RBX Active Women’s Running T Shirt

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Active is something we all know we should be. The problem is, some of us don’t have the motivation. Some don’t have the energy. Some don’t have the ability. And some just don’t have the proper clothing to keep them comfortable. This is where the RBX Active Women’s Running Tee comes in.

This lightweight, long-sleeve shirt will be able to go with you without weighing you down. You’ll also stay protected from some of the UV rays when you’re running outdoors. Because it is lightweight, it works great in the summertime. It can also be used for layering when the temperatures start to drop.

You can find comfort in the fact that it has a tagless design, saving your neck from an irritating itch. The sleeves are raglan style, allowing you a better range of motion from shoulder to wrist. The polyester material of the RBX Active Women’s Running Tee will help to keep you cool and dry by wicking away moisture and allowing it to evaporate.

This running tee comes in a wide variety of colors, each with three options for the neckline design. The options available for the neckline include crewneck, scoop neck, and V-neck. This shirt comes at a great price and some styles include free returns when ordered on Amazon.

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Tagless Comfort


Many Style Choices



Neckline Dips Too Low

Sizing Issues


This running tee is constructed from polyester (a manmade fiber). This material is durable and can stand up to more washes and wears than some other fabrics. It does not fade, shrink, or wrinkle as quickly or easily.

Because polyester isn’t absorbent, it is less susceptible to staining. It is breathable and provides moisture management by wicking moisture from your skin and allowing it evaporate out the other side. Keeping your skin dry will help keep your body temperature regulated.

Polyester does have negative qualities, as do all things. While it is durable, it is vulnerable to pulls and runs. When it gets wet, it sometimes tends to stick to the skin. Polyester is heat-sensitive and will become scorched or melt when exposed to too much. If you’re screenprinting, for example, you need to be extra careful with this fabric.

While polyester has a lot of great qualities, there is one that is a dealbreaker for some people. Polyester is not as soft as cotton. Therefore, some people with sensitive skin will want to steer away from it. You can also help combat sensitive skin by wearing a cotton bra.


Having clothes with a little bit of stretch in them is about more than just being comfortable. We all love jeans with stretch because they make us feel better about our bodies. But when it comes to workout gear, the stretch is there for a whole other purpose.

When you’re running, jumping, climbing, biking, etc, your clothes need to be moving right along with you. Nobody wants to be fussing with their sleeves or struggling to work around their baggy t-shirts. Instead, choose a more form-fitting shirt with stretch and let the shirt move with you.

When you’re active, every part of your body is moving. It only makes sense to have clothes that can allow your joints to move freely without getting in the way. Thanks to the stretch, the fabric of the RBX Active Women’s Running Tee will spread out, away from whatever part of your body is moving, whether it be your elbow or shoulder.


Whether you’re active, sedentary, or anywhere in between, one thing most can agree on is that tags are annoying. Most of us have spent our entire lives struggling with irritating tags in shirts we loved too much to stop wearing. Sure, they could be cut out; but then the leftover frayed material irritates your skin instead.

Finally, companies began designing clothing with the “tag” printed directly onto the shirt material, eliminating the itch altogether. Such is the case with this running tee. It has a tagless design to help protect your skin and your mood from irritation.

No more fretting over thick, bulky tags. No more chafing or irritation. No more cutting. No more grinning and bearing it. Simply invest in this tagless running tee for a better experience all-around. If you can’t stand having tags in your bras either, check this one out.

Range of Motion

The RBX Active Women’s Running Tee is designed for women in motion. That is why the sleeves were designed in the “raglan” style. A raglan sleeve does not start at the shoulder as most shirtsleeves do.

Instead, a raglan sleeve begins right at the collar. It then cuts diagonally to your underarm. It is made with one piece of material, which eliminates extra seams. It also follows the contours in your shoulder. The sleeve is designed in this way to allow it to give your upper arm more range of motion with less restriction.

This sleeve design is popular in sportswear, casualwear, and winter clothing. It is desired for the extra room, enhanced range of motion, and ease of getting on overtop of the shoulders. This sleeve design works great for layering clothes, especially if you need to be active with many layers on.

The drawbacks to the raglan sleeve design include underarm bulk and a less tailored fit. The underarm bulk is created by the excess material. When you have your arms down at your side, it may cause your underarms to appear bulky. Because the fit is less form-fitting, the level of comfort and maneuverability you experience will depend on your body shape, specifically your shoulders.

Moisture Management

Something you need out of any piece of clothing, but especially workout clothing, is moisture management. You’re going to be producing more sweat than you would be sitting on the couch or driving to work. Therefore, you’re going to need more protection and performance than the clothes you’d wear while doing those things.

This running tee is efficient at managing not only the moisture inside of your shirt but also your body temperature. Because it helps to control the moisture level, it is more capable of managing your body temperature. The polyester used to make this shirt, along with the X-Dri technology integrated into it, offer premium breathability and moisture control.

