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Free Training Plans

If you need a training plan for a 5k, 10k, half-marathon or a full marathon we've got them. Each plan is free and provides day to day coaching to get you to the finish line of a race safely. We've got walking, walk-run and run-walk plans. We've also got plans for beginners, intermediate and advanced runners.

Find your Marathon pace based on a recent pace using our Marathon Pace Calculator

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Marathon Pace Calculator

Use the marathon pace calculator to estimate your marathon pace based on a recent race time. Enter the race distance and duration in hours minutes and seconds to get a list of predicted paces for other distances based on an equivalent performance.


Pace Predictions

The table below represents your predicted pace at a series of race distances based on your run of 3.00 m at 10:00 per mile pace / 06:12 per km.

Times presented below are predictions if you were to run with the same intensity as that run.

On race day you might feel more sluggish or you could be in better condition.

Caution: these are predictions, not recommendations - use the pace your body dictates on race day.

Distance Predicted Finish Time Predicted Pace
1 mile09:21 09:21 per mile / 05:49 per km
5k31:10 10:01 per mile / 06:13 per km
8k51:13 10:18 per mile / 06:24 per km
10k1:04:58 10:26 per mile / 06:29 per km
7 mile1:13:39 10:31 per mile / 06:32 per km
13k Run1:26:32 10:37 per mile / 06:35 per km
15k1:39:45 10:42 per mile / 06:39 per km
10 mile1:47:29 10:44 per mile / 06:40 per km
Half-Marathon2:23:06 10:55 per mile / 06:47 per km
20 mile3:44:06 11:12 per mile / 06:57 per km
Marathon4:58:22 11:23 per mile / 07:04 per km
50k5:57:21 11:30 per mile / 07:08 per km
35 mile6:45:35 11:35 per mile / 07:12 per km
50 mile9:51:56 11:50 per mile / 07:21 per km
100k12:25:17 11:59 per mile / 07:27 per km
100 mile20:34:09 12:20 per mile / 07:40 per km