Asics Gel-Lyte V

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Asics Gel-Lyte V Review Facts

Asics Gel-Lyte V Reviewed

Asics is known for their comfortable and practical sportswear. This particular line was first introduced to the public in 1993 and since then have gone through many modifications and has quickly become a brand that can be trusted. If both comfort and style are high priorities for you this shoe is definitely one that you should consider adding to your arsenal.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Variety of colors and styles
  • Available in men/women/kids sizes
  • Attached tongue
  • Uses Gel technology cushioning
  • Comes in half sizes
  • Lightweight construction
  • Runs small
  • A bit bulky


You will find that the outsole on the Asics Gel-Lyte V will not wear down as fast as other shoes. The sole is comprised of rubber and features flex-grooves. Rubber is known for being not only more durable than many other materials like leather but also aids in creating better traction as well. The fact that it's featured in the outsole of the Gel-Lyte V explains why the shoe is considered to be so durable. Since the Gel-Lyte V is available in different styles and colors the outsole will sometimes vary in color.


Asics uses a sole that's unique to its brand. These Asics Gel Lyte V’s are known for using a special gel technology in their midsoles. This gel technology is a special cushioning that not only helps to absorb shock but also protects your feet from high impact motions. Reviewers noticed that the V (Roman numeral for 5) also added more cushioning than other styles and made it comfortable enough to wear all day long. You may find that these features can come in handy when doing a variety of sports or activities that require you to be on your feet for long periods of time.


The upper for these Gel Lyte V streetwear shoes are quite different from most Asics shoes. First, these Gel Lyte V’s are comprised mostly of a synthetic upper. You might find it interesting to know that the tongue of the Gel Lyte V shoes is attached all the way to the rest of the shoe, instead of separated like most shoes. This allows the Gel-Lyte V to provide an even better fit. On the sides, you will discover a uniquely crafted design that bares the Gel Lyte V logo. To finish it off, Asics opted for traditional shoelaces for even more security and stability.


Asics is known for their super lightweight construction and solid build. While there is currently no information on how much these shoes weigh, the shipping weight run around 12 ounces. The materials used for these sneakers are known to be very lightweight though. . They focused on what was important to the wearers and proceeded accordingly. As a result, they created an incredibly stylish, comfortable and lightweight shoe that you will be proud to sport around town.


Depending on which style or version of these shoes your get can determine its breathability. Some styles are fashioned with mesh providing an optimal amount of circulation. Other styles and versions, on the other hand, are crafted to be waterproof by using Goretex, which limits ventilation. Despite this, an added bonus is that each shoe carries a neoprene liner which helps keep the moisture inside of the shoe. Both options have their place but it depends on your needs on a given situation. There were no complaints from customers about the breathability of the shoe and they overall seemed to enjoy the amount of circulation the Gel Lyte V provides.


The Asics Gel Lyte V is known as a lifestyle shoe. This is why it is incredibly urgent to not only make sure they are not only pleasing to the eye but also have a snug and comfortable fit. When constructing this pair of Asics shoes it seemed like comfort was the first and most important thing on their mind. There were numerous customer reviews in awe of just how snug and comfortable the fit was. For some, there were complaints that it was to snug and it caused the shoe to fit a bit smaller. This was quickly solved by buying a half to a whole size up. It is also important to mention that these shoes are not built for wider feet and may feel a bit uncomfortable due to the cushion. Another plausible way of fixing this would be to try going a size up when purchasing the shoe. Despite this, the Gel Lyte V’s are known across the board for being nice and comfortable. After you find a pair that fits you, you will find that these are ideal for activities that require long wear.


Asics is known for their unique and attractive style across the board. The Gel Lyte V served as no exception to these standards. While these shoes come in a variety of modern colors, it seems the overall vibe is known to be a mix of both retro and classic. You may notice as well that with the options it makes it a great fit for casual fashion. The sides carry a trimmed pattern that proudly bares the logo. Each shoe also has a round toe giving these Lyte V’s a fresh take on an old-school look. Customers rave about the color options and appreciate the overall look.


