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Planning a hiking trip soon? Going on vacation? Or are you just looking for a comfortable, functional, versatile shirt to wear anytime, anywhere? The Little Donkey Andy Hiking Shirt is perfect for hiking, working outdoors, going to dinner, or hanging out around the house.

This shirt can give you protection from harmful UV rays, bug bites, poison ivy, and scrapes. It is rated UPF 50+. And the sleeves can be full-length when your arms need protection from foreign objects. Roll them up when you’re too warm and in a safer environment.

The Little Donkey Andy Hiking Shirt is breathable, has an air vent on the back, is quick-drying, and has not one, not two, but four breast pockets. On each side of the chest is a buttoned pocket as well as a hidden side zippered pocket on each breast. This shirt comes at a very fair price with a return policy (depending on the retailer).

Editor's Pros & Cons

UV Protection


Long or Short-sleeve

Four Pockets

Fair Price


Runs Small

Not Waterproof


Little Donkey Andy clothing brand is owned by Xiamen Yongzhengfeng Trading Co, Ltd. This company is an international e-commerce company that specializes in outdoor and sports clothing. Many manufacturers and suppliers are invested in the company.

The company also integrates production, R&D, sales, and service. They invest in weaving manufacturers, knitting manufacturers, fabric manufacturers, sports and outdoor companies, and foreign trade companies.

There is a wide variety of products available through this company. They include clothing for coverage, hats, shoes, functional underwear, sports protection, accessories and more. The company owns multiple brands, helps to improve the service of the supply chain, helps sellers that cross borders to have a more strong and stable supply chain.


The Little Donkey Andy Hiking Shirt is made of ninety percent polyester and ten percent spandex. Polyester is man-made and was discovered in the 1940s when some ethyl alcohols and acids were mixed together to make a fiber. This fiber was capable of being woven to make sheets and clothing.

Polyester is a great choice for hiking clothing for a few reasons. Firstly, it’s great at wicking moisture. Because of this, polyester is helpful in keeping you dry and at a comfortable temperature.

If your shirt becomes soaked, it will dry more quickly than cotton could. Because polyester is moisture-wicking and fast-drying, it can help immensely in cutting down the amount of chafing one experiences during hikes. Chafing happens when your skin is constantly rubbing against other skin or materials. When your skin or material becomes wet, it makes this problem worse.

Polyester is also more lightweight than cotton, making it a great material for hiking. And, when you’re hiking in cooler weather, wearing a polyester shirt such as this one will help to move sweat from your skin to the air. This way, your body doesn’t have to fully experience the side effects of evaporation. Evaporation has the ability to become dangerous when your body is trying to maintain its heat in cold weather.

If you have sensitive skin, you may not like the feeling of polyester against it. Those with sensitive skin tend to think polyester is too itchy and uncomfortable. Be sure you know if your skin is accepting of polyester material before you purchase.


Polyester does not shrink nor stretch. Because it lacks the ability to stretch, it has been blended with spandex in this hiking shirt. The spandex (ten percent) provides just enough stretch to make this shirt move more easily with your body during your hikes. If you’re a woman, you may want to consider wearing a sports bra with spandex as well.

The stretch is implemented throughout the shirt, giving you a four-way stretch that will make the shirt feel like it has a more custom fit and thus providing a more comfortable experience. When you’re hiking the trails in the mountains and valleys, your body is going to need to move in all kinds of funky ways. Why not make the trek go more smoothly with a shirt that has a bit of flexibility?

UV Protection

You need more from your clothing than aesthetics, especially if you’re going to be roaming around outdoors. When you’re in nature, you need protection from bugs, rodents, sprained ankles, dehydration, and the sun. This hiking shirt can protect you from the sun without requiring you to empty an entire bottle of sunscreen throughout the day.

It is rated for UPF 50+ protection. The polyester material is tightly woven, letting only a small amount of light to pass through. This keeps your skin safer. Because this shirt can be a long-sleeve or short-sleeve style, you can protect yourself more when needed and roll your sleeves up when you don’t need as much protection.

Absorbing harmful UV rays before they reach your skin will help to protect you from sun damage and/or skin cancer. Darker colors protect your skin better, so if you’re going to be in the sun a lot, opt for the darker options. Don’t forget to protect your eyes too.


One of the best features of the Little Donkey Andy Hiking Shirt is how versatile it is. Wherever you’re going, whatever you’re doing, it’s likely that this shirt can go with you. Maybe you don’t want to wear it to a wedding or funeral, but virtually any other occasion is suitable for this shirt.

It’s got a simple design, no patterns, no camo, no extras. That’s what makes it so easy to blend in with almost any environment/occasion. Not to mention, you have the ability to wear it as a long-sleeve or short-sleeve shirt. Imagine the convenience of rolling down your sleeves when you’re cold or need protection and rolling them back up when you get warm or need to get your hands dirty.


Breathability is important in your clothing no matter what you’re doing. It’s especially important when you’re doing physical activities that result in your body producing sweat. This hiking shirt provides breathability/moisture control in a couple of ways.

