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90 Degree is a brand owned by Reflex which is dedicated to combining the best performance, style, fit, and comfort to give the customer the best experience possible. The brand is also committed to being affordable. The 90 Degree Running Jacket is just one product offered in this brand’s lineup.

This running jacket is great for the woman in motion, whether you’re a runner, a busy mom, a hard-worker, or a hard-lounger. Thanks to the sleek and flattering fit, and the vivid colors, you can wear this jacket virtually anywhere and look good doing it.

The materials used in the construction of this jacket offer flexibility, moisture management, comfort, and durability. You will be better able to stay dry and cool. You’ll be protected from wind, chills, and some light rain. This jacket features a full-length zipper, two zippered pockets, a ventilation panel on the back, a reflective logo on the back, and thumbholes in the sleeves.

The 90 Degree Running Jacket is very form-fitting. While this design is flattering on some body types, it’s simply uncomfortable for others. It is up to each customer to decide whether or not the fit works for them. Depending on the retailer you purchase the jacket from, you can simply return it if it doesn’t work for you.

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Not Durable

No Hood


81% of the material used to make this jacket is nylon. This material is thin and flexible but also durable and tough at the same time. It is fire-retardant and also resistant to abrasions. It can even provide you with resistance to water. It doesn’t absorb moisture. Instead, it pushes the moisture to the surface so that it can evaporate.

Many brands use nylon in their athletic wear because of how well it manages moisture. Other materials tend to absorb moisture and become saturated. They then become heavy, uncomfortable, and can create issues for your skin, including chafing and attracting odor-causing bacteria.

The other 19% of the material used to make this jacket is spandex. This material offers additional flexibility, durability, and shape retention. Spandex is special because it’s able to stretch up to 6 times its own size. Not only can it stretch, but it can bounce back to its original shape; over and over again.


Whether you’re an avid runner or not, everyone can benefit from having a lightweight jacket handy. Sometimes, when you leave for work it’s only 50 degrees outside. However, when you leave work it’s up to 75 degrees. You can easily wear the 90 Degree Running Jacket in the morning and either leave it in your car, in your work locker or folded up under your desk. It’s much easier to store and carry a lightweight jacket than a bulky one.

Lightweight jackets are also able to provide more comfort. Instead of being focused on how heavy your jacket is on your body, you can pay attention to what you’re doing. You’ll also have a lot more freedom of movement to perform the tasks you need to.


This running jacket features a zipper that extends from the chin to the waist, allowing it to be completely unzipped to allow a much easier way to put it on and take it off. This comes in handy especially for those with limited range of motion.

Instead of struggling to raise your arms above your head, get your head through a hole, and pull the jacket down, you’ll just unzip it and shrug it on. Simple as that. You won’t have to fumble with any pesky buttons either. Simply zip it up to your desired position and you’re all set.

You don’t need to worry about the zipper bothering your skin if you have it zipped up the whole way. There is a layer of fabric that folds over the zipper at the top of the collar. This will protect your skin from any irritation. If you’re looking for a half-zip jacket, check here.


While pockets aren’t the most important feature in a running jacket, they are convenient. Many people prefer a kangaroo pocket because it’s so simple to reach into it and grab what you need. However, if you’re an active person, you may have found that a kangaroo pocket isn’t the most efficient at keeping your items secured.

In order to better protect your valuables, you’ll want to opt for a running jacket with zippered pockets. The 90 Degree Running Jacket features not only one, but two zippered pockets; one on each side. You can rest assured that when you put your cash, inhaler, or keys in these pockets, they will not fall out when you bounce around, as they would in a kangaroo pocket.

Moisture Management

This running jacket is able to provide you with moisture management in a couple of ways. The material used to make this jacket is one thing that contributes to this. Another feature to help with moisture control is the ventilation panel on the back of the jacket.

With a ventilation panel, the heat from the inside of your jacket has somewhere to go. The more airflow, the better. When your body sweats, it’s trying to lower its core temperature. If that sweat has nowhere to go, it’ll sit on your skin; making you more chilly and creating a perfect breeding ground for odor-causing bacteria.

The nylon used to make this running jacket is water-resistant. Instead of absorbing moisture, it will push it to the surface of the material where it will be better able to evaporate. By preventing moisture buildup, this jacket can protect your skin from chafing and developing odors.

The bacteria that are attracted to your sweat will come to feed on it. Once they’ve gotten their fill, they’ll leave their waste behind. It is this waste that causes body odor. If you need protection more for rain instead of sweat, try a waterproof jacket. You can find one here.


Everybody should have a versatile jacket in their wardrobe. What better than a jacket that can be used for everything from cleaning the house to running laps? Because the 90 Degree Running Jacket is lightweight and aesthetically pleasing, you won’t need to keep any other jackets or hoodies handy.