Polyester wicks the moisture away from your body. Instead of being absorbed into the material and leaving your shirt soaked, the moisture is evaporated. Polyester is breathable and dries quickly. This will keep you drier and your body temperature more regulated. If you’re going to be active and need waterproof protection, try a jacket over top of this shirt.


In today’s world, we’re used to having exactly what we want. And, if we don’t have it, we’re used to being able to get it without much effort at all. That’s why the RBX Active Women’s Running Tee is offered in so many different color schemes.

Instead of only offering three colors and forcing you to look elsewhere for your preference, RBX decided to give you more options. There are fifteen different colors available. They include black, black heather, grey, platinum grey combo, green, fall mix green, light blue, light pink, pink, pink flame, dark pink, light purple, purple, gym purple, and gym red.


This running tee doesn’t just come in a variety of colors, it also comes in a variety of neckline styles. The options are a classic crewneck, a scoop neck, or a bold V-neck. Each style can be worn for virtually any occasion.

That’s right, you don’t have to limit yourself to running when you wear this shirt. Yes, it is designed for running, but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear it for whatever you want. Because of the flattering fit, beautiful color schemes, and varying necklines, you can wear this shirt to almost any casual occasion.

This running tee is perfect for sports like golf, basketball, and running. It’s also wonderful for fishing, boating, traveling, and hiking. Because it’s lightweight and offers a better range of motion, it’s easier to perform at your best ability. If you need the motivation to get moving, try these workout DVDs.


There are many benefits to wearing clothing that is lightweight. You don’t even have to be a runner to appreciate a shirt that hardly weighs anything. Not only is it more comfortable, but it’s more functional. Make your feet happy with lightweight shoes too.

The lightweight design will keep you from becoming weighed down, especially during workouts. Because the polyester doesn’t absorb moisture but gets rid of it, your shirt won’t become saturated and heavy. It will be less likely to irritate your skin because it will fit more loosely.

This lightweight and long-sleeved running tee is great for layering. If you’re going to be out during a cloudy day, rainy day, or in the evening when the temperature drops, you’ll be thankful to have layers to add to this shirt. When you are in better conditions, simply take the layers back off and you’re left with your lightweight, comfortable shirt.


This running tee is available in sizes small, medium, large, and extra-large. Even if you know what size you typically wear, it is important to look at the chart or read this information, and then take your measurements, to be sure that you order the correct size. It will save you hassle and heartache in the long run.

A size small is equivalent to a US size 4 - 6. The bust circumference measurement is 33.5 inches. The waist circumference measurement is 27.5 - 28.5 inches. A size medium is equivalent to a US size 8 - 10. The bust circumference measurement is 36.5 - 37.5 inches. The waist circumference measurement is 29.5 - 30.5 inches.

Size large is equivalent to a US size 12 - 14. The bust circumference measurement is 39 - 40.5 inches. The waist circumference measurement is 32 - 33.5 inches. Size extra-large is equivalent to a US size 16 - 18. The bust circumference measurement is 42.5 - 44.5 inches. The waist circumference measurement is 35.5 - 37.5 inches.


Most of the reviews we came across had great things to say about the RBX Active Women’s Running Tee. Consumers agree that this shirt is the perfect weight for running in warm weather. They also claim that the long sleeves help to protect their skin from the sun (though it is not officially rated for UV protection).

Customers also report that it is convenient to layer warmer clothing on top of this shirt when it gets chilly. It’s equally convenient to take the layers off and be back to the comfortable, lightweight running tee. However, it was not only good things that people had to say.

It is expected to have differing opinions when it comes to anything. This shirt is no different. Some consumers have reported that they did not love the depth of the scoop neck and V-neck styles. For them, they were cut too low to be comfortable, especially for exercise.

Some women have also claimed that they have issues finding the right size. Most of these women ordered based on what size they typically wear. While this method may work sometimes, it’s not reliable and shouldn’t be used when ordering clothes online. To save yourself time and trouble, look at the size chart and take your measurements before purchasing.

Bottom Line

This running tee has many desirable features. It doesn’t matter if you’re active, a runner, an athlete, or a couch potato. Anyone can enjoy all that this shirt has to offer because it’s benefits are appreciated almost anywhere at any time.

This shirt is stretchy, has an increased range of motion in the arms, is breathable, moisture-wicking, quick-drying, versatile, lightweight, and comes in many color schemes and varied neckline designs.

The RBX Active Women’s Running Tee is also offered at a great price and, when ordered on Amazon, includes free returns (on certain sizes and colors). If it sounds like it’d be the perfect shirt for you, there’s no reason to wait to try it. Who knows? It may come to be your next favorite wardrobe item.