The back of this hiking shirt features an air vent for more efficient airflow, keeping you drier. The fact that it is made with polyester material means that it is more capable of wicking away the moisture from your skin. The polyester will effectively wick up your sweat and then allow it to evaporate unless the humidity is too high.

Keeping your body drier will help to regulate your body temperature, eliminate chafing issues, and help to control odors caused by bacteria that are attracted to your sweat. And let’s face it, if you’re hiking, you’re going to be sweating. You may want to look into a breathable pair of pants as well.


Certain things are expected from outdoor clothing. Generally, people are looking for clothing that will get the job done and be as simplistic as possible at the same time. That’s how this shirt was designed - simple, convenient, and functional.

The sleeves feature a button/loop system that allows you to roll your sleeves up and keep them up during hard work, challenging hikes, and hot afternoons. There are two buttoned breast pockets to keep your necessities close and accessible at all times. There are also two hidden side zippered pockets beside the buttoned pockets so that you can store your valuables like your ID and Driver’s License, credit cards, and cash.

It has seven buttons on the front closure system and a classic style lapel. You can expect comfort and convenience from the lapel. Have it folded down when you don’t need it or when you want to wear a tie. Pop it up when you need to protect your neck from wind, cold, rain, sun, etc. Take an extra precaution by wearing a hat.


The Little Donkey Andy Hiking Shirt is available in men’s sizes small, medium, large, extra-large, extra-extra-large, and extra-extra-extra-large. This hiking shirt is able to serve a larger demographic of people because it is offered in such a wide range of sizes. You’re almost certain to find the right size for you.

Size small has a center back length that will fit between 28 ¼ - 29 ¾ inches. The chest will fit between 41 - 43 inches. The shoulder will fit between 18 ¼ - 19 ¾ inches. And the sleeve will fit between 22 ½ - 23 ¾ inches.

Medium has a center back length that will fit between 29 ¼ - 30 ¾ inches. The chest will fit between 43 - 45 inches. The shoulder will fit between 20 ¼ - 21 ¾ inches. And the sleeve will fit between 22 ¾ - 24 ¼ inches.

Large has a center back length that will fit between 29 ¾ - 31 ¼ inches. The chest will fit between 46 - 48 inches. The shoulder will fit between 19 ¾ - 21 ¼ inches. And the sleeve will fit between 23 ¼ - 24 ¾ inches.

Extra-large has a center back length that will fit between 30 ¾ - 32 ¼ inches. The chest will fit between 49 - 51 inches. The shoulder will fit between 20 ¾ - 22 ¼ inches. And the sleeve will fit between 23 ¾ - 25 ¼ inches.

Extra-extra-large has a center back length that will fit between 31 ¾ - 33 ¼ inches. The chest will fit between 52 - 54 inches. The shoulder will fit between 21 ¾ - 23 ¼ inches. And the sleeve will fit between 23 2/4 - 25 ¼ inches.

Lastly, a size extra-extra-extra large has a center back length that will fit between 33 ¼ - 34 ¾ inches. The chest will fit between 55 - 57 inches. The shoulder will fit between 22 ¾ - 24 ¼ inches. And the sleeve will fit between 24 ¼ - 25 ¾ inches.


We’re aware that most people aren’t concerned about pretty color schemes and tons of choices when it comes to outdoor clothing. That’s why there are only six color options for this hiking shirt. They are also mostly earthy, neutral tones. You can find a pair of hiking pants in an earthy, neutral tone here.

The colors available are blue (appears to be a mint-tone), grey, khaki, light grey, navy, and sage. Pick your color based on UV protection (the darker, the better), how well it will match your wardrobe, or by the color that appeals to you the most. However you choose, you’ll be happy with any of these colors.


The return policy on the Little Donkey Andy Hiking Shirt will vary from retailer to retailer. You will want to be sure to research the policy on every website/in every store. As far as purchasing this hiking shirt from Amazon, you are covered.

Amazon offers free returns on this item. You can return it, for any reason, in unused condition, for a full refund. Amazon won’t even charge you to ship it back to them. In order to determine if you’re still eligible for the return, navigate to your orders on your Amazon app or on their website. You will choose this item and it will take you to a new screen. There you can find the tab for returns and it will tell you your cut-off date.

Bottom Line

Whether you’re looking for a functional shirt for hiking, working, picnicking, or lounging, this could be the shirt for you. There are many beneficial features including UPF 50+ UV protection with sleeves that can be rolled down into long sleeves to protect your arm clear down to your wrist. Roll them up when you’re in the shade, working on a motor, or washing dishes.

People get excited about shirts with two breast pockets because the style used to be just one pocket on the left breast. Well, this hiking shirt has four breast pockets. Yes, four. There are two pockets that are the typical style with a buttoned closure. Beside those pockets are vertical zippers that hide two more pockets. You can now carry more essentials and keep the extra important ones safer.

The Little Donkey Andy Hiking Shirt is breathable, has a vent in the back, and includes spandex in its construction, making it more flexible. It is available in six color schemes and sizes small to extra-extra-extra-large (order a size up). At a fair price, and with free returns (to Amazon), there’s no reason not to try it.