A Complete Review on Easy Spirit’s Traveltime

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A Complete Review on Easy Spirit’s Traveltime Review Facts

Easy Spirit is a brand known for combining style and comfort, which brought about the creation of a remarkable shoe suitable for everyday wear. This brand is slowly but surely becoming one of the best companies when it comes to comfortable design. If your work requires a lot of standing and walking, it could get really annoying wearing the wrong shoes on your feet. We have all been there, and it is not a pleasant feeling.

What Easy Spirit did was listen to what complaints and wishes their customers had, which led to introducing modern ideas to meet their customer’s needs. Their casual and pampering invention resulted in many happy feet and happy faces amongst men and women alike. You will find Easy Spirit models being worn mostly by people whose job requires standing on their feet for long hours and those who are active throughout the day. Initially created for the working woman of the ’80s, today Easy Spirit offers a vast selection in modernized designs for every type and desire, whether they are sandals, wedges, pumps, flats or high heels, as well as fitness shoes for those gym fanatics.

Whether you’re looking for a comfortable slip-on style or a simple sports sneaker with inner arch supports, Easy Spirit has exactly what you need. With their improved resources and technology for outstanding comfort and perfect fit, their extensive selection includes a variety to choose from, starting from leather loafers and slip-ons to walking and running shoes. Today we are going to be taking a close look at their best rated Easy Spirit Traveltime, the life-changing shoe that put smiles on many Easy Spirit fans.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Leather upper

Extremely comfortable

Easy slip-on design

Above average arch support



Durable construction


Runs wide


What makes Easy Spirit Traveltime so unique is the combination of a super soft footbed coupled with a shock-absorbing sole and a durable rubber outsole. In addition to that, the perfect fit and the chic style, make them even more desirable among men and women of any working environment as well as people with an active lifestyle. These are the shoes that will never fail you, whether you wear them outside the house or indoors.

The lightweight and flexible rubber outsole makes sure that you take each step with confidence. The small lugs on the treaded design provide excellent traction and help against slipping on wet surfaces, while the durable rubber outsole per se will ensure this design has an extended life. This Easy Spirit Traveltime style works wonders with everyday wear, promoting superb comfort and improved posture whether the wearer is standing or walking.


The midsole plays a significant role when it comes to the support and flexibility of the shoe. Sandwiched between the top and the outsole, The Easy Spirit Traveltime clog is made of a sculpted EVA midsole which is very lightweight, yet durable. In this model, the EVA midsole acts in a way to provide the wearer with great cushioning. This is partly due to the way the midsole is attached to the upper. In this case, this is the Strobel construction.

Used mainly for athletic shoes, Strobel uses a method that requires the outer to be stitched to the insole in order to create a sock that will provide the wearer with flexible support. After the upper and the sole are attached with a Strobel stitch ( and that is done by using a Strobel machine), the top of the clog is cemented to the outsole resulting in a very flexible shoe which is light, supportive and comfortable.


Dressed in mesh, leather, patent leather, and suede, the Easy Spirit Traveltime features a very simple design, which makes it easier to match with different pieces of clothing. Some reviewers said that in order to maintain the perfect look of the suede leather, it is better to avoid wearing them in the rain or in very wet conditions. In the case the suede upper gets wet, all you need to do is blot it dry with a clean cloth of similar color. The simplistic look of this model shouldn't fool you. You can rest assured that even after standing on cement for many hours, your feet will thank you at the end of the day.
There are no laces, which makes them suitable for elderly or people with back problems that experience pain when bending down.

The Easy Spirit Traveltime is easy slip-on and ready to go clog that is not only designed for function and comfort, but it looks stylish too. For some reviewers, they look beautiful, while others are not really keen on the way it looks. A number of reviewers were happy to say that these Easy Spirit Traveltime clogs are very easy to maintain, and they had no problem throwing them in the washing machine and air-drying them. This style is an excellent choice for the summer or winter seasons, which means once you own a pair, you will gladly stay committed to this long-term relationship, with no fuss.


When it comes to comfort, the Easy Spirit Traveltime clogs are the champions. They are lightweight, and according to many buyers, they are super comfortable right out of the box. Besides being easy to slip on and off, the footbed stays in place due to a deep heel cup that supports your foot. The inside is padded, and it feels very soft to the skin while providing great shock absorption, excellent arch support, and superior all-day comfort. In addition to that, the sock liner is removable, allowing the wearer to change it with whatever orthotics they like or put them on top of the Easy Spirit Traveltime insole.

Many customers claimed that when wearing the Easy Spirit Traveltime with no socks, they felt the same comfort and experienced no blisters. They are known to hug your feet just enough to stay on as you walk about. There is no doubt that these clogs feel like having slippers on. These Traveltime clogs are your perfect pair of clogs made for walking, standing, light activities, both indoors and outdoors.


