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These Skins Compression Sleeves are an essential part of the Skins collection. Combining sun protection with light compression, Skins made something that is unlike other sports sleeves. This two-in-one duo shines compared to other affordable options. Their fit is not snug enough to offer high levels of compression but these still have a fantastic combination of features. Due to this, you won't ever want to go back to a regular old sports sleeve!

An anatomic design allows for the sleeves to compliment the sculpt of your arms. Not only is it flattering but it also helps the Skins Compression Sleeves improve your experience when active. Flatlock seams prevent chafing with a stylish and sleek look. You’ll feel cool, calm, and collected even pushing yourself to the limit in these moisture-wicking Skins Compression Sleeves.

Editor's Pros & Cons

UPF 50

Flatlock Seams

Graduated Compression

Moisture Wicking

Durable Material

Anatomical Design

Comes in Pair


Fits Slightly Loose

Not Targeted Compression


There are two huge factors in the design of the Skins Compression Sleeve that makes it incredibly comfortable. Simple details go the mile in making the Skins Compression Sleeve so easy to wear for so many people. One is their flatlock seams. Flatlock seams are made by binding the edges of both sides of the fabric. This creates only one layer at the seams of the Skins Compression Sleeve as opposed to multiple layers that can cause chafing.

Chafing not only affects your ability to perform your best, but it can exacerbate existing skin conditions or even break the skin. When you’re doing repetitive movements that create friction between the fabric of your clothing and your skin, it can quickly become uncomfortable. Couple that with high heat and perspiration, and it can feel downright torturous. Skins Compression Sleeves are designed to eliminate those common problems.

The smooth build of the Skins Compression Sleeve and its breathability make it perfect for all-day comfort. Their anatomical design makes them feel tailored to move with you in any direction you go. They keep you cool with a moisture-wicking fabric but they also provide long-term ease as well.

Skins Compression Sleeves will give you support to prevent soreness and muscle strain. UV protection allows you to avoid sunburn and discomfort from overexposure even on the brightest days. Skins covered all the bases when they made this pair of sleeves. Anyone who isn’t trying to shop around for the ideal sleeves will love this Skins Compression Sleeve, it is truly a jack-of-all-trades.


Athletes need the help of compression to keep their muscles healthy during heavy activity. Compression helps oxygen-rich blood circulate in the area they’re covering. Compression like that in the Skins Compression Sleeves reduces healing time and prevents soreness as well as injuries. There are different amounts of compression for different levels of support.

Some reviewers complained that the Skins Compression Sleeve wasn’t quite snug enough to offer an optimum level of compression. This won’t measure up to sturdy elbow braces or targeted compression sleeves. If you want a versatile sleeve that offers support that isn’t too stiff for a full range of motion. Despite the more gentle compression it gives, it is graduated on the Skins Compression Sleeve for consistent performance.

Graduated compression is more common on calf sleeves but it serves the same function for arms. Graduated compression like that on the Skins Compression Sleeve is tighter at the forearm and wrist than it is at the bicep. This reduces swelling and redness, enhancing circulation where you need it while giving your arms a break where you don’t.


Compression sleeves can be disappointing stylistically. Most people wear them with tanks or short sleeves, so they are on full display. The anatomical design of the Skins Compression Sleeves give them an edge in performance, but they also make them look more attractive and flattering stylistically.

Lines are going down both the arms in a way that flatters the contours of the wearer’s arms. Instead of being slightly loose at the wrist like cheaper sleeves often do, this is form-fitting from the top to the bottom. The Skins Compression Sleeve is sleek no matter how you wear it.

These will look fantastic with your usual workout gear or everyday wear. Bands at the top of the Skins Compression Sleeves keep them in place without bulging or cutting into your upper arm. The gradient compression goes hand in hand with this simple but body-conscious design. If you are looking for additional support, you won’t want to go back to a more basic sports sleeve after trying this Skins Compression Sleeve.


Customers who buy Skins Compression Sleeves are loyal to the brand. When it comes to quality, Skins has a consistency few others do. The construction of this sleeve is solid and carefully constructed to provide long term wear even with heavy use. Reviewers kept coming back to these sleeves for their longevity.

One key component to its durability may not be as obvious. Since these are designed anatomically, there is less strain just from the shape of your arm. You won’t see thinning at the elbow due to an improperly designed sleeve.

Its flatlock seams also lend to its durability. They last longer than many other seam types, which is why they’re frequently used in athletic wear. While polyester is a popular material considered durable, blends like that on this nylon and spandex sleeve. Nylon is very similar to polyester.

They both are easy to clean, resistant to wrinkles, and retain their shape and dimensions. Polyester has some benefits that make it more resistant to snags but, overall, Nylon is the more durable fabric. It is stronger yet feels more supple to the touch than polyester does. That means long wear that feels fantastic.


A recurring theme in the reviews of compression sleeves is that the level of compression lacks. This is usually because many “sports sleeves’ are advertised as compression garments. Sports sleeves aren’t truly for compression. The Skins Compression Sleeves do minor injury prevention and muscle repair but are mostly intended to prevent chafing, control temperature, and protects from the sun.

