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When a long work day lay ahead a good pair of socks can make the world of difference. Anyone who's stood for hours on end knows that by the end of the day their feet will be sore and fatigued. Dickies Dri-Tech crew socks give you the cushion and support you need to power through even the longest shifts pain-free. Most people think it's only their shoes that matter but the socks you wear will have a huge impact too! Dickies Dri-tech crew socks are a favorite among workers who need an airy and enjoyable pair.

Dickies Dri-Tech socks are perfect for long days at the office and are durable enough to wear while you're on the job site too! Crew socks are everyday kind of socks that are short and thick for a comfortable feel. They rise to the mid-calf and are ideal to wear all year long because they will keep you cooler during summer weather and warm during chilly wintertime weather too!

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Moisture-Control
  • Breathable Cotton
  • Reinforced Heel & Toe
  • Cushioned
  • Fits Shoe Sizes 6-12
  • Limited Colorways


Dickies Dri Tech socks are available in one size only and fit shoe sizes 6-12 which makes it super easy for shopping. Wearing socks that fit properly is a must in order to be comfortable and to prevent painful blisters. When your socks have excess material in the heel or toe it will inevitably rub against your skin causing friction spots. These spots will continue to irritate your delicate skin until it leads to a painful blister.

Blisters are an unpleasant and painful thing that no one wants to experience. They can take weeks to fully heal and make it unbearable just walking around. If you find yourself suffering check out this guide to everything you need to know about foot blister prevention and treatment, for tons of helpful information!

Dickies Dri Tech socks are 5% Nylon and 1% Spandex which helps them hug the contours of the foot for a better fit. Spandex is one of the best materials because it really holds tight to the curves of your feet and keeps your socks from slipping or sliding down leg. Having socks that won’t stay up is a real pain and can get pretty annoying after a few hours of walking around with them always falling down. But, you can forget about this issue while you’re wearing these because they stay right where you want them to with no fuss!


The arch is a delicate area of the foot that acts like a spring, holding the weight of your whole body and absorbing the waves of shock from every step you take. This is why it’s so important that this area gets some extra TLC whenever possible! Now, when you think ‘foot care’ socks aren’t usually the first thing that comes to mind. Most people only associate the shoes they wear with arch support and comfort. In reality, the socks we choose to wear have a big impact on the overall health and well-being of our feet.

There are two positive aspects related to wearing socks with added arch support. The first is the boost to your circulation. The compression stimulates blood flow which in turn, prevents lactic acid from building up during or directly following your workout. Better circulation reduces the likelihood of getting a painful cramp or stiffness, while at the same time helps to speed up the recovery time from injuries. The second positive is having that extra support that only compression socks can offer. This helps reinforce vital ligaments and tendons that are otherwise susceptible to injuries.

Dickies Dri Tech socks offer just the right kind of arch compression so you can take full advantage and reap the benefits. This design element also hugs your feet to keep your socks in place so they won’t slide down all through the day.


Dickies Dri Tech socks are super comfortable thanks to a full-cushion design that offers a pillow-like ride. Anyone who stands for long hours knows how painful your feet get once the day ends! That’s why it’s so important to choose the right pair of socks to keep your tired tootsie’s from feeling sore and fatigued. Most people think that it’s only their shoes that affect the way their feet feel, but, in reality, the socks you wear are just as important.


Dickies Dri-Tech socks offer incredible moisture-management so you’re feet will be dry all day long. They have ventilation channels that promote better air circulation which prevents overheating and excessive perspiration. When sweat builds-up it makes your socks smell bad because odor-causing bacteria thrive in moist environments. This is why moisture-control is such an important aspect of any pair of socks.

On top of having ventilation channels, Dickies Dri-Tech socks have moisture-wicking materials that pull any excess sweat away from your skin. This makes for a cool and dry environment that is much healthier for your feet.


No one wants a pair of socks that falls apart after very little wear! That’s why Dickies Dri-Tech socks are so popular because wearers trust that they are durable enough to last. These tough crew socks have reinforced stitching at the toe and heel so they’ll be able to withstand daily wear and tear without falling apart too quickly. This is the reason so many workers turn to dickies socks because they are the perfect companion for a tough day at work.

Having socks that fall apart too quickly can end up being costly and uncomfortable, especially when they wear out at the heel. This leaves your skin exposed to the shoe fabric and creates a friction point that will likely lead to a painful blister before the day finishes. Dickies Dri-Tech socks have reinforcing at the toe and heel which prevents rips and tears in those areas that exposed to the most wear and tear through the day.


