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Layering wear for outdoor sports has a reputation for being stiff and sometimes restrictive. Sleeves slip down due to a poor fit or feel like they're stopping circulation. Though this is the current normal, Aegend is trying to change that.

Their ultra-soft arm sleeves keep you cool, comfortable and supported even during the most intense activities. Their design is intended to feel smooth and almost non-existent under your workout clothing. Aegend’s Sports Arm Sleeves aren’t high-performance compression gear. They aren’t intended to be, in fact. Aegend's Sports Arm Sleeves are just right if you’re looking for comfort and weather protection.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • UPF 50 Protection
  • Moisture-Wicking
  • Articulated Seams
  • Reduces Fatigue
  • Color Options
  • Machine Washable
  • Odor Resistant
  • Runs Small
  • Not Compression Wear


Aegend made their Sports Arm Sleeves with comfort in mind. Their sleeves are stretchy and breathable, they won’t feel restrictive or too hot when wearing them. Their great moisture absorbency keeps you dry so you can keep pushing yourself to reach your goals. Breathable fabric is crucial in layered items.

These Aegend Sports Arm Sleeves are intended for layering in warm or cool weather. This versatility opens up the possibilities of just what you can do with them on. If you’re looking for a way to protect yourself from sun damage without burning up, the Aegend Sports Arm Sleeves are a great alternative to long-sleeve garments. The space between the sleeve and your shirt gives heat a chance to escape as well.

Instead of wearing less breathable full coverage options, you can supplement your existing gear with the Aegend Sports Arm Sleeves for extra protection without added bulk. These sleeves are amazing if you want coverage that isn’t suffocating for scorching days. This material is amazing for wicking moisture away to keep you cool and dry, while also keeping natural unpleasant odors at bay.


If you compare the price of the Aegend Sports Arm Sleeves to other brands, you may think that they aren’t that great of a deal. That couldn’t be further from the truth. Many of these brands only sell one sleeve per package, so if you are trying have a sleeve for both arms you can pay double than what is initially advertised.

These Aegend Sports Arm Sleeves are extremely affordable and great for anyone on a budget. Buying these for your summer sports could save serious money on sunscreen and other protectants. Since these are durable, their price is more than reasonable for anyone on the market for Sports Arm Sleeves.

These don’t cost more than a bottle of sunscreen and they can be relied on for much longer than a temporary product only applied to the skin. You will save time and money relying on the Aegend Sports Arm Sleeves. People on a budget can stay comfortable and protected in style!


Due to being such a low price, some might think the Aegend Sports Arm Sleeves are made cheaply. Surprisingly, these are far from flimsy. Reviewers thought they stacked up to more professional, big-name arm sleeves. Not only was their material incredibly soft and comfortable, the sleeves felt extremely strong even with a lot of wear.

Their seams are sewn with longevity in mind. The Aegend Sports Arm Sleeves have what they call articulated seaming. Using this type of method makes these nearly tear-resistant, at least at the seams. That means that they can hold up to a lot of extreme activities without worry of them degrading with time.

People who tend to be hard on their sleeves or need them for safety reasons will love this additional protection. If you’re in a job with a lot of sharp edges posing the threat of cutting you or breaking the skin, the Aegend Sports Arm Sleeves can help protect you. Keep in mind that the fabric itself is not tear-resistant. If you are dealing with a lot of sharp materials that snag the fabric, it will accumulate small holes.

Their seams are situated on the outside of the sleeve. These enclosed seams won’t snag or fray like the rest of the fabric may be able to. They also won’t bother your skin or rub since they don’t come into contact with the skin at all. Wearing the Aegend Sports Arm Sleeves is much more comfortable than other arm sleeves in their price range.

Ease of Care

When it comes to fabrics that you’re active in, you’re going to want simplified care. Most performance materials require special washing. This can be achieved with either hand washing or a gentle washer cycle. It is recommended to then lay them out to dry. While this is fine for a lot of lifestyles, if you’re wearing the Aegend Sports Arm Sleeves frequently you may want a quicker and carefree maintenance method.

These Aegend Sports Arm Sleeves can just be thrown in the wash when they need to be freshened up. Since they are very absorbent and resist odor, they don’t require a full wash super frequently to begin with. Unless you’re working up an intense sweat, you can wear these a few times in a row without any issue. When you are ready to wash there are no extra steps, just throw in and go.

Truckers will especially appreciate this when they may only get a day or two home during their workweek. These sleeves couldn’t be easier to use and take care of, reducing the stress of having to keep up with clothing that is meant to make your life easier. It doesn’t get much simpler than the Aegend Sports Arm Sleeves.

Ergonomic Design

One fault that sleeves frequently have is slippage. Even if you think the sleeve has a good grip on your arm, it can quickly begin to slide down after you start to move or work up a sweat. This is a problem for anyone doing anything if the sleeve design doesn’t account for it. The Aegend Sports Arm Sleeves have a grip on the top of the sleeve to keep them up.

Adjusting your arm sleeves isn’t only inconvenient but it interrupts your rhythm. Whether you’re playing golf, basketball, or football, you will find yourself having a harder time than need-be if you have to keep pulling your sleeves up. Reviewers said these stayed put from the time you put them on to when you take them off. This increases their protection from the sun and their overall comfort.

