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At first glance, the DC Spartan High WC skate shoes look like a cool pair of stylish and comfortable high tops. We looked into customers reviews, and there was hardly any negative feedback. This design by DC features a 100% leather and nubuck upper with highly breathable mesh lining on the inside. When you add the foam-padded collar and tongue, this high-top style becomes not only practical, but you get to practice in comfort too. In addition, DC’s signature Pill pattern tread provides the best possible grip for the regular skater. The design has all the qualities a skate shoe should have, including protection, grip, comfort, and durability. The stylish appearance is just icing on the cake. If you are looking for a great skate shoe, your search should end here. Let’s dig deeper and see if this is the right model for you.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Well cushioned
  • Excellent grip
  • Stylish design
  • Provides protection
  • Great ankle support
  • Sizes run small
  • Long break-in period


As a regular skater, you probably know how vital airflow could be. The first thing sports players and runners look in a shoe, besides perfect fit and comfort, is whether the shoe breathes well or not. The DC Spartan High WC style is not only designed for one season, but you are safe to wear it all year round. While the lining and upper work together to prevent overheating during hot weather, they also play a significant role in keeping your feet nice and warm in winter. So, if you are still wondering whether this model stands up to the challenge, then the answer is yes, they most definitely do! You are safe to perform your tricks throughout the whole year, without feeling the discomfort of sweaty and smelly feet.


Comfort is undoubtedly the most essential element in any shoe.
DC shoes are known for their supreme comfort, and often DC fans claim that they feel like walking on pillows. While this model provides a decent level of comfort, some customers complained that it took too long for the design to stretch and loosen up. Another part of the shoe buyers were not fond of, was the stiff tongue and the little padding in the insoles. The majority agreed that the tongue and the insole have enough padding that gives that little bit of extra protection and comfort. Featuring 100% leather, the close to ideal upper is flexible enough, helping you ride and perform your tricks with ease.

With this pair of high-tops, you don’t need to sacrifice comfort for style. While looking stylish, you will feel great too. We are all aware that if you don’t have the proper fit and comfort in a skating shoe, even walking becomes challenging, let alone riding a skateboard, jumping or performing tricks. With that being said, this design stands up to yet another challenge. After all, it is a well cushioned, comfortable and functional style that every skater is after.


When it comes to durability, the DC Spartan High WC holds up with the pricing value for the most part. DC constructed this model with premium leather which together with the abrasion-resistant outsole lives up to many expectations in terms of longevity. However, some reviewers complained about the insole starting to fail after a year or so. Considering the fact that this pair of high-tops is made for skating, one would expect there will be a lot of foot action. Luckily, the insole is the only part of the shoe that can always be replaced. Adding special inserts or more padded one will rectify this issue, so you’ll get to have brand new insoles all the time.

Key Features

The DC Spartan High WC model has most of the features one would need in a skate shoe. For instance, the upper is made with 100% leather, providing protection and flexibility. In addition, the toe box is perforated and together with the mesh lining allow for ample airflow. The upper also contributes to the stylish appearance and has contrast logos at the side, tongue, heel and the rear foxing. The model comes available in interesting colorways including black/black/black, black/grey/white, black/blue/grey, black/black/red and black/red/black. The foam-padded tongue and collar provide a cushioned feeling, and the abrasion-resistant sticky rubber outsole is in charge of ensuring a firm grip on the skateboard. Without a firm grip, you won’t be able to have control over the board. For this reason, DC applied their trademarked Pill pattern tread to the outsole, making skater’s tricks look easy to perform. Another key feature worth mentioning is the wrap cup sole construction applied to this model, that together with the outsole keeps your feet secure on the board.


Active people appreciate a good grip, whether it be for running, gym, football or basketball. To some people, the outsole is the most essential part of the shoe. Since the DC Spartan High WC is a skate shoe, it is necessary to provide a firm grip. This high-top model by DC features an abrasion-resistant rubber outsole with DC’s signature "pill" tread pattern. It’s a sticky outsole that should grip firmly to anything, preventing skaters from injuries. This outsole grips to the board and in that way allows the skater to have better control over the board and perform tricks with ease. If there is no traction, the chances for anyone to lose control over the board are really high, and it is the least you would want to happen when you are high jumping and maneuvering.


