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What do people look for when they’re shopping for outerwear, specifically hiking shirts? The most important benefits you can expect from a hiking shirt are insulation, protection, breathability, convenient pockets, quick-drying material, flexibility, and, of course, comfort. After all, this clothing needs to keep up on the long, demanding trails of the mountains.

The Camel Crown Hiking Shirt is crafted with all of the above in mind. It is made of nylon, which brings many beneficial properties to the table. Among these properties are breathability and durability.

This hiking shirt can protect your skin from harmful UV rays, allow your skin to breathe thanks to the mesh panel in the back, can be worn on rugged hikes or out to dinner, and keep you insulated in both hot and cold weather.

Offered at a fair and competitive price, the Camel Crown Hiking Shirt comes with a forty-five-day money-back guarantee and a limited lifetime warranty.

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UV Protection

Fair Price


Small Button Holes

Buttons Fall Off


The Camel Crown brand came about in 2005. It is a brand that manufactures clothes, shoes, and more to help their customers be better equipped for their outdoor activities; be it casual, sporting, hunting, fishing, or hiking. The brand is all about helping you to enjoy all of the beauty the world has to offer while being comfortable and protected.

Whether you’re a seasoned outdoorsman or someone who’s ready to dip their toes into it, Camel Crown has got you covered. The brand portrays its’ good reputation to the public by showcasing prior and current customers’ personal stories regarding their needs and how Camel Crown came to the rescue to optimize their outdoor experience.

Reading stories from other customers and seeing what they’re able to do with the help of these products will help inspire potential customers to get out and explore more. Enjoy a wider variety of sports and adventure in the valleys, mountains, and forests in style and with protection when you don Camel Crown brand’s clothes, shoes, and accessories.

Some of the products offered by this brand include fleece jackets, windbreaker jackets, sports sweaters and hoodies, pants, and shoes, hiking shirts, boots, and shoes, sports bras, and many other gear accessories.

Camel Crown has won the Outside Gear of the Year award (2018) for their hiking boots and three-in-one jackets. In 2019, they won the same award for their instant camping tent, mid-cut (leather) hiking boots, and toraydelfy jackets. In both 2015 and 2016, Camel Crown won the ISPO award. This award shows that a brand offers high-quality sporting goods.


What a piece of clothing is made from is a very important detail to consider, no matter what you’re using it for. There are many reasons you want to check. One reason is that some people are allergic, or sensitive, to certain materials. You’ll want to be sure that, even if it doesn’t visibly have the material you’re allergic to, it isn’t being blended with another material.

Another reason is that each fabric has different properties which means they have different strengths and weaknesses making one fabric perfect for one thing but horrible for another. Know your needs and know your materials. This hiking shirt is made one hundred percent with nylon.

Nylon is a popular choice for outdoor clothing for a number of reasons. Nylon is great at keeping you dry and your temperature more regulated throughout the day. It can provide this temperature control because it’s great at wicking moisture and drying quickly.

Nylon is tough, and more resistant to pilling or scratches from foreign objects. It can handle many, many washes, general wear and tear, and abrasions much more efficiently than cotton can. It doesn't shrink when washed, either.

Nylon is not oleophilic, meaning that it does not absorb oil, but does absorb water. Polyester does absorb oil, which results in a leftover stink, even after being washed. This is the difference that makes nylon the superior choice for outdoor gear. And, what’s better, nylon can be made with recyclable plastic sources and can be recycled itself. If you want to add another layer of moisture protection to your torso, you could try this vest.


One of the best things about the Camel Crown hiking shirt is how versatile it is. Who wouldn’t want all of the benefits this type of shirt has to offer, even when they’re not hiking? Need a breathable shirt to wear to your sons’ baseball game? Grab a hiking shirt.

If you’re going running, camping, fishing, climbing, out to dinner, or sitting around a fire, you can feel comfortable and be dressed for the occasion at the same time. Just make sure that you’re wearing a clean one when you’re going into public. It’s a good idea to have one for outdoor activities (to get dirty in) and one for more casual occasions.


If you’re participating in any kind of activity, no matter the scene or occasion, having breathable clothing is a must. You never know when a restaurant won’t have a functioning air conditioner or when you’ll have to run five blocks home. And if you’re a hiker, well, you definitely need breathable clothes.

This hiking shirt can give you the breathability that you need. It even features a mesh panel in the back to help speed up the airflow and keep you cooler and drier. Because it’s made from nylon, it dries very rapidly compared to competitor fabrics.

Since it is so much more efficient at managing moisture, it successfully keeps your body temperature more regulated during warm and cold conditions. In colder weather, it works by keeping you drier. In warmer weather, it works by evaporating your sweat quicker.

One of the best benefits of a breathable hiking shirt, according to many who have to do the laundry, is the fact that they tend to stink less. Because the nylon keeps you more cool and dry, you’ll avoid a lot of unwanted odors caused by bacteria that are attracted to sweat. If you’re interested in an outdoor jacket that’s also great for breathability, but covers you up more, check here.


Even clothing that is worn with a purpose should be expected to have some level of convenience in this day in age. A hiking shirt is no exception. In fact, it’s a rather important quality to look for in hiking attire.

