Clarks Sillian Paz Cloudstepper Review

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If you are not the biggest fan of lace-up shoes and would prefer something you can just slip on and be on your way, then the Sillian Paz Cloudstepper might be for you. As the name implies, this shoe is incredibly comfortable and lightweight, perfect for everyday use or as your best new walking shoes. With its clean and minimalist design, you will look put together and effortless no matter the occasion.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Lightweight and breathable construction
  • Superb cushioning
  • Enhanced flexibility
  • Supportive
  • Clean and simple design
  • Can be narrow


As the name itself suggests, the Clarks Sillian Paz Cloudstepper will make you feel as if you are walking on clouds, due to its superb cushioning and lightweight construction. Since this shoe was specifically designed for women who are on their feet for long hours, besides being comfortable, the Sillian Paz also needed to be durable enough to be able to withstand extensive use. That is why the outsole of the Sillian Paz is made of a super lightweight EVA foam, that, even though being a foam material, is still very durable and has excellent traction on both dry and wet surfaces. The reason Clarks chose to use foam instead of rubber in their outsoles, is that the EVA foam is incredibly flexible, allowing the wearer to move in a natural way and not feel limited in their movement. Many reviewers use it to work, where they are on their feet for 8+ hours and did not have any issues with either durability or flexibility. Likewise, many chose to wear them for their daily walking or to wear casually, some even use it during winter instead of boots, and they could not be more satisfied.


One of the main complaints about walking shoes is that they lack adequate support and cushioning to make them comfortable for a nice stroll, but Clarks found a way around that problem. What makes the Sillian Paz so interesting, is that it features roughly the same amount of cushioning as a good pair of running shoes, but they are meant for walking. The midsole kind of blends in with the outsole, as it is made of the same lightweight EVA foam material, but it also features a 3 mm EVA filler, which is used in running shoes for a supportive cushioning and maximum shock absorption. This will make sure that the wearer is supported and comfortable throughout the day, and will make the heel to toe transition easy and effortless for a smooth ride. Its great shock absorbing qualities will keep the feet protected against the shock of impact with every footfall, and the wearer can enjoy a bouncy and springy stride due to the energy return this shoe provides. Many reviewers commented that they did not feel tired even after a whole day of wearing them, due to how lightweight and comfortable the shoe is.


If you are looking for a pair of lightweight and comfortable shoes that you can wear all day long, but do not want to deal with laces, the Sillian Paz has you covered. This extremely lightweight slip-on shoe has the look of leather, however, it is made of a synthetic nubuck material, that is durable and will still provide a good amount of structure, but is better for the environment and breathes better too. It also does not require much or any breaking in, as some leather shoes do, so it will be comfortable straight from the box. The simple upper has a stretchy material around the ankles, which helps to slide the feet in the shoe with ease, as well as extra padding in the collar for good ankle support. Inside the shoe, a soft fabric lining keeps the feet dry and cool for a comfortable in-shoe feeling. It also features a 5 mm removable OrthoLite Memory Foam footbed for added comfort and support, as well as 4 mm of high-density foam sockliner. All of these elements work together to provide the wearer with a feeling of walking on air.


As mentioned above, the synthetic nubuck material breathes better than leather does, and good air flow is very important for shoes that are meant for long hour wear. With the Sillian Paz, the wearer can rest assured that they will not overheat in their shoes, nor will their feet suffocate due to poor ventilation. Besides the synthetic upper, the Sillian Paz offers excellent breathability inside the shoe as well. It features a soft fabric lining, that enhances the shoe’s overall breathability and helps with temperature regulation, so the environment in the shoe is kept at an optimal level. It also has a removable OrthoLite Memory Foam footbed, which is not only extremely comfortable, but has moisture-absorbing qualities as well, so the feet can stay dry and cool throughout the day. Reviewers praised the shoe’s breathability, saying they could wear it all day long without overheating in it.


The Sillian Paz is all about comfort that lasts all day long. It is very lightweight, creating a feeling of walking barefoot, not to mention the superb cushioning it delivers to the wearer. Namely, the Sillian Paz has 12mm of cushioning for maximum comfort. Starting with the outsole, which is made of a lightweight EVA foam, it provides a cushiony, bouncy ride, and since it is very flexible, it will move with the natural movement of the feet, making walking in them effortless and easy. The synthetic nubuck upper is likewise very flexible and lightweight, making the shoes feel like an extension of the feet, rather than actual shoes.

