technology oozing out of every pore. The outsole is no different. The Techloom has brought a new and revolutionary technology called Propelium to the outsole. Propelium is a material that has improved EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) by being able to cushion the heel better. The Techloom Phantom has broken the mold when it comes to the normal hoe hum boring technology of traditional EVA shoe. Propelium has had a lot of people talking about being able to run longer and in greater comfort. Keeping with the brothers’ vision of comfort and style, the outsole of the Techloom Phantom is a very beautiful style. The multi colors along the sharp white sole make this truly an outsole that stands out and you will have everyone looking. The tread pattern of the outsole is designed as a “grip sole.” The traction offered in the Techloom Phantom is designed for more urban environments. As many athletes have reviewed, the grip on the Techloom Phantom is great and gives the athlete a competitive advantage. The outsole is designed to mimic a feather, with the tread pattern flowing and propelling any athlete.


As many athletes know any unnecessary weight is a real issue. Many runners both amateur and professional look to a shoe’s weight to determine whether or not they will purchase it. The Techloom Phantom takes a hard look at the major spots on a shoe that can weigh it down. APL took the midsole and outsole and made them both out of a special composite that is designed to be lighter than traditional EVA material. The upper part of the shoe is made from a synthetic mesh that is 3 dimensional. The wait is over if you’re looking for a light weight, comfortable shoe. APL has taken the liberty of taking all the major components and reducing weight in all of them. The Techloom Phantom was designed with a bird in mind that wearing them an athlete can fly. Reviewers of the Techloom Phantom have described the shoe as being able to be worn for a long time without being noticed. As APL continues to develop their brand and their products, they will continue to look for ways to improve and even lighten their shoes. The Techloom Phantom is one of the first of a long line and history of a new and exciting shoe company that marries technology with style.


APL has taken the attribute of comfort very seriously throughout their lineup of performance shoes and the Techloom Phantom is no different. The Techloom Phantom utilizes APL’s patented technology of Propelium which responds to every movement that the foot can make. The cushion support midsole conform to the foot giving a great feel of weightlessness. The Upper has been designed with a three-dimensional mesh that surrounds the foot with a breathable environment and allows for the shoe to move with the foot, not the foot moving with the shoe. Many shoes do a great job focusing on comfort but fail to realize the tongue. The Techloom Phantom addresses the three hundred sixty degrees of comfort with the neoprene tongue with an integrated collar which makes a comfortable fit that is guaranteed to keep you comfortable all day. Many reviewers can really feel the high level of comfort. The comfort level is a more neutral feel. APL has been awarded Oprah’s coveted Oprah’s Favorite Things awards after only being in business for nine years, which is a huge unheard of feat. The biggest reason for the accolade, is the comfort it brings so many runners and other athletes.


We all crave a shoe that can give us a competitive edge against our competition. The Techloom Phantom is designed with APL’s patented Techloom knit which is designed to breathe better than most other shoes in the industry. But how does it do this? What exactly is a Techloom knit? The Techloom is knit made from many different performance textiles to add support to the upper part of the shoe. The Techloom knit is designed to be a one piece that goes to meet the midsole to give the ultimate breathable shoe. Breathability as any runner can tell you is one of the most import attributes of comfort. No one wants to run in stuffy shoes. The Techloom mesh knit was designed as a three-dimensional stretch mesh that not only breathes well but also wicks heat from the athletes’ foot keeping it cool and dry. Techloom has set APL apart from all of the other shoe companies as one of the most supportive and breathable material. As APL is still early on in its existence, Techloom is a huge competitive advantage and many athletes are excited to see what’s next.


As Athletic Propulsion Labs designed the Techloom line, a recurring theme of being different surfaced again. The upper part of the Techloom Phantom is made of APL’s proprietary Techloom stretch material is APL’s answer to bringing support and breathability. The Techloom material is designed with multiple performance textiles that are designed to be seamlessly giving the foot fewer pinching and rubbing points that could cause blisters. Many reviewers noticed that the Techloom material makes breathability very noticeable. The three-dimensional mesh gives a unique style that really makes an athlete stand out. Speaking about standing out, the Techloom Phantom also comes in a Glow Midnight color which literally glows in the dark. The upper material absorbs the suns’ rays and when under the cover of darkness the shoe glows and is completely visible. Glowing at night may be a really neat novelty to some, but if you’re running at night, being able to stand out so that cars can see you are not just a novelty but a great safety tool. The Techloom material puts support where it’s needed and gives the wearer the feeling of a great fit. The Techloom Phantom is built to provide comfort and support along with the best styles.


