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When you hear the name Timberland you might instantly think about boots, after all, that is what they are mostly known for. Even though boots are their bread and butter, they do make other products including apparel, backpacks, watches, sunglasses, and yes, running shoes. Making great quality footwear for those who like to live outdoors, they bring you their Graydon Trainer, designed to be a running shoe and to accommodate those with an active lifestyle and need a little more comfort in their lives.


The uppers of the Timberland Graydon low top sneakers are made out of a mixture of premium full-grain leather and mesh fabric to give you a breathable and comfortable feeling while still being able to keep them lightweight and comfortable. They also feature a liner that helps keep the air flowing inside the sneaker that is made out of soft PET mesh that is made out of 50 percent recycled plastic bottles, so those of you who are looking for something that is environmentally friendly you should check out these sneakers.

They feature a lace-up closure and with synthetic overlays to give you added security and support inside of your shoe. Finishing up the look is a pull tab in the heel to help you get the shoes on and off.


The midsole of the Timberland Graydon trainers is made with traditional EVA foam that gives you a nice and comfortable base to stand on. Although that is not all, you will also get an Ortholite Impressions memory foam insole that will give you even more cushioning. Customers love the amount of padding that they get under their feet when they are wearing these sneakers.

You are going to get a responsive ride that will give you a little spring in your step that runners can appreciate, giving them a little edge when they are on the go. Your feet are going to sink into the thick layer of cushioning with each step you take, the foam of these sneakers will then quickly bounce back into its original shape. That snapback is going to propel you into your next step, saving you a little bit of energy that can then be used to run faster and longer.


The Timberland Graydon walking shoes have a great outsole that runners can appreciate. The soles feature flex lines throughout the bottoms to give you a decent amount of flexibility while you are on the go. You are going to want the ability to move your feet as freely and naturally as possible and you will get that with these sneakers. They are not going to restrict your movements while you are out and about.

The lines mixed with the rubber of the sole also assist in giving you a decent amount of traction so you will not have to worry about your feet slipping out from underneath you while you are on the go. It might not be advisable to take these off of the beaten path, you might want to stick to relatively flat and non-abrasive surfaces, but as long as you heed these warnings the soles will be able to hold quite the grip. The rubber is sticky and will hold on tight, even flat wet surfaces.


Weight is an important factor when looking into buying running or walking shoes. The lighter the shoe the better, you do not want something that is going to be heavy on your feet and weigh you down. That additional weight can slow you down and make it feel like your run or walk is dragging. That is not something that you are going to have to worry about with the Timberland Graydon sneakers. They are designed to keep the weight as low as possible.

The mesh uppers weigh almost nothing and the synthetic overlays are minimal, only being used where they are essential for support. The gum rubber sole is also relatively light, giving you the protection and durability you need in an outsole without sacrificing a lightweight feel. Then there is the midsole. The soft EVA foam midsole combined with the memory foam Ortholite insole is super lightweight. There is, unfortunately, no information on the exact weight of these shoes but customers can agree that they feel light on your feet.


The Timberland Graydon walking shoes do an amazing job getting airflow into the foot chamber. The mesh uppers with limited synthetic overlays make for a very well ventilated shoe. It is important to find something that is going to be breathable, especially if you are out on a hot day or doing any kind of running or long distance walking. You need to make sure that your feet stay cool and dry. The breathable mesh will allow the air to get into your shoes which can cool them down, but it will also help the sweat from your feet evaporate more quickly and then escape the foot chamber, keeping your feet dry and healthy.


The Timberland Graydon walking shoes offer customers a decent amount of comfort that their feet will thank them for, especially after wearing them and being on their feet all day long. The midsole is made of a thick and cushioned EVA foam that is super comfortable to begin with, but they stepped things up a bit and added an Ortholite memory foam insole on top of the foam to give you even more comfort, giving you the feeling of walking on clouds. A few customers, although not very many, do opt to take the Ortholite insole out of the shoes and put one in of their own that can better suit their comfort needs, but it is not really necessary for most people.

The mesh uppers are lined with a textile fabric inside that helps prevent the shoes from rubbing against your feet which can ultimately cause blisters. The shoes give you a snug feel that fits almost like a sock hugging your foot which can and will drastically increase the comfort level of the sneakers.


The Timberland Graydon walking shoes are mostly made for, well, walking but there are many other activities that customers participate in while wearing them. Some wear them when they are running and others while they are hitting the gym. Whether you are looking for a great pair of sneakers to keep up with your active lifestyle or you are just in the market for a casual pair of shoes to wear for running errands or hanging out, these are going to be perfect for you.

Not only can they be worn while doing a plethora of activities, but they also look great with almost anything. You should probably avoid formal events or an office setting, but they will look great with any kind of casual attire. From blue jeans to khakis, to shorts these shoes are going to look great. They are only available to purchase in one color, black iris nubuck and blue. Some customers might like to see them in more fun colors but the lack of colors does not seem to deter customers from purchasing them and falling in love with the great shoes.


The way your shoes fit is directly related to how comfortable they are going to be. You are going to want to make sure that they are fitting snuggly, kind of like a sock, but you do not want them too tight that your feet are going to be screaming to escape by the time the day is over. You also do not want them to be too big on you. If they are too big then you are going to run into the problem of them losing their supportive features. You will risk your feet slipping around inside your shoes or potentially losing a shoe altogether which can cause injury. A shoe that is too big also has a bigger chance of chafing and rubbing against your feet, causing blisters.

All of that being said, Timberland shoes and boots have the tendency to run a little big so it is usually advised to order a half size smaller than you would normally order. Unfortunately, there is no real information on exactly how these shoes are going to fit once you get them home and on your feet. It is suggested that you check out Timberland's size chart to ensure you get the right size from the beginning and do not have to be hassled by having to exchange them for the correct size.


The Timberland Graydon walking shoes are going to offer you a decent amount of support which is important. You want to make sure your feet are locked into the shoe so they will not slide around or fall off while you are out and about. You will not have that problem with these sneakers thanks to the lacing system and synthetic overlays. They are going to work together to ensure your feet are going to fit snuggly inside of your shoes and stay that way.

Additionally, thanks to the amazing EVA foam midsole and memory foam Ortholite insole you are going to get a decent amount of arch support while you are wearing these. The memory foam especially will help ensure that. The foam will mold to your specific foot shape giving you the support you need in all the right places. If for whatever reason you find that they do not offer you the right kind or enough support you can always replace the insoles for ones of your own that will do your feet better justice.


Durability is a big thing when it comes to purchasing shoes. You want your shoes to last as long as possible before you have to replace them. It can be extremely frustrating when you spend your hard earned money on a product only to find out that it is not going last very long. You are not going to have to worry about that with the Timberland Graydon sneakers. The rubber outsole will be able to handle your daily usage while the foam midsole and Ortholite midsole can keep their shapes even after the repeated pounding they will receive while you run or walk mile after mile, day after day. These are not going to be a pair of shoes you will have to replace for quite a while.

Bottom Line

You might not expect to see a pair of walking or running shoes Timberland but that is what you are getting. They might be known for their amazing boots, but they do not skimp on the quality of their other products. You are going to get the same durable and reliable construction with these shoes as you would a pair of their work boots, only in sneaker form. The amazing comfort of the sneakers has customers feel like they are walking on clouds. They are lightweight and flexible which just adds to their appeal. If you are in the market for an everyday great pair of shoes then you might want to take a look at the Timberland Graydon sneakers.