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Most people do not think about their socks when they are putting them on. They are simply articles of clothing that you wear before you go out. However, there will also be a few pairs of socks that are your favorite and on heavy rotation. Usually, we just go with whatever is softest or the most comfortable. But sometimes we need to put something new into rotation. The Under Armor Elevated Sock may very well be your new best friend.

The Under Armour Elevated Socks have multiple little details that help make your experience wearing a sock much more enjoyable. A heel cup will help support your ankles so you have better posture while extra cushioning will prevent your joints from extra shock absorption. These socks also have built-in arch support. So even people with arch problems can be comfortable.

These socks are also great for people who tend to sweat a lot. The Under Armour Elevated Socks contain anti-odor technology so you don’t have to worry about how badly your feet smell after a long day at work. The chemicals inhibit bacteria from forming, which can save yourself a lot of embarrassment if you are hanging out with friends after being in your shoes all day.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Odor-reducing technology
  • Comfortable Ergonomic Design
  • Improved anatomical fitting
  • Moisture-wicking properties
  • Climate control
  • No Left/Right Labelling
  • Compression is very strong
  • Sizing comes smaller

Anatomical Fit

When it comes to putting on a pair of socks, people do not give much thought to it. Socks are simply taken from the sock drawer, unraveled, and put on. A fact that people do not often realize is that socks are made in a universal shape. This allows you to place either foot into any sock and have the sock fit perfectly. This allowed you to match socks easier when they come out of the wash and simply replace the sock with another that looks the same when it breaks.

The Under Armour Elevated Socks take it one step further by creating socks that fit your anatomical shape. This means that unlike any socks on the market, these Under Armour Elevated Socks come with a right foot and a left foot. This allows the sock to better support your feet and is more ergonomic and comfortable.

However, the downfall is that there will be a time where you have two left socks that are missing right feet. Another common complaint among users is that the socks are not labeled clearly which one is left and right, thus requiring additional time to match after they are cleaned.

Anti-Odor Technology

During hot summer days when people are in their shoes for a long period, their socks start to stink. This is just an unfortunate by-product of the heat coupled by the constant movement and friction inside your shoe. The odors appear because there is a sudden bloom of bacteria in your shoe. Bacteria needs an environment that is moist, dark, and warm. When all three requirements are met, bacteria can bloom very quickly.

To prevent the strong smells emitting from your feet, the Under Armour Elevated Socks are created using anti-odor technology. During the manufacturing phase, the socks are treated with a chemical that prevents bacteria from forming. This will greatly reduce the possibility of the bacteria to multiply even if it develops, thus reducing the amount of smell.

Through the same chemical treatment, the Under Armour Elevated Socks can also eliminate bacteria once it is formed. This can offer your feet an extra layer of protection so that bacteria cannot be transmitted or carried around on your skin. It will also reduce the possibility of bacteria getting into any open wounds on your feet that you may have. This leads to happier and healthier feet.

Arch Support

One of the things that people never notice is if their socks don’t have an arch. This is because we often do not think about the arch in a sock because we already have one on our foot. This leaves only the flat-footed people who would consider a sock that offers arch support. Without a lack of support on the bottom of your foot, it leaves you more tired and sore after a long day spent on your feet.

The Under Armour Elevated Socks may also reduce foot pain. They include arch support in their design. The socks are sewn that the fabric material naturally arches to match where the arch on your feet would be. This allows you to stand straighter and more comfortably for long periods. Socks that don’t include the arch support will cause your body to relax in efforts to find a more comfortable position, thus leading to poor posture.

The Under Armor Elevated Socks can keep you on your feet for a longer period without feeling any discomfort. These socks are ideally worn when you know you are going to be in shoes for a long period of extreme physical training.


At a glance, everyone stands on their feet the same way. However, the muscles in the feet balance differently and where the weight is dispersed on your feet also differ. This is why we all have unique footprints. Studies have shown that while people all stand and walk differently, there are specific areas on your feet that nearly all people use. Over some time, these spots develop callous or thicker skin because of the constant rubbing and chaffing of those areas.

The Under Armour Elevated Sock has strategically added cushioning in their socks in the high impact areas of your feet. This is done so that your feet are not taking as strong of an impact with every step you take. This allows your feet to feel less tired and sore at the end of the day.

The cushioning in the Under Amour Elevated Sock also has an additional function, which is to enhance the durability of the sock. Having extra cushioning in the areas which people tend to put more weight on will decrease the amount of wear and tear done to the sock. This will allow you to enjoy the product for a longer period before it needs to be replaced.


People often jump at the opportunity to purchase compression socks as they can work wonders on those who need to be on their feet all day. Compression socks work to encourage the circulation of your blood, which allows for proper dispersal of oxygen throughout your body.

Because our feet are low-pressure points, blood cells often pool in that area. Wearing compression socks can help push the deoxygenated blood cells back towards the heart so they can be refreshed.

The Under Armour Elevated socks have a degree of compression and encourages proper blood flow. There is elastic fiber material spread throughout the sock so that it helps constrict the muscles, thus moving pooled blood along. However, there have been many complaints by users that the compression is too strong and is restricting blood flow.