It is a slip-on design, with a stretchy material around the ankles, so the wearer can easily slide in the shoes and be on their way. The collar has additional padding that will not create blisters or irritation, for cushioned and supported ankles. Inside the shoe, there is a soft fabric lining, that keeps the feet dry and cool, as well as a removable OrthoLite Memory Foam footbed, that is very flexible and cushioning, and it will conform to the shape of your feet to provide adequate support to the heel and arch. The OrthoLite footbed is also covered in a jersey material, that is very soft, further enhancing the comfort level of the Sillian Paz.

This shoe is ideal for everyday use and can withstand extensive walking and standing for long hours, which is why so many people use it for work, especially retail workers and teachers. Reviewers agree that the Sillian Paz is the most comfortable shoe they have ever worn and that it does not even feel like they are wearing anything at all on their feet. This shoe is also an excellent choice for people who had surgeries on their feet, or suffer from plantar fasciitis, overpronation, or arthritis. Women from all walks of life and age groups love the comfort this shoe provides.


The Sillian Paz is a very flexible walking/everyday shoe, thanks to the materials used in its production. Namely, the outsole of this shoe is made of a lightweight EVA foam, that is known for its flexibility and cushioning. The wearer can move freely and confidently, since the shoe will move with them, and not against them. The upper is also very flexible, thanks to the synthetic nubuck material, and it almost feels like being barefoot. Inside the shoe, there is a removable OrthoLite footbed, which is cushioning and flexible, and it conforms to the shape of the feet to provide maximum freedom of movement. Reviewers were satisfied with how flexible the Sillian Paz was, no matter what activity they used it for.


Stylewise, the Sillian Paz might not look like some other flashy shoes available on the market, but that is why it is so beloved. With its simple, minimalistic design, the creators of the Sillian Paz concentrated more on the performance of the shoe, rather than a trendy exterior. This, however, does not mean that this shoe is not attractive. In fact, many reviewers love the look of the shoe, as it is very easy to just slip on with anything and be out of the house. It comes in black, gray, burgundy, navy blue, brown and bronze colors, which are all versatile and can be worn with almost anything, making them easy to incorporate into any wardrobe. Many customers even purchased several pairs in different colors, so that they can wear them for all occasions.


When it comes to support, the Sillian Paz does not disappoint. Featuring about the same level of cushioning as a good running shoe and accommodating various medical conditions, the Sillian Paz is a great walking and everyday shoe, that will keep your feet stable and supported all day long. It features a 3 mm EVA filler, which can be found in running shoes. This ensures maximum shock absorption and supportive cushioning for the underfoot throughout use. Apart from that, it has a removable OrthoLite Memory Foam footbed, that is extremely soft and comfortable. The Memory Foam conforms to the shape of your feet to provide customized support. However, since it is removable, you can insert your own preferred insole instead. Under the OrthoLite footbed, there is 4 mm of high-density sockliner to provide additional support. The heel cap is reinforced, and the collar has extra padding for ankle support. The only area that could use some more support, according to reviewers, is the upper. However, the general consensus is that the Sillian Paz has good support, especially if you suffer from arthritis or plantar fasciitis. It even gets rid of back and knee pain. The cushioning also kept its shape even after extensive use, according to customers.


The Sillian Paz has a reputation of being lighter than air, and many reviewers said that wearing the shoe felt like being barefoot, or walking on clouds. This is thanks to the lightweight materials, that Clarks used to make the Cloudsteppers. Everything from the lightweight EVA foam outsole, to the synthetic upper and lightweight, yet supportive cushioning inside the shoe contributes to the overall light weight of the shoe.


The Sillian Paz comes in many sizes and is available in medium and wide widths as well. Still, some customers complained, that even though they sized up, the shoe still fit too narrow and was causing them discomfort, even pain to some. This, however, seems to be a problem only with online shopping, so it might be better to go to a retail store and try them on personally before buying them.

Bottom Line

It is safe to say that the Sillian Paz Cloudstepper from Clarks is a very comfortable every day/walking shoe. From the lightweight EVA foam outsole, to the flexible and equally lightweight upper, this shoe will make you feel like you are walking around barefoot. The removable OrthoLite Memory Foam footbed, with the high-density foam sockliner and EVA filler, will provide you with supportive cushioning that is going to last you all day. The minimalist slip-on design is effortless and easy to put on, and will make any outfit look put together and stylish. Reviewers loved the design and performance of the Sillian Paz Cloudstepper, praising its comfort and support that lasts throughout use. Many who had foot surgeries, or suffer from plantar fasciitis or arthritis found the shoe extremely comfortable to wear on an everyday basis. People who are on their feet for long hours due to work also appreciated the lightweight cushioning of the shoe, since it did not weigh them down or cause discomfort. One thing to note, though, is that when buying online, the shoe tends to be quite narrow, so sizing up or buying the shoe in a retail store might be the best course of action.