If you’re somebody with a severe allergy to bee stings, you’re a diabetic or an asthmatic, you’ll appreciate that A) there are two breast pockets, and B) they are closed via velcro. Not only can you keep your emergency supplies close to the heart (literally), but they’ll be easy to access when you’re panicking or have limited abilities.

Even if you don’t have a severe medical diagnosis, you can still benefit from the convenience of two pockets. Keep your cigarettes in one pocket and your waller in the other. Or, keep your pen in one pocket and your keys in the other.

Another feature that this hiking shirt has which contributes to the convenience factor is that the sleeves can be either long or short-sleeved. Roll them down in cooler conditions, or when you need to protect your skin. Roll them up when you get too hot. Something else that can keep you safe in emergencies in the outdoors is a hydration pack.


The Camel Crown Hiking Shirt is offered in a wide range of sizes. It is offered from a size small to a size extra, extra, extra-large. Size small fits those with a bust measurement of 44.9 inches and hip measurement of 44.1 inches. The extra, extra, extra-large fits those with a bust measurement of 57.9 inches and a hip measurement of 57.1 inches.

This shirt has a classic lapel design, can be worn as a long-sleeve or a short-sleeve shirt, has a button-down closure (with seven buttons), and two breast pockets. It is offered in three color choices. They include dark blue, dark grey, and cypress (a light grey).

UV Protection

Looking great is not the only purpose your clothing serves. And when you’re considering adventuring in nature, it’s certainly not what’s important. When you’re in nature, you need to protect yourself from many things; including bugs, bears, rodents, dehydration, sprained ankles, and the sun.

The good news is that you don’t have to empty an entire bottle of sunscreen with one day in the woods. You can protect yourself from bugs and the sun at the same time if you dress in such a way that you cover most of your skin. Wear long pants, boots, and a long-sleeved shirt.

A long-sleeved shirt doesn’t automatically mean you’ll be overheated, either. It is breathable and has ventilation in the back of it. Your temperature will stay relatively regulated depending on the climate where you are.

The long sleeves are desirable because they’ll protect your arms from bugs, poisonous leaves, scrapes, and the sun. Being made of nylon, this shirt is equipped to absorb a portion of the UV radiation thrown at it, defending your body from skin cancer and sun damage. It’s also important to protect your eyes from UV rays.

If you want the best protection from this shirt, opt for the color options that are darker. They are better at blocking the UV rays because they are more able to absorb them. Purchase a size that’s going to be comfortable for you, but keep in mind that the looser, the better. When tighter clothing gets stretched, it pulls the fibers in the material apart, allowing additional UV rays through.


Insulated clothing works by trapping air close to your body. Because air doesn’t conduct heat well, it is an ideal element to use for insulation. When enough air is trapped, it will prevent heat from leaving the body. The more trapped air, the better the insulation.

The Camel Crown Hiking Shirt is made with nylon, which happens to be better with insulation that cotton is. Nylon can even stay insulated when wet, while cotton materials lose large amounts of heat when wet.

When you’re outdoors, you have to worry about things like wind, rain, and snow. When you have an insulated garment such as this hiking shirt, you’re better prepared for the conditions.


If you frequent the outdoors, you know that your clothing is susceptible to damage from a number of things. Having a tear-resistant hiking shirt is beneficial to your skin’s integrity, but also to your overall health.

When you get a tear in your sleeve from a thorned bush or a tree limb you didn’t see coming, your skin is left unprotected against UV rays, poisonous plants, and bugs (including ticks). The longer your shirt stays in one piece, the safer you are. If you’re looking for a sporty shirt with tear-resistance, try this one.


Camel is dedicated to customer satisfaction. They want you to love the Camel Crown Hiking Shirt as much as they do. In fact, if you find that you’re not one hundred percent satisfied with it, you have forty-five days to return it for a refund. This is applicable to purchases via Camel’s website. Only authorized third party retailers will honor this policy.

You are not able to exchange or return lingerie, sleepwear, bodysuits, swimwear, and most accessories. You are able to return bags and scarves. When you do return approved items, they must be in new condition (unused) and have the original packing included. If your item is damaged, has been worn and/or washed, or has been altered, it will not be accepted.

Camel products are warranted against manufacturer defects. Each item is automatically covered upon purchase, so you don’t have to go through the trouble of registering. The defects that are covered include velcro problems, broken or stuck zippers, elastic issues, broken toggles, and broken stitching. Items that have normal wear and tear, negligence, damage, modifications, or UV damage are not covered.

Normal wear and tear results in the fabric thinning, showing stains, abrasions, rips, tears, and discoloration. Items losing some of their ability to keep moisture out is also normal wear and tear. To file a warranty claim, email [email protected].

Bottom Line

If you need a rugged, breathable, versatile shirt for outdoor activities, look no farther. This hiking shirt is all of that and more. It is tear-resistant and provides UV protection, keeping your skin safer from damaging rays, poison ivy, scrapes, and bug bites.

You don’t have to be adventuring in the mountains to enjoy all that this shirt has to offer. Wear it to work, on your evening walk, to sit around a fire with family, or to sit around the house. The only negative reviews we came across claimed that the buttonholes are too small and the buttons easily fall off. These issues can be covered under the warranty.

The Camel Crown Hiking Shirt comes at a fair price, has a satisfaction guarantee, and a limited lifetime warranty. If this shirt has all of the qualities you’re looking for, it’s definitely worth a shot.