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If you love getting outside and are looking for a great looking cap to wear for your adventures under the sun, you might want to consider the Nike Golf Dri-FIT hat. Just because the lid has the word golf in the name doesn’t mean that it is strictly for golfers, it can be used by just about anyone who likes to wear hats. It is super comfortable and looks fantastic. The one size fits all lid features a hook and loop closure with a thumb tab to give you a customizable fit for optimal comfort. You are going to get a decent amount of sun protection, keeping the light out of your eyes and the rays off of your skin. You might still want to pair this product with some sunscreen though for some extra protection. The affordable price tag paired with the long-lasting durability makes this a fantastic investment and a welcomed addition to your hat collection.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Affordable price tag

Long lifespan

Classic style

Comfortable fit

One size fits all


Few color options

No reflective detailing


Don't let the name fool you, and this cap can be used for just about any event imaginable, you are not limited to only using it on the golf course. That being said, it was designed with golfers in mind, standing under the hot sun all day, but all the great features can be taken advantage of by just about everyone.

The cap is designed to help keep the sun off of your head and face, giving you a barrier between you and the harmful suns rays. The curved bill will also shield the light from your eyes, so you can focus on what is front of you without worrying about the sun getting in your eyes and distracting you.

Whether you are an avid golfer, active runner, or only a hat lover, the Nike Golf Dri-FIT hat might be the perfect choice for you. It features an absorbent and soft terrycloth sweatband that will help capture the moisture from your sweat, keeping it off your face and out of your eyes. It is super lightweight and breathable to make sure you are able to stay cool and comfortable while you are out and about. It is genuinely a great hat that almost anyone can pick up and enjoy.


The Nike Golf Dri-FIT cap is surprisingly breathable, which is always a plus when talking about your athletic apparel. The hat features embroidered eyelets located throughout the top of the cap to ensure you are able to get some air flow into it, keeping you fresh while you are out and about. It is vital to have excellent ventilation because the air flowing into it can help keep you cool and prevent you from overheating when you are out in the head or doing any kind of workout.


The bulk of this hat is made out of polyester, which is typical for athletic apparel. It is a super strong fiber that isn't prone to ripping and tearing so you should have no durability problems thanks to this material. Additionally, polyester does not absorb moisture like other fabrics, such as cotton, do so you are not going have to worry about running around in a soaking wet hat all day.

It does features Nike's Dri-FIT technology, as the name suggests, so this is also going to aid in keeping you dry. It will wick the moisture right off the material, so it isn't soaking through, keeping you dry. If the cap does get wet, the polyester will dry quickly, so you are only going to experience that discomfort for a short time.

As mentioned above the sweatband around the inside of the cap features terrycloth that is both soft and absorbent, so it gives you an extra bit of protection against sweat.


One thing that almost all customers can agree on is that the Nike Golf Dri-FIT hat is super comfortable. It has a great fit thanks to the adjustable hook and loop closure, allowing you to get the perfect fit every time. Some reviewers have stated that it sits a bit low on your forehead, but that doesn't do too much to decrease the comfort level for most consumers.

More than actually being comfortable, however, it excels at preventing discomfort. As stated above, the moisture wicking materials and terrycloth sweatband work with the excellent breathability to help keep you both nice and cool and dry while you are heading out in the heat. This is going to prevent you from overheating and being stuck in a hat that is waterlogged when you start to sweat too bad.

Additionally, the bill is going to help keep the sunlight out of your eyes and the suns rays off your face, preventing the discomfort you might experience by limiting your field of vision or getting a sunburn on your face when you're under the sun all day long.


The Nike Golf Dri-FIT hat is one size fits all so you should not have any problems at all with it fitting your head when you purchase it. It does have an adjustable back strap that utilizes a hook and loop closure and a thumb tab so you can get a more customizable fit for a comfortable feel. Of course, if you have an unusually large or small head, then you might have some problems with the fit, but the vast majority of customers have had no issues and were completely satisfied.


When you are spending your money on a product, including your hats, you want to try to make sure that you are getting something that is going to last. You don't want to get a cap and then have to turn around and replace it shortly after your purchase. The good news is that you should not have that problem with the Nike Golf Dri-FIT hat. It is made out of durable fibers and has an excellent construction so it should not suffer from any premature wear and tear.

Of course, you are going to want to make sure that you are taking care of it correctly and according to the directions located on the tag. Ensuring that your hat is staying clean and in good shape is crucial to the overall longevity of it. You don't want it developing a smell and becoming too dirty that it is virtually unwearable.

There are some customers who have stated that this hat holds its shape very well, even saying that after washing, it was still in excellent condition. As long as you are taking proper care of the product, it will remain part of your hat collection for a long time.


The Nike Golf Dri-FIT has the classic look of most baseball caps. It has embroidered eyelets located throughout the top of the hat to give you decent breathability, and it features a squatchee (fabric covered button on the crown of the lid) that matches the color of the rest of the cap.

There are a couple of different color options that you can choose from, but the choices are limited. You can pick from black and white, dark grey and white, midnight navy and white, or white and black. Regardless of what color you choose, the cap features the iconic Nike 'Swoosh' front and center, and also on the back of the hat.


Customers will be able to appreciate the great value of this hat. It has a lower than average price tag when compared to some other lids on the market. Not only is the cost appealing but the remarkable durability and impressive comfort mean that this a fantastic investment and fantastic value.


There is not really a lot of information on the exact weight of the Nike Golf Dri-FIT cap, but customers can agree that it has an ultra-lightweight feel to it. You are not going to get the feeling of trudging along with any extra weight sitting on your shoulders. It gives you a barely-there feeling that consumers can greatly appreciate.


You are going to get a decent amount of protection when wearing the Nike Golf Dri-FIT cap. It is going to help protect your eyes from both the sunlight and your sweat. The curved bill is going to help protect your eyes from the bright light from the sun. It is going to make sure that you are going to be able to see as clearly as possible, even going as far as helping you tune out the world around you and allowing you to focus on what is directly ahead of you, eliminating unnecessary distractions while you are out and about.

The terrycloth sweatband that is located around the lid will aid in keeping the sweat from your head from rolling down your face and potentially getting into your eyes. Again, this cap is going to help make sure you are able to see as clearly as possible to keep you aware of what is going on around you, keeping you safe and protected in the process.

One thing that this lid does not offer that you might find in some other similar products is reflective detailing. If you are planning on going out for a run or any different kind of outdoor workout in lower light conditions you want to make sure that you are wearing some sort of reflective gear, so you are visible to passers-by. Keep in mind that this product does not offer you these features so if you need something with reflectivity you might want to pair this cap with something else to give you what you need.


In order to get the most out of the lifespan on your lid, you want to make sure that you are correctly taking care of it. Make sure that you are washing it according to the directions on the tag, so you do not risk damaging it in the cleaning proc

Bottom Line

If you are looking for an all around great looking and comfortable cap to wear when participating in outdoor activities, then you have come to the right place. The Nike Golf Dri-FIT might have been designed with golfers in mind, but that does not mean that you can only use it when heading out to the golf course. Customers can wear this for just about any activity. It is one size fits all and features a hook and loop closure with a thumb tab to give you a customizable fit, ensuring that it will be able to fit just about anyone who wants to wear it. It only comes in a few colors, but the ones that are available are more neutral colors, so they work for most consumers. It has an affordable price tag and an outstanding lifespan, making it an excellent investment. Customers love this cap, and many have recommended it to their friends and family.