When sweating, it can be seriously bothersome to feel a garment slipping off of you. Readjusting can be torturous when your skin is damp with sweat. The sleeve won’t easily slide up your arm to get that perfect fit. These Aegend Sports Arm Sleeves won’t have any such interference. Their design allows them to stay perfectly positioned for hours of work or play.

In addition to their design improving the fit, it also improves the overall fit of the Aegend Sports Arm Sleeves. They fit snugly to reduce vibrations and protect your muscles from strain and discomfort. They aren’t technically compression sleeves but they do have some of the benefits such as injury prevention.


Reviewers agreed that the top armband of the Aegend Sports Arm Sleeves was quite snug. Many buyers sized up and still felt it was snug, but comfortable enough to wear anyway. If you’re looking to buy these arm sleeves, check the size chart and measure before purchase.

Their length may also be a bit longer if you have larger biceps and not as much height. For the very athletic or heavyset crowd, this can make it less pleasant to wear. The ends of the sleeves can get in the way of work or athletics. Having the material in the way of your hand movements can also cause the seam at the wrist to begin to fray. These sizing problems were noted by a few reviewers, most recommending to size up regardless.

These are affordable, so it isn’t the end of the world if they display normal wear and tear. If you only need one at a time, to protect tattoos or to drive, you can double the life of the product. It still isn’t ideal to have any purchase getting in the way of your day-to-day activities due to improper fit though. Sizing up is a simple fix but it is more complicated if there is a risk of creating a whole new length issue. You can fold the sleeves up to the top of your wrists if you find it measures too long for your arms in your bicep size.


The material of this Aegend Sports Arm Sleeves is the true star of their construction. It has many practical uses that span far beyond just sun protection. This fabric protects against cuts and scrapes in the workplace. It also is wonderful for reducing muscle pain and weakness. It snugly holds your arms to provide gentle compression that dulls the vibrations of muscle movement.

The material won’t be restrictive but it helps you to move more confidently. The fabric used in the Aegend Sports Arm Sleeves is an 8 percent Polyamide fiber and 12 percent Spandex blend. This feels supple to the touch and will feel luxe when wearing. The fabric feels as great as it functions, blocking out 98 percent of the suns most harmful rays.

In addition to its resistance to the sun and luxuriousness, it also holds up nicely over time. The Aegend Sports Arm Sleeves won’t pill with washing. That is when you see little balls of additional thread or material attached to clothing. Not only does it look bad, but it is bothersome to wear against the skin and can make the fabric more prone to tears. Preventing this extends the look and the life of the Aegend Sports Arm Sleeves.


It can’t be stressed enough that these are not true compression sleeves. Compression garments aid in circulation, in turn, improving muscle repair rates and protecting from further injury. Their firm-but-forgiving fit gives your muscles room to strengthen and grow while also restricting your body part from anything being put out of place.

The Aegend Sports Arm Sleeves aren’t quite compression wear. They do offer some support, reducing muscle vibrations, but nowhere near the level that a compression sleeve would. If you are on the fence about compression garments but feel you need something to give you protection, the Aegend Sports Arm Sleeves are a great option.

These will work to reduce fatigue when you’re playing sports or working with your arms. If you work in a warehouse or on the docks, you are going to be so grateful for the Aegend Sports Arm Sleeves. Unlike braces that can end up increasing heat and causing you to work up a sweat, these keep you cool and ready for anything.

UV Protection

The Aegend Sports Arm Sleeves do offer some support, but their protection from the heat and the sun is much more impressive. UVA and UVB rays are extremely harmful and sunscreen alone often isn’t enough. You can ditch the sunscreen on your arms if you wear the Aegend Sports Arm Sleeves. These have 50 percent UPF protection, which ensures your arms will perfectly undamaged skin even from a day out in the sun’s rays. People with tattoo sleeves were obsessed with the Aegend Sports Arm Sleeves for this reason.

With colorful ink, the damage from the sun isn’t only harmful to your health, but your tattoo. It will fade with sun exposure due to skin damage. If you want to protect your tattoos with less hassle than constantly reapplying 70 percent SPF, sleeves like this are a great alternative.

Tattoo enthusiasts aren’t the only ones who value the Aegend Sports Arm Sleeves sun protection. Commercial drivers know all too well of the lopsided tan that happens from being on the road and having your arm exposed to the sun. It can cause an uncomfortable burn and looks downright ridiculous. These sleeves put a stop to it completely.


As mentioned in multiple sections, there are so many uses for the Aegend Sports Arm Sleeves. They help keep arms cooler than bare skin, even on the hottest days. Their array of colors helps you coordinate them with several clothes or sports jerseys, so you can always show your team spirit. Being super absorbent allows them to wick away moisture and keep you dry, even when you can’t stop sweating everywhere else.

Their 50 UPF makes them ideal for golfers, cyclists, runners, and everyone in between. These are a total must for those who love the outdoors but also love maintaining their skin health. They also have two options for non-slip ribbing. One is an elasticated band, the other is silicone dots. That means you can choose the best option for you, getting a product even more perfectly designed for you.

Bottom Line

These Aegend Sports Arm Sleeves provide phenomenal protection from the sun’s harmful rays, as well as everyday fatigue. Their snug-fitting fabric keeps you motivated all day, while its moisture-wicking properties help you stay cool and dry. Many people needed to size up but that is an easy solution to getting this versatile arm sleeve. They may not be true compression gear but the cooling comfort and support they offer are valuable in their own right.