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If you're looking for a pick-me-up in the morning, at lunch break, before a meeting, or before workouts, the Zipfizz Healthy Energy Drink may have what you're searching for. Not only does it provide the energy boost you're looking for, but you'll also experience better mental focus and improved performance. You can even boost your immune system when this energy drink is consumed properly.

When used as directed, this energy drink can aid in weight loss efforts and help to combat dehydration. When you sweat, you lose important vitamins and minerals, leaving your body thirsty for electrolytes that plain water simply cannot provide. The Zipfizz Healthy Energy Drink is made with zero sugar and is low in carbohydrates.

On the other side of things, if you're not careful, or if you struggle with anxiety already, you can set yourself up for unnecessary anxiety. When you're more anxious, you're less likely to be able to fall asleep easily at night. When you have insomnia, you end up even more tired the next day. When you're tired, you consume more caffeine. And the cycle continues.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Zero Sugar

Low Carbs

Electrolytes Replenished

Immune Boost

Aids Weight Loss Efforts


Can Cause Anxiety

Can Cause Insomnia


This energy drink contains 100mg of caffeine. The caffeine is sourced from guarana and green tea leaf extract. Guarana is a plant that is native to the Amazon in Brazil. It has many stimulants including theophylline, theobromine, and caffeine. Guarana also contains antioxidants like saponins, tannins, and catechins. The tannins prevent water loss which can be beneficial in relieving diarrhea.

Guarana has the capability to improve your mental focus and reduce your mental/physical fatigue. It is able to combat fatigue by blocking adenosine effects. Adenosine is the compound responsible for making you feel drowsy. By blocking this compound you can help your brain to relax and even block some pain. It can kill some harmful bacteria like Streptococcus and E. Coli.

In low doses, guarana can work to improve your rate of learning, your ability to remember information, and your overall mood. The caffeine provided by guarana can boost metabolism, leading to weight loss (when used correctly). It can help improve heart health by preventing the formation of blood clots and improving blood flow throughout the body. It also decreases LDL cholesterol oxidation.

Guarana can cause side effects when too much is consumed. These side effects include insomnia, heart palpitations, seizures, headaches, nervousness, anxiety, upset stomach, and shakiness.

Green tea leaf extract has antioxidants (catechins), that help protect the body from oxidative stress and helps increase the antioxidant capacity. They also help to reduce blood pressure levels and work to improve the blood fat levels. By doing this, they work to promote heart health.

Green tea leaf extract also shows to improve brain health and the ability to remember information. It can even protect the brain from some diseases. It increases the number of calories that your body burns, which can lead to weight loss. It helps to enhance performance in physical activities as well. You should only consume between 300-400mg of caffeine in a day. It’s up to you to decide whether you want an energy drink with more or less caffeine.

Immune Boost

It’s common knowledge that vitamin C is great at boosting the immune system. When you’re coming down with a cold, the first advice people have is usually to drink orange juice because of the vitamin C that it contains. Vitamin C effectively boosts the immune system via antioxidants.

While vitamin C may not be the miracle cure for a cold, it does help to prevent further health complications from the cold. Vitamin C can help to protect you from prenatal health problems, cardiovascular disease, immune system deficiencies, skin wrinkling, and eye disease.

You may head vitamin C referred to as ascorbic acid. It is necessary for your body tissues to be able to develop, grow, and be repaired. It is involved in the formation of collagen, healing wounds, absorption of iron, and maintenance of bones, teeth, and cartilage.

The recommended daily intake, for adults, is between 65 - 90mg of vitamin C. The limit is around 2000mg in one day. Too much vitamin C isn’t likely to harm you, but in very large doses, it can cause diarrhea. The Zipfizz Healthy Energy Drink contains 500mg of vitamin C.

Vitamin B12

This energy drink contains vitamin B12, 41,667% of the daily recommended intake, in fact. Vitamin B12 is a beneficial nutrient to have in your diet for many reasons. It is responsible for keeping your body’s blood cells and nerve cells healthy. It also aids in the production of DNA.

Vitamin B12 can even help to prevent megaloblastic anemia, which is characterized by large red blood cells and the reduction in the number of those blood cells. People usually think of a lack of iron when it comes to anemia, but really it’s a blood disorder that happens when you don’t have enough red blood cells. Megaloblastic anemia is usually a result of a deficiency of folic acid or vitamin B12.

Vitamin B12 is effective at increasing mental focus, improving alertness, reducing fatigue, boosting energy, balancing moods, and reducing stress. You can find vitamin B12 in many energy sources.


The Zipfizz Healthy Energy Drink contains just 2g of carbohydrates. Because of this low content, this drink mix is a suitable energy source for those who are on low-carb diets, including the keto diet. Low-carb diets have been around for a long time, however, they weren’t always widely accepted in the health and fitness world. Thanks to social media and more accessibility to information, low-carb diets are finally accepted.

