Hoka One One Cavu 2 Review

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The Hoka Cavu 2 is an excellent addition to their FLY collection and a very versatile, multipurpose running shoe. Featuring a lightweight rubberized foam outsole, PROFLY midsole and a seamless engineered mesh upper, the Cavu 2 was built to provide speed and comfort to the wearer without weighing them down.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Super lightweight and breathable construction
  • Engineered mesh upper
  • Thin Lycra comfort-fit bootie
  • PROFLY midsole
  • Rubberized foam outsole
  • Excellent shock-absorption and cushioning
  • Flexible
  • Multipurpose running shoe with excellent traction
  • Toe box is too roomy for some
  • Laces untie easily


Since the Hoka One One Cavu 2 was designed to handle anything from track running and working out in the gym, to racing and long distance running, the whole running shoe, especially the outsole needed special attention. That is why Hoka decided to ditch the standard heavy rubber, and made the Cavu 2’s outsole from rubberized foam, that provides both comfort and durability for the wearer. The rubber is concentrated on the high-wear areas of the shoe, like the heel and the forefoot, while the midfoot area is exposed EVA foam. This way, the shoes are protected against abrasions, as well as stay lightweight, thanks to the foam material. In addition, the Cavu 2 delivers exceptional traction to the wearer with every step, owing to the unique tread pattern found on the outsole. Namely, this X-shape pattern design grips to the ground firmly, be it concrete, a treadmill in the gym or track, and it even performs above average on wet roads and can take the wearer through muddy trails without breaking a sweat. Additionally, the tread pattern also provides great flexpoints, a step-up from the original Cavu’s relatively stiff outsole. Many runners were a bit skeptical at first about the Cavu 2 running shoe, but were pleasantly surprised to find, that this running shoe is not only very lightweight and cushioning, but is excellent for both marathon running and racing as well, making for a very versatile running shoe. Not to mention its incredible traction on a wide variety of surfaces, both dry and wet.


The Hoka Cavu 2 is part of their FLY collection, and is undoubtedly the lightest shoe in it, thanks to its PROFLY midsole unit. which is lightweight, durable and has great energy-return. While upon first glance, this running shoe looks a bit bulky for speed running, this could not be further from the truth. The PROFLY foam is in fact quite thin for a training shoe, as well as firmer than Hoka’s usual training shoes, without being stiff, making them ideal for both fast pace and long distance running, as it will not cause fatigue or soreness to the wearer. This is all thanks to the more firm heel unit, that absorbs the shock of each footfall, while gently cushioning the feet, and a softer forefoot region, that helps propel the runner into their next step. All of this makes for a bouncy and energized ride and smooth transitions. Reviewers who have tried the Hoka Cavu 2 running shoe, were impressed by its performance and loved the versatile nature of this running shoe, as they could easily switch between workout routines, as well as pace.


The lightest part of the shoe and designed with speed in mind, is the upper. It is made of a redesigned, seamless engineered mesh with strategically placed vents, for a lightweight, comfortable fit with excellent ventilation. The Cavu 2 is not only more breathable, but it is also lighter than the original Cavu, making this running shoe a great choice for both training and speed runs. Another thing, that Hoka changed in the Cavu 2 is the internal Lycra bootie. Namely, the Cavu 2 features a lower internal Lycra bootie than its predecessor, ensuring a next-to-foot feeling and delivering a responsive and secure ride to the wearer, while keeping them comfortable. It also features a relatively thin tongue and collar, which hug the ankles in a very comfortable and secure way, not causing blisters or irritation, and comes with a traditional lace-up closure, for a customizable fit, which the wearer can adjust to fit as snug or as loose as they need. The only thing, that one reviewer did not like, was the bigger toe box, however, that depends on personal preferences. Another reviewer mentioned, that the shoelaces untie pretty easily, but a double knot will fix that in no time.


The Hoka One One Cavu 2 is a very breathable running shoe, thanks to its upper’s design. The upper of the Cavu 2 features a redesigned engineered mesh, which is breathable in itself. In addition, Hoka included cleverly placed air vents all along the shoe, making it easy for air to flow in and out of the foot chamber, keeping the feet well-ventilated throughout use, no matter the season. During the warmer months, this running shoe is great for outdoor running, you can even tackle some light trails and speed running with the Cavu 2, since it will keep the feet dry and cool. However, it is best to stick to indoor workouts and runs during the winter season, according to reviewers, as they could feel the cold air circulate inside the shoe, giving them chills. This, on the other hand, further testifies to the breathability of the Cavu 2, as the air vents are doing exactly what they are supposed to: facilitate free air flow inside the shoes.


