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You can't run while wearing just any pair of socks! It takes a certain number of design features to boost performance while keeping you comfortable too. Running is an intensive exercise that makes you hot and sweaty within the first few minutes which is why your socks need to control moisture better than your everyday pair does. Thorlos Running Socks are designed to meet the needs of novice and seasoned runners alike. They offer a ton of great aspects that help you power through even the longest run with ease. They even come in various colorways which makes them feel more customized to your individual sense of style.

Innovative Cushion Suspension System™ (CSS) technology ensures a snug fit that hugs the contours of the foot. This makes Thorlos Running Socks more comfortable than similar styles and feels tailored to your foot. Added compression at the arch promotes better circulation and limits the build-up of lactic acid that occurs post workout so you can feel your best. Overall, this is a solid choice for athletic and even casual occasions too. The price runs a little too high but if you're willing to pay extra for the finer things in life than this is a good place to start. 

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • CSS Technology
  • Intelligent Chassis
  • Arch Compression
  • Moisture Control
  • Slide Off The Heel


Just because your socks hide away inside of your shoe doesn’t mean that looks aren’t important! This is especially true when you wear shorts because the top of your socks will usually peek out above your shoes. While most manufacturers put barely any forethought into the outward appearance of their hosiery, Thorlos Running Socks are anything but plain. This pair comes in multiple colorways which include black/electric pink, black/very berry, white/pink glow, and white/blue aster among other interesting combinations.

The many colors make these socks feel more personalized and more gender neutral because they come in hues that appeal to both men and women. Thorlos Running Socks look great with practically any style of running or other athletic gear thanks to the sleek yet colorful design. You can easily wear these with shorts and running shoes because they sit low on the ankle and won’t look silly when worn on display.


Thorlos Running Socks fit nice and snug for a streamlined feeling that’s perfect while speeding along the miles. Some socks are just too thick and the heavy material bunches inside your shoes, but these go with any style of footwear because they won’t feel bulky at all. This pair can be worn year-round thanks to its adaptable materials that will keep you warm enough when it’s chilly outside but won’t be too hot during summer weather.

Thorlos Running Socks are an ideal choice for nearly any athletic activity and offer a plethora of performance-geared features. Tuned dampeners in the forefoot and heel provide better shock absorption which keeps your feet more protected and prevents the aches and pains runners often suffer through. Thorlos Running Socks come in various sizes specifically for men, women, and even kids so you won't have trouble finding the right fit! Some people have had an issue with the socks sliding off their heel despite them being the right size. This would happen because they’re such a low-cut sock which don’t have a properly elasticized collar.

Moisture Control

Thorlos Running Socks are moisture-resistant, so they dry quickly once they get a little damp. This is ideal for runners who often end up with sweaty feet while they train. They promote better airflow around the skin and offer a breathable combination of materials that encourage a cooler environment. This keeps you from sweating excessively while you run which gets pretty darn uncomfortable once your socks are all soggy.

Socks made from heavy fabrics will smother your skin and cause your feet to sweat more than they would normally. This will lead to blisters because the material will rub against the damp skin causing friction spots that end up being painful. The low-cut design is ideal for ensuring that you don’t get too hot while you train and lets your calves breathe. No one wants to exercise in knee-high or even mid-calf socks because it would be way too uncomfortable! Luckily, Thorlos Running Socks are the perfect choice for athletic activities that promote a cool and dry environment for your feet.


Everyone loves comfortable socks but not every pair is the same! The materials used are one of the most important aspects that affect everything from temperature to fit. If you’ve ever worn a pair of socks that just kept falling down over and over then you know all too well how important the materials are. In order for your socks to stay in place and not slide down throughout the day, there needs to be enough elastic in the cuff.

Thorlos Running Socks are 7% elastic which does keep them in place fairly well. However, some wearers found these socks to slip down at the heel which leaves you more vulnerable to blisters and friction. Nylon is a favorite when it comes to hosiery for its breathable and lightweight texture. This pair is 29% Nylon which makes them a nice airy choice that won’t smother your skin while you wear them. A combination of 5%polyester and 59% acrylic with NanoGLIDE lessen the chance of shrinkage and keep the material feeling plush under your feet without adding any excess bulk to the design.


Thorlos Running Socks aren’t like your average pair! They offer a ton of great features that not only boost performance but make them more comfortable too. Take their low kinetic friction for example. This innovative design feature guarantees maximum abrasion reduction which prevents painful blisters. If you’re not exactly sure what this whole kinetic friction thing is, take a second to reflect on past science classes. Kinetic friction is the form that acts between two moving surfaces. Think of it this way: when an object moves over a surface it creates a force that moves in the opposite direction. So, it’s pretty easy to see how kinetic friction would end up causing blisters, am I right?!