If you’re going for a morning jog, it’ll keep you warm. If you’re going to be on the trails, it’ll keep you protected. If you’re out of clean shirts, it’ll stay with you through your daily routine. This running jacket is available in the colors silver lily, camel, iron blue, spring hill, white, and black. Pair your jacket with leggings, jeans, shorts, or skirts.


You don’t just need to worry about your safety when you’re outside in the dark. It’s important to be safe, always. You never know when you’ll end up in low-light conditions wishing that you were more visible to passersby.

The more visible you are, the better; whether it’s day or night. You could find yourself without a ride home because your car battery died. Worst case scenario - you have to walk home. You’ll feel more at ease if you know that you’re wearing something that’s reflective so that drivers in the vehicles going by are more able to see you.

It’s especially important to attempt to make yourself more visible when you’re walking along a street. Distracted driving is more of a problem now than ever. People are constantly trying to multi-task while driving, which is obviously very dangerous; not only for the driver and their passengers but for everyone in their path as well.

This running jacket features a reflective logo on the back of it. It’s not very large, so if you would like to feel safer, you can always invest in more reflective gear. You can choose a reflective waist pack or armbands. You can find reflective armbands here.


This running jacket has long-sleeves that can protect your arms from a chill, wind, or a light drizzle. While this jacket is water-resistant, It is not waterproof, so if you get stuck in rain, expect to get wet. The sleeves can also protect your arms from the sun.

The sleeves are sewn onto the torso of the jacket via the traditional method. This means that the stitching extends vertically from the shoulder to the underarm. This design may be functional and traditional, but it is not the best design for activewear. You will not have the extended range of motion that raglan sleeves can provide you with. You can find a running shirt with raglan sleeves here.
There are even thumb holes at the bottom of these sleeves. They are very convenient because you can instantly give your hands some protection from the wind or a chill. You can also use them to keep your sleeves in place while you’re exercising.


The 90 Degree Running Jacket is form-fitting. It is designed in such a way that it creates a flattering look for some body types. The description from some retailers claims that the fit is suitable for most body shapes. This simply isn’t true.

Every single body is different, and everyone feels differently about their bodies. While some larger women feel okay wearing very tight clothing, some aren’t. Therefore, how you feel about the fit will depend entirely on your size and self-esteem. Women are reporting that they have to order up in size because it fits so snug, so that’s something to consider.

One good thing about the fit of this running jacket is its length. It does not cover your bottom, but it does come down farther than many other women’s jackets. A lot of the competitor jackets stop between the waist and the hips. This one stops just below the hips. This should help decrease the amount of time your torso spends being exposed during exercise (and how much time you have to spend pulling it back down).


This jacket may be very form-fitting, but it also has some stretch to it. When it comes to workout gear, clothes simply need to have some stretch. If it were a jacket for casual wear, it wouldn’t necessarily need any give to it.

Since this jacket is designed for exercise, you’ll most likely be walking, running, climbing, biking, jumping, etc. When your body is in motion, your clothes either move with it or they hold you back. If they move with you, it’s preferable that they don’t stretch out and stay stretched out.

Because 19% of this jacket is made of spandex, it will provide the stretch needed. Spandex is able to stretch up to 6 times its original size. Not only that, but it’s able to bounce back to its original shape, even after many, many times stretching. Here you can find another stretchy running shirt.


Reviews have been submitted by first-time 90 Degree customers as well as loyal customers. All have been honest. Those who have been customers for a while claim that they are disappointed in the quality of this jacket.

While it is definitely comfortable, soft, stretchy, and lightweight, it is also (to some) too form-fitting. Many have ordered up in size and still find it to be too snug. How you feel about the fit depends entirely on your body shape and your self-esteem.

Customers, both new and loyal, are disappointed in the integrity of the zippers and stitching. Many are experiencing the stitching fraying and breaking. Others are experiencing the zippers breaking or the paint chipping off of them.

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a running jacket that can also be worn to lounge around the house, to go to work, to ride the bus home, to go to dinner in, or to hit the gym in, you may have found your match in this one. It’s designed with a sleek, modern look to keep you in style even if you’re sweating.

It is lightweight, has ventilation in the back, and features a full-zip closure, side pockets, and thumbholes. It is form-fitting but also has stretch to it. While the 90 Degree Running Jacket is affordable, consumers have reported that it is not worth the cost.

This jacket does come with free returns (depending on the retailer). If it seems to have everything you’re looking for, you have nothing to lose in trying it out. If it doesn’t fit right or doesn’t live up to your expectations, simply return it.