All the reviewers who have tried the Hoka Cavu 2, praised its high comfort levels. Hoka shoes in general, are on the bulkier side, with their cushy sole units, but not the Cavu 2. While still not quite the minimalist running shoes, the Cavu 2 features a somewhat slimmer rubberized sole, and a thin midsole unit. While Hoka did downsize on its volume when it comes to the sole, it does not mean that they compromised on comfort or support. The rubberized foam outsole is more flexible and cushioning than its predecessor, making the Cavu 2 perfect for a wide variety of different workouts and runs.

The thin PROFLY midsole unit is firmer at the heel and softer in the forefoot area, for maximum shock-absorption and stability, as well as softer and more energized toe-offs. This provides the wearer with a very comfortable and effortless ride, that will not cause fatigue or soreness, no matter the activity. Furthermore, the engineered mesh upper is very soft and extremely breathable, keeping the feet dry and cool and creating a healthy in-shoe environment. In addition, Hoka included a thin Lycra comfort-fit bootie, which is lower than its predecessor’s, for a comfortable and snug fit.


The Hoka One One Cavu 2 features an amazing 5 mm drop, which is excellent for people who midfoot strike, as it promotes the natural stride. In addition, it creates smooth and effortless heel to toe transitions, for a better gait cycle. Reviewers particularly liked this feature of the Cavu 2, as they felt they had better contact with the ground and control of their movements.


Created as a multipurpose running shoe, that can tackle anything from gym workouts to marathon and track running, the Hoka Cavu 2 does not lack in flexibility. The outsole’s intricate X-shape pattern design serves a dual function: besides providing excellent grip and traction on many different surfaces, dry and wet alike, this pattern also provides good flexpoints, which the wearer can utilize for many different types of workouts. The PROFLY midsole is also a step-up from the previous version of this running shoe, as it is thinner and more flexible, delivering a springy ride to the wearer. The upper’s engineered mesh material and thin Lycra comfort-fit bootie also contribute to the overall flexibility of this running shoe, as they conform to the feet and move with them in their natural bending and flexing. All of this together creates an effortless and very natural stride.


When it comes to style, the Hoka Cavu 2 does not disappoint. In addition to being multipurpose, all in one running shoe, the Cavu 2 looks and feels very smooth. It features a very clean and minimalist design, with its thinner sole and seamless engineered mesh upper with perfectly blended-in air vents, making this shoe both functional and aesthetically pleasing. It comes in a variety of colorways, from basic colors, like black, to more vibrant ones, such as pink or turquoise. It looks good both casually and in the gym, further adding to the versatility of this running shoe.


The Hoka Cavu 2 has plenty of support without being too cushiony and bulky, which reviewers liked. The rubberized foam outsole provides excellent traction and cushions the feet with every landing, while the PROFLY midsole delivers superb shock-absorption and cushioning to the wearer. It is firmer in the heel area and softer in the forefoot, delivering stability and smooth transitions at the same time. This running shoe is excellent for people with both high arches and flat feet, gently supporting and cushioning the underfoot. In addition, the mesh upper combined with the thin Lycra comfort-fit bootie helps secure the feet in their proper position and lock them in place once the shoes are laced up.


Hoka’s FLY collection features the lightest running shoes they have, among which the Cavu 2 is the lightest, coming in at 5.8 ounces in a women’s size 7, and 7.2 ounces in a men’s size 7. The Cavu 2 owes its light weight to the carefully selected materials and its excellent construction. Everything from its outsole and midsole, to its upper is made from durable, yet very lightweight materials, making the Cavu 2 into the multipurpose running shoe it is. It enables the wearer to switch between workouts and pace quickly, without breaking a sweat, thus delivering a more effortless and springy ride.

Bottom Line

The Hoka One One Cavu 2 belongs to their FLY collection, and is the lightest running shoe in it. It features a rubberized foam outsole, with rubber on the high-abrasion areas and exposed EVA foam in the midfoot area, which takes away from the overall weight of the shoe, and delivers a cushioned landing. The outsole has a unique X-shape tread pattern, that provides excellent traction for the wearer on a variety of surfaces, as well as flexpoints, enabling a natural stride. The PROFLY midsole is relatively thin and is firmer in the heel area for stability and softer in the forefoot region for cushioned and energized toe-offs. The wearer will also have better contact with the ground beneath them, as well as better control over their movements. The upper is made of seamless engineered mesh with air vents in the toe box, midfoot and heel area for maximum breathability. It also features a thin Lycra comfort-fit bootie for a supported and comfortable fit. The tongue and collar are also on the thinner side, but reviewers did not mind that, as it provided enough support for the ankles without creating blisters. The simple, yet attractive design also appealed to reviewers, and added to the Cavu 2's versatility. Excellent for anything from gym workouts to marathon running and speed training, the Hoka Cavu 2 is a great choice for any athlete or casual wearer.