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Before we go to the gym, we get ready and put our gym clothes on. Most people don’t bat an eye to the sports socks they’re wearing. As long as they’re comfortable, you will barely notice them. However, some socks slip off while running, some leave your feet smelly. The Under Armor Run Socks might be your new go-to sock if you want to avoid these issues.

 The Under Armor Run Socks are the go-to socks for many college professional runners and athletes. With a mix of three materials, Nylon Polyester and Spandex, it offers the all-around comfort, flexibility, and cushioning for your feet. These socks also offer good arch supports and dense cushioning that protects the high impact areas of your feet, ensuring that you will have a pain-free workout.

 The Under Armor Run Socks won’t just keep your feet and arches happy, they’re also built for strength and durability.  So you can go for a light run or race for the gold. These socks have you covered!

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Anti-Odor technology
  • Dense cushioning protection
  • Three material blend
  • Dries sweat fast
  • Left/right fitting
  • Limited sizing
  • Thinner materials
  • Not suitable for winter

Anatomical Fit

Most people think that all socks are one size fits all. As long as they can put it on their feet, it should be comfortable and form-fitting the longer they wear it. This theory is incorrect. Due to bumps, seams, and materials coming loose to due wear and tear, a shape of a sock can shift drastically, and thus decrease the performance capabilities of a sock.

The Under Armor Run Socks are by design, seamless. This allows the sock to provide superior comfort and reduced irritations between the sock seams. Under Armor socks also have an advantage over other socks, where they have a left/right anatomical fit clearly labeled and provided for the user. Most socks assume your feet are the same, but they’re not. Under Armour takes this into account when creating these socks to help reduce blisters and calluses caused by repetitive movement.

The left/right socks also allow the arch to be supported ergonomically with properly padded material, allowing you to stay on your feet longer. Lastly, to further reduce any possible irritability, the toes of the socks are fully seamless. Anyone with sensitive feet will not have a problem because the fit design is done so well.

Arch Support

It is something we don’t think about unless it happens to us. Foot arch pains can be some of the worst pains you can feel. It’s hard to walk or even stand up when your arches are inflamed. Many long-distance runners fall victim to arch problems due to improper shoes or socks that provide little to no arch support. Whether you’re just walking or doing competitive sports, this searing pain will throw you off your game.

Everyone’s arch is different. Some people have flat feet, while others have high arches. With these different needs, how do we figure out what is right for us? The Under Armor Run Socks were developed with this question in mind. By providing left and right anatomic fit socks, they also included dynamic arch support to help support the correct arches for each foot.

A specific blend of material is embedded and covers the arches to provide maximum support and comfort. Users have reviewed claiming that they ran a marathon with these socks and did not feel any arch pains afterward.

Blended Materials

Sock material is not what most people think about daily. However, they are very important in helping you with purchasing socks. Most socks are generally cotton and have poor breathability and sweat absorbing capability.

The Under Armour Run Socks are made with a lot of thought. It is made of 65% Nylon as its main material Nylon has very many advantages, including resistant to heat and long durability. It is used in many types of sports clothing. Polyester makes up 30%, and it is very popular amongst athletes for its moisture-wicking properties. Lastly, the sock is 5% spandex. That gives the sock very strong flexibility and stretch to allow for greater feet movement.

With the combination of these three properties, the Under Armor Run Sock has immense properties that help an athlete look after what is arguably one of their most important body parts, their feet! Very few socks have this sort of material blend, especially in this price range.


The Under Armour brand has been around since 1996 and it has been a reliable source of manufacture sports goods and footwear. They are designed and specialize in performance sports apparel, and many top tier professional athletes like Basketball star Stephen Curry or Football star Cam Newton use their products exclusively.

They received their start in athletic apparel and it was a natural progression to develop socks as most people exercising will need to be wearing a pair of socks or two. Over the years, Under Armour has built a reputation for durable, trustworthy products. Their items are known for their high quality and living up to their promises.

The Under Armour Run socks are no different and adhere to the strict quality assurance from the company. By Purchasing a pair of Under Armour Run socks, you can expect a pair of comfortable socks that will perform well and withstand the test of time.


Colour is often a high debated topic but the one thing for sure is that everyone wants to look good in whatever they are wearing. Most people have no problem wearing black or white socks. However, if you want to look stylish and have it match what you’re wearing, you’re thinking about the pattern and look.

With the Under Armour Run Socks, you have eight major patterns to pick from, and each looks stylish in their own right. Most products have a majority color which is often black or white. To increase the attractiveness of the product, some of the patterns have neon orange or yellow running through them.

Depending on your needs, some of the colors are more subtle while others have very stand-out designs in colors such as pink and lime green. The socks generally have the grey mesh at the bottom with a zigzag pattern and a more vibrant color on the top. Multiple colors form design around the sock that gives it individuality but not stand out awkwardly.