By reducing the friction it eliminates friction and rubbing that would end up causing you all sorts of grief so you can enjoy your run without being uncomfortable. The only issue is Thorlos Running Socks tend to slip down at the heel which makes you more likely to encounter rubbing issues and negates the positive benefits of the low kinetic friction.

CSS Technology

Thorlos Running Socks offer Cushion Suspension System™ (CSS) technology. This innovative design feature acts as an intelligent chassis with tuned dampeners in the front and heel. Vigorous linkage in the midfoot makes this pair fit absolutely perfectly and enhances performance with its tailored feel. One thing I really love about the way these socks fit is how they literally hug the contours of the foot. This allows for more speed on straightaways and helps to power through any previous records set. It's really important that your socks fit properly otherwise you will find that you're not comfortable at all while you train. Having any distractions will affect your overall performance and could end up costing you precious seconds.


When it comes to comfortable socks no one does it quite like Thorlos. Thorlos Running Socks offer legendary Thorlos cushioning that keeps the delicate underside of the foot protected. Having the right padding makes the world of difference especially while you pound the pavement. Running is a strenuous activity that’s tough on your body, particularly your feet. After all, they do support the entire weight of your body. The innovative NanoGLIDEfibers are proven to reduce friction which eliminates painful blisters that are all too common with this kind of athletic activity. This makes Thorlos Running Socks even more enjoyable to wear and is one of the reasons that athletes just can’t get enough of them.

The only thing that puts a damper on Thorlos Running Socks' overall comfort is the fact that they tend to slide down the heel. This actually puts you at more of a risk for developing blisters because the exposed skin rubs against the material and causes painful friction spots. If you find a way to keep them from sliding down then they are one of the more comforting choices available, but if you can't then you won't be able to really enjoy them as much.


Thorlos Running Socks give you added compression in the arch and ankle which is more supportive to prevent injuries. Wearing compression socks improves circulation which prevents lactic acid from building up after even the toughest workouts and lessens the chance of injuries. People with diabetes benefit from wearing socks with arch compression because it increases blood flow. The added compression better supports the delicate arch and ankle areas which enables you to finish your run without any injury or fatigue.

No matter how far you plan on running you won’t have any trouble while wearing a pair of socks with added compression in the arch. While Thorlos Running Socks do offer good compression, there are other aspects which aren’t as impressive and will need to be weighed before making your purchasing decision.


No one wants to pay a fortune for a pair of socks but unfortunately, Thorton Running Socks are anything but cheap. While they’re not too expensive to afford, they don’t give you the value that makes you want to purchase more. The main issue I have is they sell as single pairs and there are no value packs to choose from. Value packs are great because you pay less for more and will get upwards of six pairs for much less than you would to buy them individually. With the cost of living reaching new heights, it’s important that consumers feel a sense of value from the gear they purchase.


Everyone wants their socks to last because it’s costly having to buy new ones every couple of months. Thorlos Running Socks really stand out when it comes to durability and definitely won’t wear out too soon. They cost more than some similar options but when you weigh how long they last it really doesn’t seem so bad. Made with reinforced stitching in the heel and toe, this option is able to withstand tough wear and tear even on a daily basis so you can push it as hard as like without worrying about your socks falling apart.

Bottom Line

Overall, Thorlos Running Socks are a decent choice for runners though they have their fair share of drawbacks too! When it comes to comfort, innovative Thorlos cushioning ensures your feet won’t feel tired or achy even after the longest runs. The only issue is the way they slide down at the heel. This is problematic because it leaves you more susceptible to painful blisters, the very thing that Thorlos Running Socks claim to prevent. I do enjoy the low kinetic materials that help prevent rubbing as long as the socks don’t slide down at the heel exposing the delicate skin.

Added arch compression makes Thorlos Running Socks a healthier choice overall because it promotes better circulation and limits the build-up of lactic acid post workout. If you enjoy having a choice of colors then this is a great option for you because there are several colorways available and the low-cut appearance is ideal for wearing with sneakers and shorts.

I find the price is too high and don't like the fact that you aren't able to buy a value pack, but this can be overlooked because of the many other positive aspects. You should take the time to consider whether these socks sound like the right choice to meet your needs and do keep in mind that issue with sliding down that is an annoyance for some wearers.