Saucony Cohesion 10

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The Cohesion 10 by Saucony is a shoe that may not be for everybody, but not for the reasons that one would think. The shoe features a few rather amazing technologies and provides the wearer with what they would need to really enjoy their run. The technology provided by this model does a rather great job of being functional in a variety of terrains. Some of the technologies present are rather nuanced, making this a shoe that gets better the more you get used to it.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Highly cushioned
  • Versatile
  • Updated design
  • Inexpensive
  • Not a whole lot of support 


The outsole of the cohesion has been completely remodeled to give the wearer what they would need in terms of grip and functionality on whatever terrain it is that they are traversing. The Cohesion offers a bit more in the way of traction due to the incorporation of the IBR+ rubber into the shoe’s design; this material covers the higher friction areas to ensure longevity. The other portions of the shoe, Saucony makes use of their XT-900 rubber, which is highly functional. The shoe also makes use of Saucony’s Tri-flex system to improve flexibility and shock absorption; two incredibly important factors.


The shoe uses IMEVA (injection-molded) foam in the design; this allows the shoe to be extremely responsive and cushioned. One good thing to note about the cushioning in the sole unit is that the material is quite thick which is beneficial for longer distance runs. The shoe also makes use of a Heel Grid system in order to provide the wearer with what they’d need in terms of stability.


The upper of the shoe has been updated, but not with very many features. For starters, the shoe uses a new and improved breathable mesh design which, as the name suggests, increases airflow. To enhance the level of airflow the design makes use of very few overlays. The lack of overlays doesn't hinder the stability though, as the rest of the shoe has additional features that help stabilize and support the foot. The shoe also manages to provide the wearer with what they’d need in terms of comfort due to the excess padding that is incorporated into its design.


The design of the shoe has been created in such a way as to ensure that it remains light on the foot, even after extended periods of use. The removal of the majority of overlays in the upper of the shoe is one of the major reasons why the design is so effective. With that in mind, the shoe weighs roughly 10 oz, which mean it is just out of the typical range that would classify it as lightweight.


In terms of breathability, this shoe has everything needed for an enhanced and high level of airflow. The mesh, for starters, allows for air to enter and exit the shoe naturally; helping to reduce any build-up of sweat. The lack of overlays in the forefoot of the shoe also encourages airflow and removes any add-ons that would otherwise hinder or restrict a more natural movement and breathability. For those who have naturally sweaty feet, or like taking their shoes on long walks in the warm sun, this is going to be an optimal choice in terms of footwear that will meet your needs.


Both the upper and the sole unit of this shoe work to give the wearer what they need to enjoy a high level of comfort. The sole unit, for instance, makes use of the IMEVA foam, which is known to conform to the shape of the foot and provide cushioning and support where the individual needs it most. It also has some added bounce to it, making it feel great while on foot. The flexible design also helps with comfort, and with the airflow that is present, it is safe to say that the majority of people should find this to be a good option for long distance wear. The sizing of the shoe is on the more narrow side of things, and this can take away from the comfort. If you have wider feet, or like extra space in your shoes, this may not be the best choice for you.


Style is always one of those things that are highly subjective and depends upon what the individual is looking for in a shoe. The thing about this shoe is that the stylistic elements that are incorporated are quite prominent, and the variety of colorways gives some freedom to the wearer. The shoe features a design that allows it to be worn for various activities and, due to the cut of the shoe itself wouldn’t do much to hinder you from enjoying anything such as running, walking, or even a local CrossFit workout.


While the Cohesion 10 may not have a lot in terms of overlays, it does offer up a surprising amount of durability. For instance, the sole unit features high-abrasion rubber that allows for great traction; many wearers find that they feel secure and stable-footed. As mentioned prior, the outsole of this model is designed with soft rubber on the forefoot and midfoot and a carbon rubber in the rest of the design. This use of different materials ensures that areas of the shoe don't wear down quickly, and that traction is evenly dispersed along the bottom. The bottom isn't the only durable section on this shoe, however, as the upper manages to maintain its shape over time even without the use of overlays.


