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5 Moves from Kim Kardashian’s Workout

5 Moves from Kim Kardashian’s Workout 5 Moves from Kim Kardashian’s Workout www.walkjogrun.net

Kim Kardashian. Love her or hate her, most people want her body. And although you may think that her perfectly sculpted hourglass figure is unattainable, it’s not. It just takes a lot of dedication and hard work.

She may have a professional trainer to keep her on track with her fitness goals but that doesn’t mean that you can’t achieve the same thing on your own. Remember, not only does she work out five to six days a week, but she sticks to a very healthy and specific diet of healthy fats and carbs, and little to no processed sugars, which is crucial to seeing progress in your workouts.

You may follow these workouts exactly and see no progress and that is because it is all about transforming your life and eating habits as well. If you are not putting healthy, nutritious foods into your body, along with constantly hydrating yourself with water, you will not see results any time soon. Being fit and healthy is a lifestyle and you need to start changing all aspects of your life to really see results when it comes to fitness goals.

Kim Kardashian’s trainer, Melissa Alcantara focuses primarily on weight training and strengthening your core, with few cardio exercises. She prefers having Kim do simple, yet effective workouts that really target the entire body. And because doing she is doing so many reps of one exercise, Alcantara counts that as cardio.

So next time you are at the gym, rather than spending an hour walking or jogging on a treadmill, try these 5 workouts instead.

A Quick Note

You may want to grab a yoga mat for these exercises. Many of them have you on the floor and the mat will keep you comfortable.

Kick Backs

Focus on kicking your leg and foot up rather than back. You want the sole of your foot facing the ceiling, not directly behind you.

  1. Start on all fours with your knees and arms hip-width apart.
  2. Keeping your knee bent, kick back and up with your left foot, towards the ceiling.
  3. Lower your leg. That is one rep.
  4. Complete 5 sets of 50 reps, then switch to the other leg and repeat.


Bicycle with Claps

Maintain proper form at all times and ensure your core is engaged.

  1. Start on your back. Raise your chest and legs so only your butt and lower back are on the floor
  2. Keep your right leg straight and bend your left to bring it in towards your chest. Clap underneath your knee when it is as close to your chest as you can manage.
  3. Relax back into the starting position and repeat, this time with your right leg. That is one rep.
  4. Do 4 sets of 12 reps.


Walking Lunges

Try focusing on controlled movements to maximize your results. These are not just for your legs but your core as well.

  1. Start with good posture and an engaged core.
  2. Take a large step forward with your left leg. Plant your foot ahead of you and leave your right foot on its toes.
  3. Bend your knees and lower down to the ground without touching your back knee to the floor.
  4. Push up and bring your feet back together. That is one rep.
  5. Do 4 sets of 20 reps.
  6. If this ever feels easy you can carry dumbbells to increase the resistance.


Elevated Glute Bridge

One of the best exercise to help grow and strengthen your glutes.

  1. Start by resting your feet on a bench. Brace your shoulders on the floor. You can spread your arms for stability. Just be sure not to put too much strain on your neck
  2. Hold a dumbbell on your hips, or use a bar for added weight.
  3. Plant your feet and raise your hips as you squeeze your glutes.
  4. Hold for a 3-5 count, then go back down. That is one rep.
  5. Do 4 sets of 20 reps.


Lying Leg Lifts

Try to keep your head lifted as this will help keep your core engaged. If it gets uncomfortable, lower your head.

  1. Start on your back with your arms down and your hands underneath your butt, giving you a slight raise.
  2. Raise your legs so they both hover just above your mat.
  3. Keep your legs as straight as you can as you raise them. You can do this one leg at a time or with both legs together
  4. Hold for a 3-5 count. then lower your legs back down without touching the ground. That is one rep.
  5. Do 4 sets of 12 reps.

Five exercises might not seem like a lot. But reps get harder as the sets add up. And it’s important to remember that getting Kim Kardashian’s bombshell figure requires a lifestyle commitment. These exercises will get your foot in the door. They’re an excellent building block to get started. But it takes a combination of diet and exercise to lock in that figure. It is doable. It just takes commitment!