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Are you due for an updated pair of sunglasses? Why not upgrade while you’re at it? If you’re in need of shades to wear casually to virtually any occasion, Native Eyewear Ashdown sunglasses could be right for you.

The composite (plastic) frame is equipped with a grippy and comfortable molding that is incorporated seamlessly into the composite material. This technology is called Injected Rhyno-Tuff Air and is used to help keep the sunglasses where they’re meant to be.

The lenses are made from polycarbonate and are designed to protect your eyes in many different ways. They filter blue light, provide UV protection, and are polarized to give you a better experience with clearer, crisper colors. They also repel liquids and smudges and are resistant to shattering.

The Native Eyewear Ashdown sunglasses feature a lens system that allows you to interchange them quickly and easily. This will allow you to wear them in virtually any environment; as well as allowing you the option of using prescription lenses when needed.

There are a good number of colors to choose from in both the frames and the lenses. These sunglasses come at a decently high price, but they are equipped with a lifetime warranty. If they will work for your needs, they are worth the price.

Editor's Pros & Cons

UV Protection

Blue Light Filter

Secure Fit


Lifetime Warranty



Paint Wears Off


Something that more people should be paying attention to is their carbon footprint. Most people don’t think they can make a difference because they are just one person. But there are billions of people. Imagine if even half of them decided that they wanted to make a difference. What a difference it would make.

Native Eyewear is dedicated to being as environmentally friendly as possible, and strive to improve their sustainability constantly. The resin used in the construction of the frames comes from nature. The best part is that it doesn’t lead to a sacrifice in style or strength.

They are also committed to limiting the amount of packaging they use. No excessive foam or bubbles or peanuts. They include just enough to keep your items safe. The packaging materials come from recycled plastic bottles, cardboard, and shopping bags.


The frame of the Native Eyewear Ashdown is made from an eco-friendly material called resin. This material isn’t used just because it’s good for the environment. It also plays a huge role in the overall quality of these sunglasses.

Resin is extremely malleable during manufacturing, making it really easy to mold into the shapes you desire. In this case, it made it easy to shape these shades to fit your face and head more naturally. There is even a layer of comfortable and grippy Cushinol material that is incorporated into the frame to help keep them where they belong.

The resin material used to make this frame is rated for high-performance and is lightweight, durable, and able to withstand extreme temperatures and high-velocity impacts. Between the front of the frame and the arms, there are cam-action hinges that will lock in place when opened and when closed. This mechanism helps to avoid snapping from opening too far and scratching the lenses.


The lenses of these sunglasses are made from polycarbonate and are treated for anti-glare and anti-scratch. They reduce glare by ninety-nine percent, thus relieving eye strain. They repel liquid and smudges, keeping your vision clear during exercise or through a rain drizzle. They can also protect your eyes from wind and debris.

Swapping lenses is a breeze thanks to the quick-change system. The best part is that the glasses didn’t have to sacrifice any sturdiness to achieve this feature. With the quick-change system, you can swap out your lenses for prescription lenses, non-prescription, polarized, non-polarized, and different colors.

This system makes it easy to adapt to your environment and it won’t be such a hassle to replace lenses when they become scratched or otherwise damaged. You can find another pair of sunglasses with a quick-change system here.


These sunglasses are equipped with N3 Polarized lenses. These lenses block four times the infrared light that typical polarized lenses can. They block forty percent of this light which will decrease the fatigue your eyes feel. They also provide filtering of blue light and UV protection to help decrease haziness and increase clarity.

The horizontal light waves that are better known to us as glares, reflect off of the surfaces around us and then interfere with our vision. Among the first people interested in polarized lenses were boaters and fishermen. It makes sense because they experience a large amount of glare from the water surrounding them.

Glares that reflect off of the water, the hood of a car, snow, etc are very strong and most often impair your field of vision. When you fight back against the glares you can achieve better visual definition, clarity, optical comfort, and clearer, brighter colors.

Polarized lenses even help you to see underwater because they improve the clarity and contrast of the colors while minimizing any glares. However, polarized lenses can make it more difficult to see certain screens, like LCD screens and ATM machine screens. If you operate heavy equipment, these glasses will not be safe for you. Here you can find another pair of polarized sunglasses.

Blue Light Filter

Blue light is everywhere, including the rays from the sun. The length of the wave is what determines whether or not they are good for you. Longer wavelengths mean that they’re beneficial to you. The long wavelengths of blue light are just before the UV rays.

Longwave blue light is proven to boost cognitive function, resulting in quicker reaction times, and generate lifted moods. This blue light is even an important part of having a regular sleep cycle (circadian rhythm). Before advanced technology came along, humans were used to the same amount of light during the day and absence of light during the night.

