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Sketchers appeared on the market in an odd time. Back in 1992 L.A. Gear was dominating the sneaker business on one side of the spectrum, while Nike was ruling the market on the other side. What the founder of Sketchers, Robert Greenberg saw in his brand new company was the opportunity to appeal to the ever-growing niche market.

Companies like L.A. gear and Nike were designing mass appeal shoes. While Sketchers focused more on the younger generation of consumers. The cool kids, the hip kids who wanted to stand out from the crowd.  The Sketchers got their big break the following year, with the release of the so-called Chrome dome sneaker, and the rest is history.

Sketcher quickly gained a reputation for following the latest trends, and demands of the consumers. They listened carefully what the fans really wanted out of the sneakers and responded quickly. Following the requests proved to be fruitful. Today that decision is considered to be the primary influence on the company’s success. But for now, let’s look at The Skechers Sport Stamina Nuovo sneakers.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Upper made from nubuck leather

Standard lacing system

Padded tongue and padded collar

EVA midsole


No vegan option


Rubber is the main ingredient in the outsole. It’s flexible, which means it will provide much of the comfort that comes from the bottom part of the shoe, and the traction to occur at every surface. The majority of the outsole will remain black regardless of the color combo that you choose, but depending on the color palettes on the upper, the same color will appear on a small part of the outsole.

The ridges and indentations are strategically placed on the surface of the outsole to provide the most traction to the specific parts of the foot. The highly interesting yet practical design will become an extremely useful feature if you decide to do energetic activities like hiking or running in these sneakers. And no terrain will be able to surprise you. So, at the very end of this segment, it’s worth mentioning that the heel of the sneaker is 1 and a half inches high, a pretty standard height for this type of sneaker. The height allows the foot to be elevated properly, but the elevation also aids the midsole of the shoe.


Speaking of the midsole…There’s a familiar and dear friend present in this part of the Nuovo Cutback sneakers. And that’s the good old EVA midsole. The EVA midsole is a good comfort provided, but the midsole is also cushioned with amps up the support and the comfort throughout the entire foot. The insole is also lined with very soft and fantastic fabric lining, but the EVA midsole is the true star here. It offers resilience, stamina to the feet and you are left with a sense of relaxation. It lasts for a long time after you put them on, and it’s Godsend. It doesn’t matter what type of activity you’re doing with the Nuovo sneakers, the EVA midsole helps you to maintain the pain-free existence that you’re accustomed to.


The upper is probably one of the most amazing parts of this sneaker, so pay attention. There are a lot of things to be said, so first things first. The upper is made from the finest nubuck leather. In fact, it’s 100% real nubuck leather, which is great. It’s smooth, soft and it has great moisture-wicking properties suitable for a shoe like this.

But it’s not the only material that’s used in the upper. A mixture of metallic and synthetic mesh covers parts of the upper as a nice overlay detailing. But aside from having a decorative function, the mesh overlay has great practicality to the sneaker as well. It allows the breathability and overall airflow to work better with the pre-existent mesh that’s featured on other parts of the upper. Why have one mesh, when you can have two? One that works with the other in order to provide the best possible aeration to the entire shoe.
The stitching accents also have a double functionality. They look great on the upper’s surface of course. But at the same time, they differentiate the separate section of the upper, the different materials and they hold everything together. But the stitching is three different colors of thread. The three separate types of the thread also have three types of color variations, and again. It looks amazing.

The overlay detailing on the upper adds to the speaker's character and charm, but it’s the little things that paint the whole picture in this shoe. Like the logo on the side of the upper. The letter S is stitched on the side of the sneaker, just to remind you who you’re actually wearing. The lacing system is pretty standard and allows you to have a casual feeling while wearing the sneakers. It doesn’t restrict the feet, and the shoelaces are also strong and highly durable. And while on the subject of laces, the color of the shoelaces will always come with the color (or at least one of the several color options) used in the upper. That way the shoelaces will blend perfectly in the upper.

The very same logo that was found on the side of the upper is also present on the tongue, but in a smaller size. Oh and speaking of the tongue, much like the collar of the Nuovo Cutback sneaker, the tongue is also padded. It allows the shoe to have a better grip, stamina and better control of the entire leg. When the foot if fixated and secured with nice padding, the entire foot feels secured and fixated.


