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29KM including GE Bridge and Dyke Running Map

South on 203rd
East on 118th Ave
South on 207th back to 203rd
South on 203rd/113b towards bridge
South on the bridge and down pedestrian ramp on the Langley side, and up the Ramp on the other side of the bridge
North on the bridge, take the first exit ramp towards Airport road
West on Airport road to Southgate
South on Southgate, with a quick turn East onto the path around to Alouette Blvd
North on Blaney Way
West on Bruce
South on Bonson to river front path by Osprey Village
East on the path to Harris Road
North on Harris to Airport Way
West on Airport way to Baynes
South on Baynes to the dykes
West on Dykes to Lougheed Highway
East on path beside Lougheed to McMynn Road
East on McMynn to 191 St.
South and then East on 191 St to Harris Road
South on Harris Road to Hammond Road
East Hammond to traffic circle and across the tracks to Dunn Ave.
East on Dunn Ave to West Street
South on West to path on south side of JH building
East on Path to Ashley Crescent
North-East on Ashley Cresent to Stanton Ave.
East on Stanton Ave stop and walk to 203rd and then back to RR

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Route elevation courtesy of Hey What's That?


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