However, now that we’re so far advanced, we spend way too much time staring at bright, artificially lit screens. This artificial light includes short wave blue light. It’s not such a terrible thing until we stare at them during the evening hours - when our eyes are accustomed to dimmer lighting. When your eyes get more light than they’re used to, they will become more fatigued.

If you’re taking in too much blue light it will result in a decrease in your melatonin production. This hormone is what is responsible for your wake/sleep cycles being regulated. If you wear protection against that light you can lessen the strain you’re putting on your eyes and it can help to regulate your sleep cycle. Native Eyewear Ashdown can provide this protection for you.

Blue light penetrates the eye, clear back to the retina. This gives it the power to damage or destroy light-sensitive cells in the back of your eye. When this damage is done it can lead to macular degeneration and even permanent vision loss.

UV Protection

It’s common knowledge that too much exposure to UV rays is harmful to our skin. UV rays can cause dark spots, sun poisoning, and even skin cancer. Have you ever thought about what they can do to your eyes? It’s not just our skin that needs protection.

It’s obvious that sunglasses help block some light so that we can see better, but that’s not the only purpose they serve. Sunglasses protect the skin around your eyes and your eyelids from sun damage. They also provide your actual eyeball with protection.

Your eye, including the cornea, lens, and other components are all protected by sunglasses; especially from UV rays. Without protection, your eyes are susceptible to developing a number of conditions including cataracts, macular degeneration, and growths.

These sunglasses give you one hundred percent protection from UV rays. Some people believe that the darker the lenses, the more protection they can give. This isn’t true though. The protection comes from an invisible coating on the lenses.

If you want additional protection, it’s a good idea to choose sunglasses that cover more of your face. Those with larger frames and those with a higher curvature will give you extra protection for the sides of your eyes. Here is another pair of sunglasses with UV protection.

Medium Profile

If you’re not sure what style of sunglasses you should be looking for, all you need to do is take a few measurements or go off the information you already know about yourself. It’s important to go for the right fit for your face so that the glasses fit correctly and comfortably.

The Native Eyewear Ashdown sunglasses are suitable for you if your lens diameter falls between fifty and fifty-four millimeters, your bridge width falls between seventeen and nineteen millimeters, and your length from temple to temple falls between four and a half and five and a half inches.

If you can’t take those measurements for whatever reason, don’t panic. If you typically have issues with eyewear sliding off of your face or being so tight that they actually squeeze your head, you probably will want to opt for a medium profile frame. These sunglasses may be suitable for you as well.

Secure Fit

These sunglasses are equipped with Cushinol technology, which is grippy and comfortable padding integrated directly into the resin frames. These areas of padding are focused at the nose pads, temples, and arms.

The padding will help to keep the sunglasses where they belong during higher-impact activities. The extra grip on your nose, temples, and behind your ears will help you feel more secure and more comfortable. Regardless of the shape of your nose or temples, these will provide you with a customized feel. For other sunglasses with a no-slip grip, check here.


Native Eyewear Ashdown sunglasses are available in an array of frame colors and lens colors. The frame colors include desert tan, granite, matte black, matte dark tortoise, and wood. The lenses are a bit more complicated. They are all polarized but allow varying degrees of visible light transmission.

The lenses come in bronze reflex, brown, gray, silver reflex, and violet reflex. The silver reflex lenses allow ten percent VLT. The gray lenses allow eleven percent VLT. The bronze reflex lenses allow twelve percent VLT. Finally, both the violet reflex and brown lenses allow thirteen percent VLT.


Native Eyewear products are covered by a lifetime warranty that covers defects in workmanship and materials only. The defects must have originated in the manufacturing process to be eligible under the warranty. If your product is eligible, you will receive a replacement or a repair at no additional cost.

Just be sure to include proof of your purchase with your package when you send it into the warranty claim department. You are responsible for that shipping cost. If you are processing a warranty claim after your product has been yours for a year, you will be charged a standard fee of thirty dollars for services rendered.

If you run into a problem that is not a manufacturer’s defect, you can ship the item to Native Eyewear at no cost and they will repair or replace your item for a flat fee of thirty dollars, plus any applicable taxes.

Bottom Line

These sunglasses may be a little on the pricey side, but they come with a lifetime warranty and a long list of benefits to make up for it. They have lenses that provide you with protection from damaging UV rays, certain blue lights, glares, optical fatigue, debris, wind, and more.

They offer a secure, comfortable, customized fit with their nose, temple, and arm padding. They come in a wide variety of colors (both frames and lenses). Some customers have complained that the paint wears off of the frames, but that’s what the warranty is there for. If the Native Eyewear Ashdown sunglasses are right for you, you have nothing to lose.