People feel that the Under Armour Elevated Socks are made smaller and tighter rather than being compression socks. However, this complaint is not necessarily fair considering consumers may have purchased the wrong size of the sock. For the compression to work properly, consumers need to go by the sizing chart and ensure the right size sock is purchased. If you are looking for a similar knee-high compression sock you should consider SB SOX since they offer the same benefits.


Socks have a very interesting life span as they seem to develop holes when you least expect it. When you inspect them, the socks are always hole free and seem to be in good condition. The moment you let your guard down, you will find multiple socks that have holes. This makes it very hard to keep track of whether the socks are durable or not. Along with the fact that they do not cost much to replace, it’s no surprise people keep buying socks and end up with a large sock drawer!

To prevent the Under Armour Elevated Socks from breaking down too quickly, these socks were designed with very durable material, polyester. This is a material that resembles plastic pellets that can be melted and formed into any shape you need. The Under Armour Elevated Socks use a mixture of Polyester and Spandex to create a very strong material.

This material has flexibility so that your feet can move and stretch without ripping. Choosing this material allows these socks to have a significantly longer life span and also be able to ensure whatever tough training you may have in store. These socks are ideal for both regular uses and intense physical training.


Most people often do not consider how well their socks are fitting. They seem to just be something that people wear and not give a second thought unless it is uncomfortable and distracting. At that point, people start to question what is wrong with the socks.

To prevent saggy and droopy socks, the Under Armour Elevated Socks are designed with multiple support points. These help keep the sock in place and comfortable all day long. The Under Armour Elevated Sock has a slight elastic collar around the opening of the sock so that the opening of the sock needs to stretch when you put it on. The collar is made to be slightly smaller than the sock so that it wraps around your leg snugly once your foot is placed into the sock properly.

The other technology that prevents this sock from becoming an irritating distraction all day is the heel cup design. The Under Armour Elevated Sock has worked heel support into the design of the sock. It is sewn so that it supports your heel with stiffer fabric in the area. This allows you to stay comfortable and not worry about a saggy sock while going about your busy day.


Socks are something that is worn all the time regardless of hot or cold weather. They work as a layer to protect our feet from chafing in our shoes and becoming uncomfortable. They also provide extra support when we are trekking long distances. Because of these reasons, it is important for a sock to be able to keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Depending on where you live, winters can be very frigid. During these times, thicker socks may need to be worn.

The Under Armour Elevated Socks have technology that can help keep your feet warm and cozy in the winter. It is made with a premium fabric that is designed to keep heat in. One of the ingredients in the fabric is polyester and because it is such an effective material, a little goes a long way.

The Under Armour Elevated Socks are made with at least sixty percent polyester, which is known for its heat properties. During the colder months, the polyester can trap the heat within your sock and recirculate it around your feet. This will keep you warm for longer periods and also help regulate your body temperature by keeping your toes warm.

Moisture Wicking

One of the things that people often forget when it comes to selecting a good pair of socks is how well they get rid of the moisture. Your feet will start to get warm and sweat after being in your shoes for a while. If there is no way for the moisture to escape, your feet will start feeling damp and uncomfortable. For those that sweat a lot, this will also cause a spike in bacteria production.

The Under Armor Elevated Socks have great moisture-wicking properties as they contain cotton, which is known to help reduce the amount of moisture when it is developed. Cotton is a material that has large pockets of space, which makes it very breathable. When moisture is formed, it can travel through the cotton and onto the surface of the socks. At that point, the sweat can evaporate or be shaken off by the impact of our walking.

The Under Armour Elevated Socks are also able to help control your body temperature through the cotton. The inability for cotton to retain heat can help remove forming heat at a faster rate, which helps keep the temperature of your feet lower and more comfortable for a long period. Add in a great pair of breathable shoes and you'll have the most comfortable feet in town.

Seamless Toe

Seams can make or break a pair of socks. If they are not made well, it can cause the socks to burst or tear apart more easily. Most socks are made sewn by machines, which greatly decreases misaligned stitching. One of the things that sock manufacturers have started to do is to place the seam along the very front so that your nails prevent you from feeling the seam as much. However, between your toes and the constant friction of the shoe, it reduces the durability of the sock.

The Under Armour Elevated Sock has found a workaround to this problem by creating a seamless toe sock. This means that rather than placing the seams where it can reduce the life span of the product, the seam has been placed elsewhere.

If you look at the Under Armour Elevated Sock carefully, you will notice that the sock does not appear to have any seams at all. This is because the seams have been cleverly hidden away in the collar of the stock.

Having the seams sewn into the collar of the sock adds an extra layer of protection to ensure that the seam does not burst. Having the sock be one complete piece also reduces the chances of wear and tear, thus increasing the life span.

Bottom Line

The Under Armour Elevated Socks are a great pair of all-around socks. They are suitable for long workdays, hiking up a mountain, or even extreme sports. They are durable and made to last longer than your average socks and are also treated with a chemical that can keep them smelling fresh for longer periods.

The premium fabrics that are used to make the Under Armour Elevated Socks are temperate controlled and will keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Coupled with the fact that these socks come in a value pack, they are a product you do not want to miss!