Created with the skateboarder in mind, this high profile model offers the most protection around your ankles when compared to the mid top or low top designs. Even though the DC Spartan High WC model may be less padded in the toe box than other DC styles, it offers plenty of protection. This design has a cup sole construction that makes it a sturdier shoe with more protection. The cup sole construction is a favorite amongst skaters, more so than the vulcanized sole. The reason being is that the cupsole construction is harder and contributes to foot and ankle support in a great deal better than the vulcanized sole. It creates a thicker barrier between the skater and the board. The only drawback of this construction is that there is less board feel. However, the benefit of more ankle support and protection gives it a nice balance. In addition, the foam-padded tongue and collar ensure excellent ankle support while the cushioned insoles wrap your feet in comfort and stability.

Size & Fit

The DC Spartan High WC is a unisex model. Customers can choose from men’s sizes ranging from 6 to 14 and women buyers can select 1.5 size smaller from the size chart for men. When compared to the DC Spartan low top, this model runs small. According to some customers it is advised that you go half a size or one size up. Once you find your size, the shoe may still fit tight as it requires a more extended break-in period, but then it is said to stretch nicely and fits just right. However, many skaters agreed and appreciated that there was a little bit of room in the toe area, which gave their toes the freedom to move. This spacious toe area makes this model ideal for people with wide toes. Even though the style may feel a bit snug, buyers claimed that it feels really comfortable.


The style is another area where the DC Spartan High WC model excels. Available in multiple colors and variations, starting from classic black an black to white and red color combinations, this model makes it easy to pair with almost anything. Allowing a wide range of choices, the design by DC can cater to nearly everyone. It is one of the many shoes where you don’t need to sacrifice style for comfort. Many buyers loved the comfortable and appealing design and most were happy to share that they received many compliments. The Spartan is as perfect for skating as it is for everyday use too. The model sports a cool style that is also easy to get on and off. This set of high top kicks can be easily matched with skinny jeans, jogger pants or shorts. For men who want a more casual office look, pairing them with slim tapered jeans and a cardigan will make you look stylish and office appropriate.


A good skate shoe is specifically made for the support that you need when skating. We are happy to say that this Spartan model by DC provides a great deal of support. As many skaters reported, the model offers much better support in the ankles than the arches, but they are comfortable overall. The cup sole construction is in charge of providing good foot and ankle support, but creates a more solid barrier between the skater and the board, resulting in less board feel. For those who have any natural arch support challenges, adding an arch support insole may improve the overall satisfaction.


A good skating shoe should provide a lot of traction because the one thing skater needs the most is a firm grip on that board. Traction plays a vital role when a skater impulses him/herself from the ground. This is made easy with DC’s Spartan High WC outsole. The outsole is sticky and has DC’s pill pattern tread incorporated into it. Together with the stability of the design, the grip works perfectly to ensure better landing after those high jumps. It’s very familiar to professional skaters that controlling the board after a high drop is really hard. If you fall higher, it gets harder, and if your skating shoe fails to grip to the board properly, then the chances of the board slipping away from your feet are higher too. Overall, many reviewers loved the grip the DC Spartan offers and stated that because of this reason, they continue to buy the model over and over again.


DC’s Spartan High WC are made for skaters with all-day comfort in mind. First, the model features a high top profile, making it more protective around the ankles than mid and low top styles. In addition, this kick comes with a foam-padded tongue and collar for additional ankle support and comfort. It is lightweight, and the mesh lining on the inside together with the upper leather allow for ample airflow. The fit is possible to adjust with the traditional lace-up closure. Another excellent quality of the upper is the fact that it can be easily cleaned. The stylish appearance is topped with the logo on the side, tongue and the back of the heel. The model comes available in multiple colors and variations, making it versatile and easy to match with different pieces of clothing.

Bottom Line

DC Spartan WC High skate shoes have everything you would want in a skate design. Featuring a stylish high-top upper, this model makes an ideal everyday shoe too. It comes in sizes ranging from 4 to 16, and it’s available for both men and women. Multiple colorways make the design appreciated amongst different personalities and needs. Not only is the upper trendy but it is made of 100% leather, making the style more resilient and longer lasting. The padded collar helps prevent ankle tweaks, while the foam-padded tongue keeps your foot in place while you perform your tricks and do some high jumping. The abrasion-resistant outsole is constructed with DC’s trademarked pill pattern tread. This helps the skater get a firm grip and better control over the board.

DC is largely used by professional skaters around the world, that they even have a pro skate team present in the making of these skate shoes for competitions or everyday use. This little gem is the favorite amongst skaters because it offers great stability, protection, and excellent overall comfort and support. The quality is great for the pricing value, and not only you are getting a pair of skate shoes for your maneuvers, but you are also getting a stylish model for work, a night on the town or coffee time with friends.