RYKA Devotion Plus 3

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Editor’s Conclusion
There are pros and cons to every style of shoe you will ever come across, but there are certain aspects that are simply a necessity when you're looking at walking shoes, such as traction, comfort, cushioning, and support. Without these features, your shoes are going to fail you and you're going to end up with some seriously sore, if not injured feet.

Let's talk about RYKA. RYKA has got a pretty cool background. It's a relatively new company, as in it was founded within the last 40 years and has had some people get on board with their brand, including the late Princess Diana. This funky brand is all about making footwear that is better-fitting for women.

Now the RYKA shoe we are going to concentrate on today is the Devotion Plus 3. Designed with comfort and support as pivotal, these stylish RYKA's could also be used as a running shoe - should you wish to break out into a run on one of your less heavy walks.
RYKA Devotion Plus 3 Review Facts
Editor's Pros & Cons


Flex-gear overlays

Anatomical Precise-Return insole


Can fit on the narrow side – may not be suitable for wide feet


8-Piece Skeletal Rubber Sole – excellent for traction on both wet and dry surfaces, designed for comfort and durability, the 8-piece skeletal rubber sole not only offers performance but it looks the part too. It also works simultaneously with the midsole to provide that further bit of comfort and cushion.

Anatomical Precise-Return Insole – sometimes walking shoes don't possess the ability to bounce back, not the RYKA Devotion Plus 3. Their insole provides that continuous cushion that won't fail to keep offering precise return with every step you take.

EVA Midsole – one thing any walker will know is the importance of cushioning for the underneath of the foot so that you can continue on longer walks. The RYKA Devotion Plus 3 benefits from an EVA midsole which acts as a shock-absorber and flexible protection for the foot.

Breathable Mesh - is a bonus material for any walking shoe as it will give your feet the flexibility and breathability they will require as your feet start to sweat and swell from the work they are doing.


It's important to know that your footwear is going to last over time and you're not going to walk out of your shoes the first time you wear them. The RYKA Devotion Plus 3 is a walking shoe that boasts durability with regard to traction. The rubber outsole is a long-lasting material that will not wear down easily and will hold its own on adventures.

The only concern I may have with these walking shoes is that due to the materials used on the upper, they may not be the best for longer hikes or winter hikes because the material wouldn't be suited for colder/wetter conditions, but for summer hikes and walks that are shorter, they are a pretty good buy.


I was happily surprised by the price of the RYKA Devotion Plus 3. Considering the technologies they use and their style, I thought they would be much more. Usually, I would pay more for hiking boots and I would happily do so, purely because I purchase the best footwear I can to protect and support my feet.

I'd rather pay more, knowing that my feet were being taken care of, than paying a cheap price and risk my feet being torn to shreds!

Comparison to Similar Walking Shoes

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Brooks Ghost 13 - Classed as a running shoe, the Brooks Ghost 13 is a shoe that is lightweight and adaptable. The Brooks Ghost 13 have air mesh material for breathability, DNA Lost technology for cushioning and comfort, and a responsive footbed for a smooth ride.


I like the RYKA brand. It's a brand that specifically designs shoes that are more focused on women and their athletic needs. The Devotion Plus 3 boasts technologies that are both advanced and would aid you on the beaten track; however, I am still unconvinced that the RYKA Devotion Plus 3 is specifically a walking shoe.

This trainer-style, lightweight shoe screams more of an easy walker and light runner personally. Comfort-wise, they rock, and you're feet are going to feel like they are on a pillow in these beauties. Style-wise they are attractive and offer a versatile look, another appealing factor.