The Skins Compression Sleeves will give real support but their sizing can interfere with the level of compression. The graduated compression may not feel as tight and supportive on the elbows and biceps for some people. It will intensely improve circulation but many people need more support than graduated compression can offer.

There weren’t excessive complaints about the fit but it was a concern that customers had. If you have slim arms or are between sizes, you may need to size down. For most people, this will be a fantastic and comfortable fit. Their anatomic design gives them an upper hand when it comes to adjusting to the shape of your arm.

Moisture Wicking

Versatile activewear doesn’t have much if the material can’t wick moisture. The Skins Compression Sleeves will keep you dry and comfy, no matter what. Whether you’re trying to stay warm in the cold or cool in the heat, these can handle it. They wick moisture from the skin and quickly dry it.

Skins Compression Sleeves will take you from sticky and sweaty to light and airy in no time. Their ability to breathe even in the harshest conditions will stomp the competition. You can take your performance to the next level in a pair of these.

Range of Motion

When you’re wearing athletic garments, you’re gonna need them to perform as well as you do. A large part of that is flexibility and stretch. Your sleeves should move with you and work for you, not against you. As mentioned, Nylon is great at retaining its shape.

This Skins Compression Sleeve doesn’t have any special weaving techniques to improve the range of motion but their materials cover that. Nylon stretches and returns to its original shape. That makes the compression lasts longer even after continuous wears. Spandex boosts the flexibility of the material as well.

Skins Compression Sleeves give you the edge you need during any activity. Whether you lift weights, work long hours, or love to spend hours putting on the green. Even if you just need support for outdoor housework, the Skins Compression Sleeves can accommodate the most strenuous movements.

Temperature Regulation

People see long sleeves and they think that they are going to automatically make them hotter when being active. The opposite is true. These can help keep you cool in high heat. The moisture-wicking of the Skins Compression Sleeve gets the sweat off the skin and the breathability ensures you don’t feel overheated even in the sweltering heat.

Reviewers also loved that it helped keep them warm in the cold. That kind of versatility is indispensable for activewear. They loved this for low temperatures or cold mornings. If you’re a runner or work construction, it is wildly convenient to be able to throw on the Skins Compression Sleeves and go regardless of the weather of the day.

The warming sensation they give to repair muscles and ease strain works equally well in keeping you cozy in the cold. You will always feel at ease in any conditions. If you have grueling football practices or never want to get off the court, the Skins Compression Sleeve can be as versatile as your game is. If you’re up for anything, so are these Skins Compression Sleeves.

UV Protection

Even if you don’t need compression if you work outside, play sports professionally, or drive for a living you need sun protection. The Skins Compression Sleeve has a UPF 50+ sun protection. Unlike sunscreen that has to be constantly reapplied, sleeves like the Skins Compression Sleeve offer consistent, foolproof protection no matter what. You won’t have to worry about the sunscreen sweating off or spotty application.

Skins Compression Sleeves protect from the most harmful rays of the sun. SPF is more commonly known, but recently UPF has been created to specifically measure the performance of sun protective fabrics. The Skins Compression Sleeves change the game for those who need more reliable skincare than just sunscreen.

For those in the position to need them, many don’t have the time to use the more fallible methods of skin protection. Reviewers who needed constant protection that didn’t want to keep buying tubes and tubes of SPF 50 products can rest easy with the Skins Compression Sleeves on their arms. Nothing can stop you when you have these on.


Sports sleeves alone are extremely affordable but they don’t do much beside protect from the sun and reduce chafing. These are amazing attributes for any performance wear to have but many people need more. Buying sports sleeves that are not compression may set you back about half of the price of the Skins Compression Sleeve.

This seems like a huge difference but considering you’re getting so many more benefits, the value of the Skins Compression Sleeve is still impressive. These come two to a package making purchasing them even more convenient in cost. Their graduated compression gives them an advantage over those without. The Skins Compression Sleeve can function as both a protective sleeve for the skin and a protective brace for the muscles.

That isn’t to say that these can be effective as full braces but the support is unparalleled compared to similar options that don’t improve your endurance or muscle function. For the price of one compression elbow brace, you can get two of these multi-functional sleeves. You don’t have to pick and choose between support and protection with the Skins Compression Sleeves.

Bottom Line

Few products can claim to have it all. The Skins Compression Sleeves does have nearly all of the benefits you want in sleeves. Sports sleeves and compression sleeves come together to make this perfectly balanced option for athletes, laborers, and everyone in between. There is nothing you won’t be able to do with confidence while wearing the Skins Compression Sleeve.

Coming in a pair, the value of the Skins Compression Sleeves is unmistakable. Breathable material that wicks moisture on contact is perfect for even the hottest days. If you’re looking for warming properties to keep you toasty on brisk mornings, the Skins Compression Sleeves can do that too.

Muscle repair and circulation are a cinch when wearing this item. There were concerns with the fit but these are a perfect pair otherwise. The graduated compression is just what the doctor ordered for those who want to see their soreness and swelling come to a halt.