Le Mystere Hi-Impact Sports Bra

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The Le Mystere Hi-Impact Sports Bra offers you fantastic support and fantastic comfort, two of the most important things you should be looking for in a sports bra. It is perfect for your high-intensity workouts, keeping you firmly in place, no bouncing around at the gym. The excellent design gives you an underwire that most customers barely notice and contour pads for optimal support.

Women love this bra for just about any activity. Whether running a marathon or lounging around the house, the Le Mystere Hi-Impact Sports Bra is a great option.

Unfortunately, quite a few women have had durability problems with the bra. The straps are convertible so that you can switch them from standard to criss-cross at will. The problem is the hook that holds the straps in place is fragile and breaks easily. After wearing it a couple of times, women reported that this hook would break and their strap pops. You can't wear this bra without the strap, so it makes the bra useless.

The high price tag mixed with the low lifespan, unfortunately, means that the Le Mystere Hi-Impact Sports Bra might not be the best option for everyone.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Amazing support

Great for high-intensity workouts

Fantastic comfort

Perfect for full-figured women

Tons of colors


Hook easily breaks

High price tag


Le Mystere got their start in 1991 with one goal in mind, to give women to right bra. They believe that if you have the right bra, it can transform your life, and they are right. They revolutionized the way bras they made their bras by using modern innovations to achieve optimal comfort.

Their bras were handcrafted and made to fit a wide array of women. They offered the broadest range of sizes, both cup, and band in America. They still, to this day, offer sizes ranges from 32A to 44H.

In 2003 they got their big break when they were featured on Oprah and made her "Favorite Things" list. Becoming regulars on her show helped spread the word to women all over the world.

They started a revolution, inspiring women all around the country to get fitted for the first time. Once you get the proper fit, you will get the most out of comfort, style, and support. They really changed the way women look and feel in their undergarments.


The Le Mystere Hi-Impact Sports Bra is perfect for just about any of your favorite activities. As the name suggests, it's terrific for high impact workouts. Whether you are running, jogging, or jumping rope, this bra will help keep you supported and comfortable. Women who wear this bra on their long distance runs commented that they were impressed by the lack of bounce they encountered. This also goes for those women with larger chests, excellent support no matter the size or activity.

Some women love wearing this bra for all of their gym workouts. The full coverage ensures that you will not have any spill out while you're exercising. Whether doing push-ups, headstands, or bear claws, you can rest easy knowing that your ladies are going to stay covered up and in the bra where they belong.

Of course, the gym isn't the only place it is acceptable to wear the Le Mystere Hi-Impact Sports Bra. It is exceptionally comfortable; customers have mentioned that they will simply wear it around their house on their lazy days. If you want to hang out and do nothing but still want a little support, this bra is comfortable enough to get the job done. Other women have opted to wear it to bed.

No matter what you're doing, keep the Le Mystere Hi-Impact Sports Bra in mind. It will be able to keep you comfortable and supportive, regardless of the activity.


When thinking about bras, comfortable isn't usually the first word that comes to mind. However, comfort is one of the essential things to look for in a suitable bra, other than the support, of course. You want a bra that is going to give you the support that you need, but you also want one that is going to provide you with lasting comfort.

The good news is, the Le Mystere Hi-Impact Sports Bra will give you both. Women have stated that the bra is extremely comfortable. They could wear it all day, or even to bed, with no problems.

The fabric of the sports bra is incredibly soft, giving you a pleasant feeling along your skin. It's going to help reduce the risk of irritation due to running.

Since the Le Mystere Hi-Impact Sports Bra has an underwire in it, it's possible that you will get a little discomfort there. It isn't common, but you always run the risk of the wire poking out and digging into you, causing you pain or discomfort. Again, it's a rare occurrence, but it has been known to happen.

The straps are thick and convertible, allowing you to personalize the way it fits for optimal comfort. Additionally, the front of the straps is padded, giving you a little extra cushioning up there.

Overall, many women have stated that this is one of the most comfortable sports bras they've worn.


As previously mentioned, support is one of the most important aspects to pay attention to when getting a bra. You want to make sure that it is going to keep your breasts secure, no matter the activity.

The Le Mystere Hi-Impact Sports Bra is, as the name suggests, a high-intensity sports bra and will offer you superior support. Whether you are running a marathon or participating in a hardcore aerobics class, this bra will make sure you have minimal bounce and optimal support.

The underwire and strap design help give you the best support possible for your needs. The straps are convertible, allowing you to wear it the standard way, or you can choose to criss-cross them. The straps are adjustable, allowing you to move them around to find the fit that is perfect for you.

It can be difficult, especially for the well-endowed women, to find something that will give them the security that they need, but the Le Mystere Hi-Impact Sports Bra gets the job done. No matter your breast size, this one will provide you with fantastic support.


