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If you’re looking for a pair of sunglasses that are stylish, sleek, comfortable, functional, and versatile, look no further. The Suncloud Milestone sunglasses are lightweight, include protection from UV rays, are polarized, and can be worn for virtually any occasion.

The lenses are made of polycarbonate and are polarized. They are rated for one hundred percent UV protection and also decrease the amount of glare you’ll experience. They are resistant to impact and scratches.

The lenses have a base lens curvature of eight. This means that they are curved more, giving you a more close, comfortable fit. The curvature will also provide your eyes with more protection from light and debris.

The frame is made with Grilamid (a form of nylon) material and features metal logos at the temple area. Certain models are equipped with nose and/or temple pads for additional comfort and security. Included with your purchase of the Suncloud Milestone is a microfiber bag that doubles as a lens cleaner.

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UV Protection


Wrap Fit


Good Price


Beware Of Knockoffs

Frames Peel


Suncloud is a brand that is owned by Smith Optics. Smith Optics got its start in 1965 when Dr. Bob Smith developed the very first pair of (sealed) thermal lenses along with breathable goggles so that he could squeeze in as many runs down the ski slopes as possible without worrying about fogging up and losing valuable visibility.

For more than fifty years, Smith Optics has been dedicated to the advancement of their technology in the construction of their products so that they may provide the best on the market. Smith Optics is responsible for the first lens system that allowed you to easily and conveniently switch out the lenses in your sunglasses and goggles.

As far as goggles go, Smith Optics was also the first company to incorporate ventilation systems (Aerocore technology) to diminish fog. And, more recently, the company has advanced the technology of polarized lenses with ChromaPop.

Smith Optics is passionate about providing the best products to help explorers and thrill-seekers to do what they love with protection and comfort. Whether you are a surfer or a skier or anything in between, there is something in the inventory that can help you tremendously. You can find another pair of Suncloud sunglasses here.


The frames of these sunglasses are made from Grilamid nylon material that is produced specifically for use in optical frames. This material provides you with quality, a secure and comfortable fit, great flexibility and durability; no matter the weather conditions. Some other products that integrate this material include toothbrushes, filter bowls, and cables because of its properties of chemical resistance, toughness, and transparency.

Grilamid nylon is a polyamide that has great resistance to heat and does not easily become fatigued. It does not absorb moisture and provides great stability. This material is perfect for use in enhancing the look and functionality in sunglasses because it resists sweat and cosmetic chemicals and doesn’t contain a plasticizer. If you’re an active person, you may appreciate having this with you for a quick boost of energy.

The frames have a slight curvature, making them more comfortable, more secure, more protective, and more stylish. They will be more likely to stay on your head because they “pinch” at the ends for better grip. They’ll provide more protection to the side of your eyes because of the curvature. And they are more comfortable because they fit the natural curves of your face and head. Here is a pair of sunglasses with a similar curvature.


The lenses of the Suncloud Milestone sunglasses are made of polycarbonate. If you’re in need of sunglasses that can provide protection for sports, hiking, or working, polycarbonate is the best choice. These lenses allow your vision to be more clear and comfortable.

These lenses are polarized and they will protect you from UV rays and glares that could disrupt your vision and cause dangerous conditions while driving, boating, skiing, etc. They are resistant to scratches and impacts, making them more safe and durable. Polycarbonate is more thin and lighter than plastic lenses and provides ten times the protection from impacts. Another great pair of sunglasses for safety can be found here.

UV Protection

It is common knowledge that it is beneficial for us to protect our skin from damaging ultraviolet (UV) rays. We have to protect our skin from sun poisoning, dark spots, and even skin cancer. If it’s that important to protect our skin, shouldn’t we protect our eyes, too?

Typically, people wear sunglasses simply because it hurts their eyes when the light is so bright. We know that bright lights make our eyes tired with extended exposure. But why is that, and what else are we protecting our eyes from when we wear sunglasses?

Sunglasses protect the skin around your eyes from damage, including your eyelids. However, that’s not all that they protect. They protect your eye’s lens, cornea, and more. Overexposure to UV rays can lead to macular degeneration, cataracts, and growths.

When shopping for sunglasses, you’ll want to be on the hunt for ones that provide at least ninety-nine percent UV protection. These lenses give you one hundred percent protection. You can’t get better than that.

A lot of people have the misconception that darker lenses will protect them more. However, this isn’t true. The protection that your eyes get doesn’t come from the shade of the lens. It comes from an invisible coating on the lenses. Because these sunglasses fit more closely to your face, you’ll be even more protected from top to bottom and side to side. These sunglasses are also rated for one hundred percent UV protection.


