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Trail running gear comes in many shapes and sizes, perhaps one of the most convenient being the handheld water bottle. But, not just any old bottle will do! In order to really get the benefits from this style of equipment, you need one that’s designed to make life on the trail easier than ever.

The Ultimate Direction Fastdraw 30 is just that handheld! Complete with an ergonomically shaped FlexForm bottle and 350ml capacity, this option will take you where you need to go and more. It offers a wider hand strap for comfortable carrying and slip-free use. A super soft and slender edge binding helps to eliminate chafing and ensures that your hands won’t hurt once you’re at home.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Dual Side Pockets
  • Bite Valve
  • Ergonomic Shape
  • AirMesh Fabric
  • Unisex
  • Bottle May Distort


With this kind of gear, I’m sure you know all too well that it can be uncomfortable to carry after a while. That’s why the Ultimate Direction Fastdraw 360 was designed with better binding to help prevent those sore and chafed palms at the end of the day. This option has softer edging material that’s much thinner to provide more comfortable handling.

Carrying just a plain old plastic bottle can be tricky! When you’re running it’s so easy for that sort of smooth surface to slip from your hands. But, this style of handheld gear will make life that much easier because it’s designed to offer a better grip and a solid strap that won’t be loose in your hand. This way you won’t have to wear a heavy pack on your back and can simply grab your bottle and go.


As I’ve mentioned, the Ultimate Direction Fastdraw 30 was made with a little forethought. It offers a wider and more ergonomic shaped strap. This makes it so much easier to handle and prevents slipping while you run. Life on the trail can get pretty intense and with all of the up and down terrain mixed with the speeds that you reach you might think that holding your liquid could end up being a tricky task.

Luckily, this bottle is anything but difficult to hold. The wider strap feels nice in your hand and gives you some added surface to grip. This also means that you won’t have to wrap your hand all the way around the bottle which can be hard to hang on to in any conditions. Overall, this is a thoughtful design that really puts your comfort and needs at the forefront.


You won’t have to worry about running dry with this bottle because it offers a full 11.8 fluid ounce capacity. Your normal 8-ounce bottle might not live up to your expectations but this one has a wider shape which allows for more liquid without adding any length to it. The longer the bottle the more difficult it might be to handle because it could get in your way while you stride.


Some ladies might worry that the wider shaped handle might be harder to hold but that couldn’t be further from the truth. This option was designed for unisex use and is completely comfortable for runners with any sized hands. Its dimensions are 3 x 6.7 inches which are still totally easy to handle no matter how small your grip may be. This size will still easily fit inside of your cup holder which means that you won’t have any trouble holding it. Plus, the strap is smaller than the actual bottle so it’s that much easier to hold while you’re on the go.


This handheld is made from a breathable cool wick AirMesh that lets lots of airflow around your skin. It features 100D baby ripstop for added longevity and super durable wear. Ripstop is an ultra-durable type of fabric that is usually made from nylon. But it’s the unique reinforcing method that makes this material something special. It is very resistant to rips and tears thanks to its interwoven crosshatch pattern that help this fabric hold up to nearly any kind of stress.


The bottle itself is ergonomically designed to feel better in your hand than other options. It’s FlexForm structure and 350ml size is ideal for runners who need something that fits comfortably and is easy to hold without dropping.

An average plastic bottle is quite hard to hang on to especially when you’re bouncing up and down with every step and maneuvering on difficult terrain whether on or off the trail. The hard plastic is perfect for retaining its shape and won’t distort with the pressure of being held. Though you won’t have to directly grip the bottle itself thanks to the hand wide shaped handle that makes gripping an effortless task.


Of course, the whole point of a handheld bottle is so that you don’t have to carry a bag with you while you run. But, in order to be able to travel bag-free, you’re going to need somewhere to store your valuables. The Ultimate Direction Fastdraw 350 has you covered when it comes to storage. It has two convenient side pockets that have ample room to hold all of your valuables like keys, ID, and even your smartphone too! This eliminates the need for a full-size pack, though there are tons of great options available like the Deuter Race X 12 and Deuter Trans Alpine 30 models.

Bite Valve

Bite valves are great because they make it so you don’t have to manually open the drinking valve. This one has an updated version that far supersedes its predecessors. It fits perfectly in your mouth and will actually promote you to drink more because it’s so much easier to use.

The other styles available are the wide and narrow-mouth designs which are equally as uncomfortable in their own right. The wide mouth makes it super easy to spill on yourself and wastes liquid in the meantime. Whereas, the narrow can be difficult to draw from and can feel restrictive while you’re trying to hydrate yourself quickly.

Another issue with these types of bottles is that they usually have the screw top which you have to use two hands just to open. This is just downright irritating when you’re running because you have to stop dead in your tracks and interrupt your flow. The Ultimate Direction Fastdraw 350 offers just the right kind of valve and will help to promote better hydration by offering such a comfortable and easy to use valve.


The Ultimate Direction Fastdraw 350 is made with an innovative AirMesh material that helps to keep your hand cooler and drier while you exercise. It wicks excess moisture away from the skin to prevent a build-up of sweat and odor-causing bacteria.

It's important to control excessive moisture because moist areas make the perfect breeding ground for the nasty bacteria that cause odors. I'm sure no one wants to be carrying around a smelly hydration bottle which is why the wicking properties of this one are so wonderful.


Some people found that the bottle tends to distort after a bit of use. This shouldn't be a problem for you if you hold on to the handle rather than the bottle itself. The plastic bottle really wasn't meant to be held but the handle was. Just try to hold the handle only then you won't end up with any sort of distortion with its shape and you can enjoy the item for longer without issue.

Bottom Line

Overall, the Ultimate Direction Fastdraw 350 is a convenient way to carry your liquid while you're on the go. It offers quick draw bite valve that is super easy to operate and can be used without having to stop what you're doing. The bite valve feels good in your mouth and encourages better hydration because it's so easy to drink from. Whereas, the wide or narrow options available make it difficult to get the right amount of liquid and can discourage drinking because they're difficult to operate while you're moving.

This handheld fits nicely in your cupholder for added convenience while you're not on the move and was designed with an ergonomic shape for unisex use. The strap offers a wide shape that's more comfortable and easier to hold. The binding material is made from a softer fabric so it won't cause any chafing or sore spots which could be an issue with a more corse fabric.

If you enjoy trail running then this handheld is a must-have for pack free journeys! Though its handy design and built-in storage pockets make the Ultimate Direction Fastdraw 350 a smart choice for any kind of outdoor activity. It makes it so that you can hit the road without having to lug around a heavy backpack so can feel lighter while you travel. The dual side pockets are a perfect place for storing your valuables like your keys, wallet, credit cards, or even your smartphone which means that you won't have any need for a larger pack.

When it comes to keeping hydrated the 350 ml capacity is great for shorter trips, though for longer ones you might consider the Platypus Big Zip or Gregory 3D Hydro hydration reservoirs. These options are much larger and will hold enough liquid to keep your thirst at bay for the duration of your longer outings.