Durability, this is important in anything buy, including your sports bra. You want your purchase to last, no matter what it is.

The problem with the Le Mystere Hi-Impact Sports Bra is that is just isn't durable. It's unfortunate because it's a great bra. Too bad it can't stick around for the long haul.

The hooks on the straps of the Le Mystere Hi-Impact Sports Bra tend to break after a short time, causing the bra unwearable. It can be frustrating and super inconvenient when you're in the middle of a workout, and one of your straps pops off. It's unfortunate that hooks are so fragile. The rest of the bra is fantastic, but this really puts a damper on that.

The rest of the bra is excellent. The materials are strong enough that they will not rip or tear on you throughout your workout. Everything else about the bra, besides the hooks, are meant to last and will not disappoint.


The way your bra fits you is crucial for your overall comfort and support. Sometimes it can be hard to determine what size you need for the perfect fit. Le Mystere recommends that you get fitted, if possible. It will change the way you feel in your bras.

The Le Mystere Hi-Impact Sports Bra seems to be running just a little bigger than anticipated. Customers suggest ordering a cup size down to accommodate for this discrepancy in sizing.

The bra is available in a wide array of sizes. Sometimes it can be hard to find something for women with more massive breasts, but this one can give you what you need. The sizes range from 32B to 40H.


The Le Mystere Hi-Impact Sports Bra has a great design that many women love. No, most people will not see your sports bra, as you wear it under your clothing. However, women just like to know that under their clothes, not only do they feel great, but they look it too.

It has underwire support, which has a cushioned design for comfort, as well as hidden lightweight contour foam pads. There are mesh panels of contrasting colors to help give them a unique look.

The Le Mystere Hi-Impact Sports Bra has a shelf neckline and a full band. Additionally, the straps are convertible, so you can wear them criss-crossed or standard, whichever you'd prefer. They have padded front straps, and the back is adjustable so you can the perfect fit.

The back of the bra has a hook and eye closure with three columns and three rows of hooks. This closure is padded for extra comfort, no need to worry about the metal hooks digging into your skin.

The Le Mystere Hi-Impact Sports Bra comes in a plethora of colors, so you are sure to find one that will best compliment your style. You can pick from charcoal heather, scuba blue, graphite, cobalt print, blue heather, black, coral glow, magenta, plum and wine print, slate, tanzanite, or oatmeal heather.


You are going to want to care of your bras to the best of your ability. You are going to be wearing the Le Mystere Hi-Impact Sports Bra while exercising so it will get sweaty and start to smell. As long as you are washing it regularly, you can keep it smelling fresh.

Unfortunately, the Le Mystere Hi-Impact Sports Bra is not machine washable. They recommend that you hand wash the bra in cold water and then hang it up to dry. If you aren't following these care instructions, then you run the risk of speeding up the wear and tear process.


When you're going out for a run or heading to the gym, you want to try to make sure you are wearing breathable clothing. It's important to have athletic apparel that is well-ventilated so you can try to stay as fresh as possible. You don't want to be out and start overheating because you aren't getting air flow through your clothes.

There are mesh panels integrated into the design of the Le Mystere Hi-Impact Sports Bra to help promote airflow to ensure you are feeling cool and fresh. The polyester materials aren't the most breathable, so it's nice to have the added mesh to keep you comfortable.


Sports bras are expensive in general. It seems that the better the bra, the more expensive they run. This Le Mystere Hi-Impact Sports Bra is no different. It has a pretty steep price tag. That said, it is a great product. The bra is perfect for high impact workouts and is super comfortable.

The problem is the durability. As mentioned above, the hooks tend to break, letting the straps come undone. It makes the bra virtually useless. This tends to happen after only wearing it a couple of times, which makes it even worse.

The high cost and low durability of the Le Mystere Hi-Impact Sports Bra turns a lot of women away from the bra. If you can keep the hooks from breaking it becomes an excellent product, but unfortunately, it misses the mark.

Bottom Line

If you want a high impact sports bra that is great for your hardcore workouts, then you have come to the right place. The Le Mystere Hi-Impact Sports Bra is perfect for running, aerobics, or anything else you can think of. It offers incredible support, keeping the ladies firmly in place. You won't jiggle or bounce around while in this bra.

The Le Mystere Hi-Impact Sports Bra is super comfortable; women love it. As long as you get one that fits you properly, customers say you will fall in love from the first time you put it on. It does, however, run a little large, so you might want to order a size lower to make up for that.

The problem, and it's a big one, is that it has a very short lifespan. The hook that connects the straps will break easily and quickly. It makes the bra useless, as you can't wear it without the straps. The high price tag combined with the poor longevity, unfortunately, means that bra isn't going to be the best choice for most people.