If wearing closed toe shoes is no longer option for you and your feet, than these Easy Spirit Traveltime clogs make a perfect substitute. Reviewers who have sciatica, swear on the all-day comfort this design offers them. Those who have issues with bone heel spurs and high arches and need open back shoes, the Easy Spirit Traveltime may solve your dilemma when choosing the right style. Another group of buyers with diabetic feet loved the excellent cushioning and arch support this model provided them with. With that said, whether you are wondering around city streets, or strolling down the park, the Traveltime clog will make your experience even more enjoyable.


The deep heel cup that holds the foot in place while you are out and about, helps with stability in order to correct your walking gait. The Easy Spirit Traveltime is also popular amongst people who suffer from plantar fasciitis. Unlike most mule styles, the Easy Spirit Traveltime fits like a closed heel shoe. With a heel at almost 2 inches thick, the Easy Spirit Traveltime mule is certain to keep those feet from wobbling. This model has a great shock absorbency, which some reviewers say it is very similar to athletic shoes.


The Easy Spirit Traveltime owes its flexibility to the lightweight and flexible EVA midsole that keeps the foot cushioned at all times. This midsole, together with the easily bendable rubber outsole helps your feet bend in the right places, preventing them from getting tired at the end of the day. These mules are favorite amongst women and men because they are so convenient and suitable for almost any occasion.


Made of breathable mesh and good quality leather, these Easy Spirit Traveltime clogs are sure to be your new go-to slip-on design for your everyday duties. Due to the material used in the upper, this style can be worn in summer or in winter. If the upper gets dirty or stained, they wash easily in a washing machine. However, according to some reviewers, you need to be careful what you use to clean them with, as the leather on some models might lose its white color.


The Easy Spirit Traveltime shoes are your perfect pair of mules to wear when you go shopping or traveling. They are especially great when you are flying and walking through airports, or traveling in buses or trains, since they are easy to put on and off, plus they hug your feet most comfortably. There are no complaints from customers about the all-day comfort since they offer strong support and high levels of comfort. Some buyers even wear them as tennis shoes. A number of reviewers do not recommend this design for walking long distances, and especially on surfaces that are not paved. However, they are of great use in the gym, in or around the house, or out on the busy city streets.


Due to the rubber traction outsole with a tread pattern, the Easy Spirit Traveltime provides excellent grip even on wet terrain. However, you always need to be cautious when walking on a wet surface, no matter what type of shoes you have on. Since they are meant to be your everyday shoe for travel, shopping or walks in the park, they offer great grip, but they are not an all-terrain shoe. It is recommended not to wear the Easy Spirit Traveltime on areas that are not paved.


The patent leather in the upper of the Easy Spirit Traveltime mule allows for ample airflow, keeping your feet dry and odor free. They can be easily worn without socks, and their lightweight structure makes you feel like you are walking barefoot, although, some customers reported that they might retain a lot of heat, which is also easy to solve, by slipping them off so they can air out.


Easy Spirit makes shoes for everyone. Whether you need a pair of dress shoes, wedge sandals, ballerina flats or pumps, and heels, look no further than the Easy Spirit great assortment. They are known to make uppers in fun patterns, combining style and comfort easily. The Traveltime model comes available in a variety of interesting designs, sizes, and colors. This versatile style is a great choice for almost any occasion. They match easily with jeans, shorts and t-shirts, dresses or skirts. When it comes to widths, a number of customers said that they run wide, which makes them a perfect option for people with bunions and wide feet.


Mule shoes are usually lightweight. The Easy Spirit Traveltime is no exception. It weighs only 8 ounces for a size 7. This is due to the ultra-lightweight contoured footbed and the lightweight EVA midsole, which not only make this shoes extremely comfortable and supportive, but they are so easy to wear, making them great for work and travel.

Key Features

*Leather, patent leather or suede and fabric upper
*Closed, round toe
*Low cut, open back with 1” deep heel cup
*Removable insole
*Sculpted EVA midsole
*Treaded rubber outsole


The Easy Spirit Traveltime are shoes designed for everyday wear. Their fun upper design gives this type of shoe a more appealing look than the usual clog design. It is also breathable, and it feels very soft on the skin. The Easy Spirit Traveltime features removable insoles which can be easily replaced with orthotics to your desire, or due to the wide width, orthotics can be added under or on top of the Easy Spirit insole. Some customers reported that there was no need for a replacement since the footbed is well cushioned. In between the upper and the outsole, lies the sculpted EVA midsole providing additional cushioning effects as well as great shock absorption. The whole shoe rests on a flexible rubber outsole with patterned tread, providing grip on different surfaces and protecting you from slipping on wet terrain.

The whole design is easy to take care for since it can wash in the washing machine with no fuss. The Easy Spirit Traveltime can be worn in any season, and almost on any occasion. First, it provides the wearer with superior comfort all day long; second, it offers great arch support and traction; and last but not least it features a stylish upper which together with all features make a shoe that is great for traveling, walking or working. After all, who wouldn't want a shoe like that?