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Are you on the market for an adorable flat that'll make your princess sparkle? You're in the right place, mama (or papa!). NicerShoes is always here for the savvy parent that wants their kiddo to absolutely lose it over their new shoes! It's almost every little girl's dream to be a princess, enjoying days filled with magic, unicorns, and their very own shining knight.

The Kikiz Princess Mary Jane will transport your pumpkin to a world of imagination where their only limits are their dreams. When you give the gift of Kikiz, you give the gift of fantasy. It's so important to support the mind-conditioning effect that daydreaming has on a child. Contrary to popular belief, it's actually great for kids to exercise the parts of their minds that imagination is attached to. It helps them problem-solve, think creatively, and, best of all, figure out what their passions are in life.

Let's make sure this is the right choice for you, however. Keep reading to hear what we love, and what we don't love, about these fabulous, little slippers.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Multiple Style Options

Quality Craftsmanship

Lovely Detailing

Rubber Sole


Narrow Build


Naturally, one of the first things that you'll be concerned with is style. The design of a shoe will absolutely be a determining factor for you and, most importantly, your little one. After all, if a kiddo doesn't like their shoes, good luck! We all know that household struggle of trying to force a wardrobe on a child that is just not having it. The Kikiz Princess won't ever be the cause of unrest in your household, however.

This design presents a lovely, silky exterior. It's crafted with supple leather which provides both durability and style. Even the bow is made from leather, in fact! This is a huge point for the design in my books.

While some styles in the same vein may rely on tacky sparkles and too much glitter, the Kikiz Princess brings us back to basics (mostly). If your little one is craving some glitz 'n' glamour, then there are other colors and styles available! It's all up to preference, and what you need to pair the shoe with. The gold pair which we have displayed here is perfect for quite a few occasions: weddings, church, formal dinners, and more!

Overall, it gets a pretty dang high score in aesthetics. How could it not? This pair is just way too cute!


It is of the utmost importance to make sure your darling's little feet are comfortable throughout the day. I think the aim for most parents is avoiding whiney meltdowns at the grocery store. Now, what causes these meltdowns? Who knows! But I would like to make a small suggestion that may prove helpful: Pick comfortable shoes. Designs that cause blisters, chaffing, or other aches and pains are often at the heart of cranky children.

Luckily, the Kikiz Princess is absolutely a design that will delight your child- and their feet! The soft leather allows for extra comfortable wear, even if they're going through a growth spurt. Leather tends to stretch out nicely to accommodate growing feet, too, so that's a bonus.

The easy-on, easy-off strap gives you the ability to put on, or take off, the shoe without much fuss. Another perk to this is that your kiddo can take control and dress themselves... with, maybe, some help from mommy or daddy.


... And on the topic of that adjustable strap, here comes the talk about overall fit! You had to know that this section would be included. It kind of goes hand-in-hand with comfort, anyways. A shoe that's easy to pull on and off is probably going to offer you a great fit, and that's exactly where this is going. The Kikiz Princess being a great fit, I mean.

Not only is there a strap for ultimate adjustability, but it's also made out of a solid material that has lots of "give" to go around. Leather is fantastic because it stretches a little to fit your foot. This means that even if your little one is going through a growth spurt, you might be able to get away with this pair a little longer than others.

However, if you have a kiddo with wide feet, keep in mind that it has a narrow toebox. This is the area that, as you probably guessed, encases their toes. The Kikiz Princess loses points because of this. It can be remedied, however, if your heart is already set waryem. Just go up half a size and it should do the trick. Be weary of the fit being too loose because of this, however; this can be dangerous for tiny, clumsy feet.


Here's the real test: can it stand up to your little one and their destructive habits? We love kids, we do. You know that. But let's get real for a second because we also all know that children are little gremlins whose only purpose in life is to cause chaos. And, y'know, be cute. But the important thing here is that they need shoes that can keep up with all of the running about they do.

You may already know how this is going to go, but if you don't I'll break it down for you. As it turns out, like in most other areas, the Kikiz Princess stands the test of time. As far as my research tells me, this is a shoe that will last you forever if you take care of it. Of course, we can't really promise "forever" (that pesky grow spurt thing), but they'll at least last until the next big growth spurt.

The company does recommend that you use their sizing chart, so I'll make that suggestion, too. It's the best way to tell whether or not you're going to have a good fit. Some companies run differently size-wise, and this is especially true for companies which manufacture overseas. Different countries have different sizing rules, and the most common ones are US and EU. Just keep an eye out and make sure you're paying attention!


Are you the type of person who likes to collect multiple colors of the same style? It can be a great way to make sure you have a shoe to match every occasion! It can also be helpful for parents if they have a particularly fussy kiddo. Instead of trying to find multiple different designs they vibe with, just find one style of shoe and buy multiple color options.

This flat in particular is fantastic because it comes in a variety of different aesthetics. While they all have basically the same "look", they also cover different facets of style that parents, and kids, love. I mean it- the brand really went all out. There are glittery options, rhinestone-covered designs, and all sorts of different attachments. The one we chose to showcase today isn't the most glamorous, but if it's glamorous you want, glamorous is definitely something you can get.


There's nothing worse than slipping and sliding all over the place. It's even worse when you're little and don't necessarily have the best motor controls. Toddlers are well known for taking tumbles pretty often, and having a poor grip on their shoes makes this problem even worse.

Unfortunately, the design loses a lot of points in this category. If it weren't for this little detail, they would have scored much higher. I personally put a lot of stock into the grip on children's shoes, however, so I can't in good conscience give it a super high score. The heel looks as though it's made of rubber, which is not a great material in wet conditions. Maybe skip these if it's raining, icy outside, or in other inclement weather.

Bottom Line

Overall, the Kikiz Princess is a super cute mary jane that is absolutely perfect for all sorts of occasions. Formal outings will be so much better when you know your child is the best dressed in the room. That's exactly what is being offered in this pretty, little package. Church, weddings, family get-togethers, holidays, and more are all perfect places to rock this design!

There are a lot of reasons this earned such a high score. Right off the bat, you'll notice how adorable they are (I think I may have touched on this!). There are also multiple different styles available! No matter what color, or aesthetic, you're looking for, you'll find it. Rhinestones, ribbons, metal, and more are all on the menu here. That's a great feature to have in any design, especially when you're trying to please a terribly picky toddler.

Durability is also highly rated. In fact, the biggest compliment that customers seemed to give was the amount of time they were able to get out of these flats. Parents are always pleased by long-lasting clothing that will stand the test of time. The Kikiz Princess will give you al that time, and more! This is excellent news for those who may have older children which aren't growing quite as quickly.

There are many great features that you're getting with this style. However, there are, of course, some downsides. I'm not impressed by the material the sole seems to be made out of. This could cause unnecessarily dangerous conditions if the weather isn't on your side.

The bottom line is this: I suggest these, I stand behind them, and I think they're great. As long as you're feeling their aesthetic, and think your kiddo will like them, go for it! They pretty much hit every point on checklist.