The polarization of the Suncloud Milestone sunglasses filers horizontal light waves, known as glares, that reflect off of surfaces and interfere with our vision. Fishermen and boaters were among the first demographics of people interested in polarized sunglasses because of the glares that come off of the water.

The glares that are reflected off of the hood of a car, snow, water, etc can be extremely strong and impair your ability to see clearly. When you eliminate the invasive glares you are rewarded with better visual definition, color transmissions, clarity, and optical comfort.

Polarized lenses don’t just help you to see things more clearly on land and water. They help you to be able to see better underwater as well by improving the contrast and clarity of the colors around you and minimizing the glares coming from sun rays penetrating the waters’ surface.

Polarized lenses can, however, make it more difficult to view certain types of screens, like LCD. They can cause images to become impossible to see from certain angles. If you’re someone who operates heavy machinery, these lenses won’t be helpful to you. In fact, a lot of businesses actually prohibit the use of polarized lenses in these types of work environments. If you’re interested in sunglasses without polarization, try these.

Visual Comfort

Between the polycarbonate lenses, the UV protection, the polarization and glare protection, these sunglasses are geared up to give your eyes the comfort they need. Sunglasses aren’t quality sunglasses unless they’re enhancing your visual comfort.

When your eyes are protected from damaging UV rays, they’re less likely to become irritated, burning, itchy, and heavy. The glare protection provided by the polarization also helps tremendously in providing visual comfort. The more you protect your eyes from straining and bright lights, the better they’ll feel.

Visual comfort keeps your eyes from becoming overly fatigued long before it’s time for bed. This will actually help to keep your sleep schedule on track too. You can invest in a sleep tracker to help improve your cycles as well. Being protected from harmful rays and being exposed to the good rays will help to keep you more energized and focused throughout your day, thus improving your mood.


The Suncloud Milestone sunglasses include hydrophilic megol nose and temple pads on some of their models. This material gently grips onto your skin in order to keep your sunglasses where they’re supposed to be and to provide comfort. Many people experience skin discomfort at the bridge of glasses.

The nose and temple pads will make it feel like your sunglasses are hugging your face and they will help keep them in place during activities and even in humid conditions. The grip actually becomes stronger when moisture comes in contact with the pads. Another pair of sunglasses with nose pads can be found here.


How much curve there is to your sunglasses has a lot more to do with functionality than it does design, believe it or not. That’s right, the more curved sunglasses don’t mean you’re cooler than those who wear less curved shades. It simply means that your eyes are more protected. If you’re interested in sunglasses with less of a curve, you can try these.

These lenses have a base curve of eight, which means that they are more curved, fitting more closely to your face and head. This closer fit along with the curvature will give your eyes more protection from light and debris. With lower base curves, such as a six, more light is allowed to enter via the sides.

Another benefit of having a more dramatic curve in the design of these sunglasses is that they are more suitable for higher-impact activities. This makes them better for sports and outdoor enthusiasts. They will stay on your face better, especially with the gripping nose and temple pads. You may find a pocket belt to be convenient for your higher-impact activities as well.


The Suncloud Milestone sunglasses come with a storage bag made of microfiber. This bag doubles as a cleanser for your lenses. The length of the front of the frame is one hundred and thirty-nine millimeters. The bridge is seventeen millimeters. The temple (arm) length is one hundred and twenty-four millimeters. The lens width is sixty-five millimeters with the height being forty-two and a half millimeters.


Suncloud Optics offers a lifetime warranty that includes repairs and replacements at no additional cost. The warranty is only applicable if the defects originated during manufacturing. If your product was manufactured before 2006, it is not covered by the warranty.

Retail stores can not provide warranty service to you. You must get online and complete the submission form. You must then send in the product and the confirmation of the completed form so that the team may evaluate it.

Make sure that you include your contact information with your form and/or the package you ship your product in. By doing so, you can expedite the response time once the team has received your package. They do their best to be in contact within one to two days from the date they receive the package.

If your product has been stolen, is lost, has been sat on, shattered, or chewed up (among any other damages caused by the purchaser), it will not be eligible to be covered under the warranty. When you are eligible for a replacement product, it must be of equal value and style. At this time, this warranty is only available to those who reside in the United States.

Bottom Line

At the end of the day, these sunglasses are able to provide you with everything you need to tackle your favorite outdoor activities. They provide you with protection from harmful UV rays, glares, impacts, debris, scratches, and more.

They have an eight base curvature which allows them to fit more snugly on your face and provide your eyes with extra protection from the sides. They are lightweight and come at a very reasonable price.

When shopping for a pair of the Suncloud Milestone sunglasses, be sure that you’re not purchasing a knockoff. The fake ones are not of good quality at all and you will notice the difference immediately.