Saucony has opted to make use of some of their technologies to improve the shoe's overall protection level. The cushioning in the midsole, IMEVA, does a fantastic job of absorbing shock and will keep your feet protected from the constant pounding and fatigue that happens when on a run. In addition to this, the upper of the shoe also works to give the wearer what they’d need in terms of protection simply by being durable enough to protect the foot from any exposure when running.


The foam used in the design not only offers a fair bit of cushioning, but it also allows the shoe to really bounce and conform to the shape of the wearer’s foot. The degree of bounce is perfect for those who enjoy running outdoors, as the foam will respond every time your foot hits the ground. For those who don't run, the Cohesion 10 has been praised for its ability to remain comfortable after a long day of being on one's feet. Even over long periods of time, the shoe continues to respond to the pressure of the foot and maintains its bounce.


From a support angle, this shoe does a surprisingly good job given how little has been included in terms of structural support. While it can't possibly offer the same degree as more sturdy shoes, it still holds its own. The midsole has been properly designed so that it responds to the curves of the wearer's foot, ensuring that they feel support and cushioning where they need it most. While the midsole is well-built, it is important to note that it is this area where the provided insoles tend to lack the most. For those who need more arch support, this shoe fails to deliver, and this may be off-putting to those with certain conditions. However, this is easily remedied if you replace the insoles with a pair of your own choosing.


This is a road running shoe primarily, which is fairly apparent from its design. The sole unit doesn’t really give the wearer what they’d need in order to safely travel a trail terrain, and the materials just aren’t as dense as those of shoes that would be suitable for mountain or off-road running. While it is not recommended to do more than road running with the Saucony Cohesion 10, it is important to point out that it does feature the Tri-Flex system. On other models, this allows for more variety in terrain, but when it comes to this shoe it is most beneficial in slippery or wet road conditions.


Even at full price, this shoe is relatively inexpensive for a running shoe. Even compared with other models in Saucony's line-up, the shoe still sits at the lower end of the price spectrum. Since this is now an older model, that price has also dropped significantly, and depending on where you purchase it from you may be able to score yourself quite the deal. Value wise you can't really go wrong with the Cohesion 10. It may not be the most durable or versatile shoe on the market, but for your average runner or gym user, it provides more than enough in terms of comfort and support.


The sole unit of the shoe is designed to give the wearer a very high level of traction, and a lot of that comes down to Saucony's TriFlex system. This system is designed to allow the shoe to bend easily and provides the right amount of flexibility so that your foot can get a secure grip on the ground below. The Tri-flex system works in tandem with the alternating rubber densities in the outsole to create a great system that really works well. The system allows the rubber to “dig” into the surface and stick to the area, ensuring that you don't slip or fumble on wet ground or uneven terrain.


In terms of flexibility, the sole unit really stands out as the star of the show. With the added flex grooves that are present, more space is offered up and allows for a great range of motion overall. This is enhanced by the lack of overlays on the upper, ensuring that the entire shoe is flexible and able to bend along with the natural movements of your foot. The flexibility offered makes this an ideal shoe for road running, but also for use at the gym as it can move with you from station to station.


The Cohesion 10 works great as a long-distance running shoe, and a lot of that is due to the stability that it provides. While it may not have much in terms of upper support, it is sturdy enough to withstand repetitive use for long periods of time. As mentioned before, the sole unit is surprisingly durable, and this shoe does give an outstanding amount of traction. While it is not ideal for all situations, on the road or at the gym it is sure to impress.


The drop on this model is somewhat on the high side; it’s roughly 12 mm. This doesn’t take away from the shoe’s ability to be used but, does reduce the natural feel provided by this model.

Key Features

• Tri-Flex
• Carbon and Blown rubber in design
• Grid system
• Mesh upper


The materials in this shoe’s design work to give the wearer what they’d need in various respects; from stability, all the way down to traction, this shoe holds a bit of it all. Not to mention that the price tag that is tied to this model is relatively low and does nothing to take away from the feel of the shoe. Overall this shoe is certainly worth taking a look at, and there are very few negative things that can be said. While it may not be the strongest or most durable shoe on the market, it certainly exceeds other models that sit around the same price point. It does run more narrow in width, and the insole isn't the best, but for a beginning runner, those who like to stay frugal, or anyone who is on their feet a lot, you can't go wrong with the Saucony Cohesion 10.