Whenever purchasing a new product, the question of durability always comes up. The question of spending money always has the follow-up question about how long a product will last or will the product live up to what the product says it will do. Reviewers report that the construction of the Techloom Phantom is very durable. The materials used in manufacturing are some of the best quality textile and EVA known to the world these days. As technology improves the quality of the shoes APL designs and builds improves along with durability. Durability is what determines the longevity of the shoe, the better construction, the longer the shoe will last. How does one keep the shoe they’ve purchased looking good and lasting longer? Believe it or not, most shoes APL make are machine washable. Many would think putting a shoe in the washing machine would destroy a shoe but not the Techloom Phantom. Durability is the ability to keep the shoe or product looking as new as the day it was purchased. APL is a shoe company that is determined to keep more of their customer’s hard earned dollars in their pockets.


Support is a major component always when it comes to the comfort of a shoe. Comfort is always a combination of support and temperature control. Support usually derives from the midsole and outsole, the Techloom Phantom gets a lot of the support from the upper. The midsole and outsole are built from a composite that is designed to be lightweight as well as extremely supportive. Many reviewers are very pleased to report that they have experienced a very comfortable and supportive feel. The outsole of the Techloom Phantom is designed with Propelium. Propelium is designed to conform to the wearer’s feet. Propelium is a patented material that is much more supportive than traditional EVA. The Techloom Phantom is the perfect shoe for those with the need for a supportive shoe. The Techloom Phantom has the ability to have a four-way stretch that can support the top of the wearer’s feet. The three dimensional upper is designed provide the proper support in the right spots. Support can come in many different forms and each individual athlete needs a different level of support. Many reviewers are pleased with the level of support the APL Techloom Phantom provides. The APL Techloom Phantom is the perfect shoe for those need support.


The best performance shoes are designed to flex with the athlete’s feet naturally. The APL Techloom Phantom flexes well with the Propelium material. The Athletic Propulsion Labs began on a premise of being comfortable to improve athlete’s performance. The outsole of the Techloom Phantom bottom looks like a bird’s feather flexes with every movement. The three-dimensional upper is designed to flex four different ways which provide the wearer with great flexibility which provides the utmost comfort and support. The flexibility of the Techloom material is that way because of the multiple performance textiles which are designed to flex with the wearer’s feet. The Techloom not only is durable, but it is also flexible, flexing enough to give the wearer a comfortable run. Flexibility is one of the most important attributes of a high-performance shoe. Flexibility helps the runner’s foot achieve a more natural movement. APL Techloom Phantom can best be described as a shoe that helps improve an athlete’s goals as well as look stylish for any occasion. The twin brothers that designed the Techloom Phantom are not only talented but they are also forward-thinking individuals with athlete’s comfort and performance in mind.

Bottom Line

APL may be the new kid on the block but as a new kid in school will try to fit in, APL does the opposite and stands out. As one of Oprah’s favorite things of 2018, APL has nowhere to go but maintain the success they have achieved. The Techloom line that APL designed a few years ago celebrates the brilliant Techloom material that brings a multitude of performance textiles that have been designed to be not only durable but also flexible and supportive. The Techloom Phantom also comes with a completely unique outsole which combines the new and exquisite Propelium material which is a much more improved material for the midsole as well as the outsole. The bottom line when it comes to APL is that we are excited that there is a new shoe company that is shaking up the shoe industry. The brothers’ remain committed to providing high-performance footwear that also is stylish. We can’t wait to see what APL will do next, from their initial Launch N’ Load Technology to Propelium technology, APL is a company full of movers and shakers and is definitely a company that will be talked about for years to come.