The materials will make or break any pair of socks and Dickies Dri-Tech crew socks have the perfect combination of fabrics. A blend of 72% cotton, 22% polyester, 5% Nylon, and 1% Spandex makes for a comforting feel and stay-put wearability. Spandex and Nylon are ideal choices of fabric because both help keeps your socks in place and prevent any sliding throughout the day. Cotton, on the other hand, makes them so darn enjoyable to wear because it’s one of the more comforting materials available. Cotton gives the socks a plush and cushioned feeling that prevents foot pain and lowers limb fatigue even after long hours spent on your feet. It’s also fairly breathable and lessens the chance of overheating which will make you sweat even more.

Polyester is a stronger fabric than cotton and is also far more flexible too! It’s nice to see the inclusion of 22% polyester with the Dickies Dri-Tech sock because it makes them more durable and resistant to shrinking. This is a big deal because socks will often end up shrinking when you wash them. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve taken my socks out of the dryer only to find that they’re half the size they once were.


Dickies Dri-Tech crew socks are a decent value. They come in multi-packs that save you money in the long run and are still quite affordable. Paying too much for your socks isn’t something anyone wants to do, which is why it’s nice to find a quality pair that’s reasonably priced.

Usually, affordable options aren’t well-made and fall apart easily, but Dickies Dri-tech socks are a high-quality investment. They’re comfortable to wear and easy to care for which means these are a solid choice for both casual and work-related occasions.


Easy care instructions are essential when it comes to socks! No one wants to fuss over their hosiery when it comes time to tackle a week's worth of laundry, that’s for sure! Dickies Dri-Tech crew socks are super easy to care for and are machine washable for effortless cleaning. You can tumble dry them on the low or even medium heat setting which makes them even more hassle-free.

The polyester fabric makes Dickies Dri-Tech socks more durable and keeps them from shrinking in the dryer so you won’t end up with socks that are half the size they once were. Whereas, if they were entirely cotton it would be next to impossible to dry them any other way than hanging.


Williamson-Dickie Mfg.Co. (aka Dickies) has evolved from a tiny company to the largest workwear brand in the world. Pretty darn impressive! Founded by C.N. Williamson and E.E. “Colonel” Dickie in Bryan Texas, Dickies has been a household name since it first broke onto the scene back in 1918. This is a trusted line that’s notorious for crafted quality workwear and continues to manufacture products with the same integrity to this day.

Presently, Dickies workwear sells in all 50 states, as well as in South Africa, Russia, Chile, Japan, Australia, Canada, and even Iceland. This just goes to show that Dickies is a brand worth buying.


One downside to Dickies Dri-Tech crew socks is the limited selection of colorways available. In fact, they mostly cater to men because they really don’t offer any feminine colors at all. While you can choose from the classic white shade the rest of the options are very dark and don’t feel appropriate for ladies to wear. With crew socks, they are usually unisex which means both men and women can enjoy them, but the colors are offputting to the female side because they are so dark.

Personally, I don’t fuss over the color of my socks, but some ladies really prefer to wear a more colorful pair. Unfortunately, you won’t find any bright or vibrant hues here! Though if you’re able to set the darker vibe aside, these socks really are a great pair for practically any occasion.

Bottom Line

Anyone shopping for a pair of work socks should try Dickies Dri-Tech crew socks! A mid-calf rise and comforting blend of materials make these a must-have for everyday occasions. Made with 1% Spandex and 5% Nylon, Dickies Dri-Tech crew socks won’t slide down through the day as most do. Instead, they stay perfectly in place for enjoyable wear. Dickies Dri-Tech socks are unisex socks that are available in one size only and will fit shoe sizes 6-12.

The addition of a compression band at the arch really makes the world of difference, especially if you stand for long hours on end. The compression improves your circulation and prevents a build-up of lactic acid following a workout. These socks are a great choice for people with Diabetes because the compression will help to increase blood flow.

Dickies Dri-Tech crew socks are a great choice for workers and even athletes because they control excess moisture and offer a breathable design. They’re more comfortable than most and have a nice amount of cushion to protect the delicate underside of the foot. A reinforced toe and heel ensure that these socks stand up to tough wear and tear without falling apart making them a great pair of everyday socks.