The soles of the Gel-Lyte V are made from rubber, which is a relatively durable material. You will find that over time they will fade though. Something that is important to note is that buyers still appreciated that rubber on the soles stays in tack for a decent amount of time. You will find that the different types of upper dictate the durability of the shoe. If you purchased mesh you may find that though not impossible, it may be a bit harder to clean in some parts. The Goretex upper may be slightly easier to clean since they are created to be waterproof. You may be pleased to note that customers thought that these shoes were not only pretty easy to clean overall but also did well at staying clean too. Since the Gel-Lyte V are best used as street shoes, you should expect for them to be a bit mroe durable than the average sneaker.


You will find that the amount of protection varies on the type of Gel-Lyte V you choose. For starters, every shoe comes with a Gel cushioning that helps with shock absorption. When considering what type of upper though, there are some key points to keep in mind. One benefit of having a mesh upper is that it offers more ventilation and overall space. The Goretex, on the other hand, protects your feet from environmental threats like water and snow. Both serve a very important purpose and no one shoe is better than the other. It is important to ask yourself what you intend to use these shoes for before you buy. Another added protection is the shoe laces. They help create a snugger fit and help to keep the shoes from loosening and coming off your feet.


You will find that the responsiveness is almost average to other Asics shoes. The only difference is that the midsoles are slightly softer and lacks some of the energy that some of the other versions of Asics shoes possess. Though this may be customers had no complaints and in turn, really enjoyed the added cushion. During use, one can expect for the Gel-Lyte V to give a bit in the toe area due to the strategic placement of the flex grooves.


It is important to note that because of the well-stocked upper, there is average amount of support. With the built in padding that hugs your feet, you will see that this shoe is perfect for the average runner. Asics also opted to use traditional laces to help give the added security. There has been a numerous amount of customers that have commented that they feel that these Gel Lyte V shoes provides an ample amount of support. With the added support it is less likely for your shoes to be the cause of slowing down your day.


Though you will find that the Gel-Lyte V can be useful for running, they were originally designed to be everyday streetwear shoes. With that in mind with your discretion it shouldn't be used for hard training but is great for use during jogging or casual occasions. Something else to note is that if it’s a Goretex upper as opposed to a mesh upper, it is waterproof. This could affect where you go. For example if you had a mesh version it is advised that you do not use these shoes out in the rain for long because it could possibly ruin the shoe. On the other hand the Goretex is built for water and could survive the trek outside.


You will find that depending on which retailer you purchase your pair from the prices may vary. For a street shoe, many customers thought it was reasonably priced. When you factor in the various features of the Gel-Lyte V one can understand why they may be expected to pay a bit more for their pair. For some though it may be a small investment and selected shoes are offered at a discounted rate at some retailers.


The Gel Lyte provides a decent amount of traction. The only thing that may be a problem is that due to the nature of the soles, on sleek surfaces you may slip a little bit. Other than that you will find that this shoe is great on all other surfaces. There were no complaints about the ability to turn or stop quickly when necessary. It is evident that these shoes are ideal for everyday wear.


It is deceiving to think that because of the bigger sole on the Gel-Lyte V there would be less flexibility. You will find that because of the flex grooves on the soles it actually helps to add a bit of flexibility in the shoe. Also depending on the upper it can either add or subtract the amount of flexibility. If there’s mostly a mesh upper you may find the shoes to be pretty malleable. If you cravea firmer design you may find other upper options like Goretex may be more suitable.


The Gel-Lyte V offers an average amount of stability. You will find that the overall design is crafted to be supportive and solid. The cushioning as well as the shoelaces provide a snug fit. This snug fit along with the Gel technology allows you to sink into these shoes walk comfortably.


The drop is not specified for the Asics Gel Lyte V. The heels are strategically built and a bit bigger so you can expect the drop to be a bit bigger than other shoes. You will find that the bigger the drop the more cushioning with each step. This in turns provided you with even more support needed to go about your day.

Key features

• Attached tongue
• Asics Gel cushioning
• Available in a many upper options
• Goretex upper
• Quick dry neoprene lining
• Rubber outsoles with deep flex grooves


Overall these shoes are a steal. They are made with quality and created not only with your comfort in mind but also with your specific style preference in mind; the variety of designs is what makes this possible. Though some styles may run small you will find that most are true to size and if not it should not be hard to return and find your correct size. In the end you will end up with a pair of great street shoes that not only complement a variety of clothing but are also comfortable enough to wear all day long.