The finishing touch is reflective Under Armour logo displayed on the ankle to help drivers identify you if you’re running in the dark. With this large selection of designs to choose from, the Under Armour Run Socks can be a fashion statement even during your workouts or jogs.


Your feet are what stand between you and the hard ground, similar to how tires are for a car. Without properly inflated tires and good suspension, you’re in for a bumpy ride. Under Armour Run Socks will give you the suspension that you need to help cushion your feet.

The sock is separated into multiple sections. One for the top of your foot, one for the bottom and one part runs through the arch support. Each isolated section is designed to provide maximum protection for these areas. The bottom grey, zigzag mesh helps to provide air bubbles to lessen the impact of your feet to the ground. There is extra sewing done around the ankle area to keep the sock flush against your skin.

The upper foot section is designed to reduce rubbing between the uneven surface of your laces and the top of your foot. Lastly, the arch section is built so that it levels it with the bottom of your foot, to provide maximum comfort for your arcs when doing high impact sports.

With this level of design, the Under Armour Run Socks allows the users to be fully enveloped with its protective socks. This also helps ensure the socks don’t roll or move when you walk around


Sport socks often wear out quickly due to their constant battle with sweat and friction. Holes develop quickly and more often than not you will find three to four pairs of athletic socks with holes in them or they become too yellow due to sweat stains. It’s annoying to have to constantly replace low-quality socks, especially if they didn’t perform well in the first place. The Under Armor Run Socks will tell a different story.

The Under Armor Run Socks are built to allow athletes to perform well for long periods. The spandex is woven into the nylon to sock to shift and expand as necessary to reduce friction. The toe and heel sections are also cushioned better than most socks, as those are high-stress areas due to an athletes movement.

The ribbed pattern the bottom of the sock gives the sock even more elasticity than your conventional sports socks. Lastly, almost all the socks are in dark colors so that sweat stains are not as visible as light-colored socks.

Moisture Wicking Technology

When you’re running at top speed or working out on a hot day. It only takes two to five minutes of hard exercise to get your body sweating. It’s hard enough to have sweat dripping from your head and rest of your body, but the worst feeling is having a puddle of sweat under your feet. Athletic socks have to have a strong capability to absorb that moisture and evaporate it quickly or else you’ll be in a very uncomfortable state.

The Under Armor Run Socks have ArmourDry technology to help with sweat management. Amour Dry doesn’t just help the sock absorb more sweat, it also accelerates evaporation, allowing your feet to feel dryer faster.

This technology is prevalent in a lot of Under Armour’s athletic gear, and it has been tested and loved by many professional athletes. With Under Armour Run Socks, your feet will feel fresh and dry and ready for action.

Odor Protection

Sweating sometimes produces odors, and no one wants to smell when they’re exercising around other people. Unfortunately, smelly feet due to wet socks are common in the gym. Bacteria grow and multiply rapidly in this damp, moist environment, and it is very unhygienic to yourself and others.

The Under Armor Run Socks have developed a technology to counter these strong odors. With a combination of ArmourBlock and ArmourDry technology, Under Armour uses micro threads and material combination to allow for better sweat absorption and accelerated water evaporation. The material used also creates air pockets to allow the socks to have a higher degree of breathability.

Ribs along the bottom of the socks allow air to seep in between the sock and shoe to create even more airflow. The Polyester material on top of the socks traps the sweat and allows it to dry faster. With these technologies in place, smelly feet will be a thing of the past with the Under Armor Run Socks.

Summer Only

One of the things that people often do not consider when purchasing a pair of socks is whether they will be fit for all seasons. There is almost an expectation that they keep your feet comfortable and warm regardless of whether it is sunny or snowing outside. The Under Armour Run Socks have great ventilation properties that can keep you cool and comfortable during the hot summer months.

However, users have reported that the Under Armour Run Socks are on the thinner side. This means that they do not have extra layers built within the fabric to make them ideal for the winter months. The socks also do not have extra insulation or a way to keep your feet warm as the heat escapes.

The Under Armour Run Socks were specifically designed to have strong ventilation properties as they are used by many athletes. People who are serious in their sports tend to work hard and generate a lot of body heat, thus needing a way to allow the trapped heat to dissipate.

This particular product may be a great item to use during the warmer months but may need an extra layer or two during the frigid season.

Bottom Line

The Under Armour Run Socks are an excellent pair of all-around socks. They are perfect for those days where you are exercising for long periods, especially if you are planning to run a marathon or plan to sweat a lot. These socks are lightweight, cushioned and comfortable, not to mention stylish. The Under Armour Run Socks are jam-packed with technology that helps you reduce odors and accelerates sweat evaporation.

The only drawbacks are that they are found to be thinner than normal sports socks, and have limited size selection, but the variation of colors and designs should more than make up for its shortcomings. If you want a stylish and fancy pair of sports socks that won’t break the bank, then you should consider the Under Armour Run Socks