The thing is when it comes to the comfort of the sneaker, plenty of the customers that have purchased this particular model have their highest marks on the comfort of the Nuovo Cutback sneaker. The comfort was singled out as one of the shoe’s best features without providing details on the area from which it came from. Which is safe to assume that comes from various areas from that shoe. It’ shouldn’t come as a surprise, because the Sketchers sneakers have a reputation of comfort that precedes them for a very long time. The EVA midsole is always an asset to be had, the rubber outsole too, and with one and a half inch high heel what could possibly go wrong in the comfort department?


The support comes mostly from the fantastic EVA midsole and from the padding in the collar and tongue. Few key areas are responsible for the support of the sneaker, and it’s always great when the support is covered from the top and the bottom section of the shoe. That way, the foot feels more secure, support and the balance is restored.


Made with the best and high-quality materials, the Nuovo Cutback sneakers by Sketchers are a true revelation. The durability is quite high in this particular model mostly because it’s made from high-quality materials, but how it was made plays a significant role as well. There’s the smooth and very durable nubuck leather in the upper. The nubuck leather dominates in the upper, while a mix of mesh, metallic and synthetic mesh patches are scattered throughout the surface. They have a totally different purpose, but there’s no denying that they don’t look badass.

Oh, and the glue that holds everything together. The stitching. Probably the icing on this cake, (yes, it’s a shoe we know), the stitching is actually top notch. It’s made with three separate threads that also have three different color tones. Each of those threads is strategically used for different areas of the shoe, and you’ll be surprised by the strength of that stitching. Nothing can cause any damage or harm thanks to the stitching and you’ll end up wearing the sneakers for a very long time.


Nubuck leather is more flexible than the standard suede leather even without the addition of the synthetic overlays to the upper’s surface. It’s always nice when companies know how to utilize top grain quality leather like the nubuck, and make something awesome from it. The flexibility is there in this particular model, but it’s also provided by the overlay detailing that’s scattered all around the upper. Don’t mind the padding that’s been inserted in the tongue and in the collar, the flexibility is high even with their presence.


The stability can be felt mostly through the tuber outsole. Since the outsole of the Nuovo Cutback sneaker by Sketchers has incredible and deep ridges to the outsole’s surface you’d best believe that the stability will be quite high. Also, there’s no way of ignoring the padding in the tongue and collar area of the upper. When you have padding in those key parts of the shoe, the stability is a no-brainer really. The padding fixates and stabilizes the foot, allowing you to feel more secure and protected with every step that you take.


The presence of the nubuck leather says volumes about the amount of airflow that’s allowed to occur in this particular model. Yes, the top grain leather like the nubuck allows the airflow to occur naturally, but the addition of the mesh panels in the upper’s surface speed things along and improve the aeration greatly. The panels are located on the front and on the side of the upper, which means almost all areas of the upper is nicely ventilated and aerated. Your feet will remain odor and moisture-free the whole time that these sneakers are on your feet.


When it comes to the color variety, there’s a true smorgasbord that you can choose from. Do you prefer an all-black model or a color combo that accentuates the outfits that you’ll be wearing with these sneakers? Seriously, everything that you can think of in a color palette, Sketchers has it for this particular model. Charcoal and black? Yup. It’s there and it’s amazing as well. For now, amazing 13 variations of the color palette are available for that exact model, and the choice is really hard. All of them look amazing. If you’re the kind of person that likes the outdoors then you should pick the darker tones, since they get dirty less often and they’re easier to clean.


The usual price for the Nuovo Cutback sneakers by Sketchers is around the 85 dollars mark, but some retailers will sell this sneaker for up to 142 dollars. Don’t be alarmed by that. The use of fantastic materials, great stitching, and the fine craftsmanship are always going to be indicators of a pricy shoe, and those should be the first signs of one such price tag. The quality materials and the exquisite craftsmanship justify the high price since you know that you’ll be getting a high-quality product that will last you for a long time.

Bottom line

The big things like the nubuck leather, the durable rubber make the Nuovo Cutback sneakers by Sketchers so revered, expensive and respected. It’s what gives them their comfort, stability and flexibility, the three most important things when buying a great shoe. But the smaller things like the EVA midsole, the three kinds of stitching, the mesh and the padding in the collar accentuate those features and paint the bigger picture. They’re the finishing touches, and they really allow you to feel the scope of this shoe, without feeling the pain, discomfort that usually comes with certain sneakers. The Nuovo Cutback sneakers by Sketchers are an amazing pair that will quickly become an asset for you and your shoe closet. They’re everyday shoes that you’ll be wearing all day too. They’re great.