The reason people adopt low-carb diet lifestyles is that it helps to lower insulin levels. Insulin is something your body makes in order to help the body open up to glucose. When insulin levels are lowered, your body begins to burn stored fat for energy. When your body burns up stored fat, it can lead to weight loss. But you don’t want to burn too much of your stored fat because you could cause yourself to develop gallstones.

If you’re a diabetic, you will want to steer away from diets that mess with your insulin levels. Having trouble controlling insulin levels can lead to many side effects, none of which are pleasant. There are other energy sources that can provide you with a low-carb concentration.


This energy drink mix contains valuable electrolytes. When you exercise, and/or sweat, you lose important minerals. When you consume electrolytes before, during, and/or after your workout, you can help to replenish those minerals. Even drinking 8 glasses of water a day won’t replace the minerals that electrolytes can. The electrolytes help your body to be able to actually use water to its fullest potential in order to keep you better hydrated.

Not only do electrolytes replace minerals you’ve lost and keeps you hydrated, but they can even help your muscles to recover. When your muscles flex, calcium is needed in order for them to contract. When you release your muscles, your body needs magnesium. These are minerals found in electrolytes. You can find another drink mix that provides even more of these valuable electrolytes.

Zero Sugar

While the Zipfizz Healthy Energy Drink does not contain any table sugar, it does contain something to give it a sweet taste. What is used is called xylitol. This is a naturally occurring sugar substitute that is found in most plant material, including vegetables and fruits. It can even be used as medicine when extracted out of birch wood.

Xylitol is used as a substitute for sugar in many mints, gums, and candies. However, it is not always the first choice, because there are cheaper substitutes available. Some of the other substitutes are easier to incorporate into products as well.

While xylitol has a sweet taste, it does not get converted into acids while in the mouth. Because of this, it doesn’t cause tooth decay. It also prevents ear infections by reducing the levels of bacteria in your saliva. Ear infections in children can be reduced by giving them small doses after their meals. By preventing ear infections, xylitol can help reduce the number of antibiotics your kid has to consume.


Gluten intolerance is an autoimmune disease, affecting around 1% of the world’s population. It is capable of damaging the digestive system. In its most extreme form, it turns into Celiac Disease. Those who develop Celiac Disease will typically have pale-colored and foul-smelling feces.

Some telltale signs of gluten intolerance include adverse effects from eating wheat, barley, and rye (due to their gluten content). If you experience a bloated stomach after eating (and you haven’t overeaten), you may be intolerant of gluten. Be sure to consult your doctor if you experience bloating. Don’t just assume it means you’re intolerant of gluten.

If you do have a gluten intolerance, you’re more likely to experience extreme fatigue, dermatitis, and migraines. Some other common signs include depression, anxiety, numbness/tingling of arms/legs, muscle/joint pain, brain fog, and weight loss. When escalated to Celiac Disease, your body becomes unable to absorb iron efficiently, leading to anemia. There are other gluten-free energy sources to choose from as well.

Trouble Sleeping

Most adults in today’s society are sucked into the hustle and bustle lifestyle. The American Dream has turned into a wake, caffeinate, work, caffeinate, workout, caffeinate, try to sleep, have anxiety, wake up tired, caffeinate, repeat the routine. Drinking so much caffeine leads to anxiety and insomnia, which leads to more caffeine use. It’s a vicious cycle that’s hard to admit and even harder to quit.

Caffeine is just fine for most people when it’s consumed in moderation. You really should only be consuming between 300-400mg of caffeine in a day. If you have any health issues, you’ll want to consult your doctor about how much you’re consuming before you decide to consume more or less. Depending on your genetic makeup, caffeine could either relieve or cause migraines. If you do struggle with migraines, experiment with your caffeine intake. A healthier way to combat fatigue is with B vitamins.


People who have purchased this energy drink mix have spoken their opinions and experiences. One important point made by a consumer is that the tubes containing the drink mix are not recyclable, making them not environmentally friendly. In today’s world, the ocean is so littered with plastic that you’d hate to add to the piles.

Many consumers have received packages that were damaged in transit. This may not be the company’s fault, but it is a problem that the company should address. Some people have experienced blood sugar spikes, which can be dangerous, especially in diabetics. Most customers agree that this drink mix helps with headaches, aids weight loss efforts, boosts energy, lifts mood, and keeps them hydrated.

Bottom Line

When you’re consuming this energy drink mix, it is recommended that you limit yourself to 2 tubes per day. When you consume 2 tubes, you’ll be ingesting 100% of the recommended daily intake of vitamins. To use the drink mix, simply pop open the top of the tube and pour the powder into a cold glass of water (preferably 16-20 ounces), shake well, and drink.

For the most effective boost to performance and concentration, have one drink 15-30 minutes before you work out, go to work, attend a meeting, or walk around the block. The benefits of this energy drink mix include the fact that it does not contain table sugar, rather xylitol. It is low in carbs, provides electrolyte replenishment that keeps you hydrated, boosts your immune system, and helps to encourage weight loss.

Depending on your body and your brain, consuming too much Zipfizz Healthy Energy Drink can lead to anxiety and insomnia. It is best to consult your doctor if you have any health concerns.