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The GU Energy Roctane Gel is an amazing choice for anyone who's looking for an energy boost during their workout. If you are training for a marathon, doing high-intensity training, or anything in between, then this product is for you. There's a wide variety of flavors to choose from, so there's sure to be something that you're going to love. For the most part, that's Demers enjoy the taste of the Joe and is seated at the consistency isn't too thick. Of course, you're going to find the handful of people who didn't like it, what the vast majority did.

Customers who have tried this gel, love it! Provides you all the nutrients you need, including additional amino acids, she got you through your workouts. Some of the flavors have caffeine While others do not, so you can choose whether or not you put that into your body. Even if you go with a caffeine-free option, you're still going to get the Boost of energy to pull you through.

If you're looking for a quick and easy snack to keep with you on your long-distance run, bike rides, or excursions to the gym, then give the GU Energy Roctane Gel a try.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Works great

Variety of flavors


Good taste

Not too thick


High price tag

Not all-natural


The GU Energy Roctane Gel is an ideal snack to keep on hand when you are participating in any type of high impact training. If you are preparing for a marathonor participating in some kind of cross-training, snacking on one of these packs about five minutes before your workout and every 45 minutes after can help you drastically.

Many consumers choose to snack on these and keep them in their packs when heading out for a long-distance run, Additionally, if you are heading out for a bike ride or a scenic hike, having these handy can come to be beneficial. They are small and lightweight, taking up very little room in your pack. Even though they are small, they can pack quite the punch.

These gel packs come full of the electrolytes and amino acids that you need to push your way through your workout. They can help reduce the risk of muscle fatigue and strain. Of course, you are always at risk of injury, but this can help your muscles recover more quickly as well as help reduce the danger all together.


There are a variety of different flavors of these gel packs to choose from. The useful thing about it, however, is that they all have the same calorie count. It makes things a little easier if you are tracking what you are putting into your body. Regardless of the flavor you are snacking on, you will be consuming 100 calories.

Since it has such a low-calorie content, it makes for the perfect snack. It is not going to sustain your appetite for too long, but it will help you get through your workout more efficiently. That said, it isn't intended to be eaten as a meal replacement. In fact, it is more readily used to help give you the energy and nutrients that you need to make your way through your workouts.

Customers are usually using the GU Energy Roctane Gel packs for their high impact and intense training sessions. In these instances, you are burning a lot of calories, so this is going to help recover some of that and keep you moving forward. Consumers love that they can get this little snack and boost of energy without putting too many extra calories into their bodies. This is especially nice if you are watching your calories in vs. calories out for weight loss.


Taste is generally a personal preference. Most people have their preferred flavors and things that they like and others that they just cannot eat. That said, most customers love the taste of these gel packs. There are a variety of flavors so most people can find something that they just love.

Of course, there are a few customers who find the flavors intolerable. This is something that you will find with just about any product on the market. Even though some simply don't like the GU Energy Roctane Gel packs, the majority disagree.

If you are unsure of what flavor to get because you don't know what you are going to like, you can always opt for the variety pack. This is going to give you some of each flavor so you can figure out your favorites. The vast majority of consumers can find at least one flavor that they love.


There are a plethora of varieties of the GU Energy Roctane Gel packs. It's nice to know that you can pick and choose from your favorites. Sometimes it can be monotonous eating the same snack over and over and over again. Thankfully, when it comes to these gel packs, you can change things up as you see fit.

Some of the flavors that you can choose from include blueberry pomegranate, cold brew coffee, sea salt chocolate, cherry lime, chocolate coconut, chai latte, Tutti Frutti, lemonade, strawberry kiwi, and vanilla Orange.

If you are unsure which flavor you're going to like, this product is also available in a variety pack. The variety pack comes with six gel packs each of the blueberry pomegranate and strawberry kiwi, as well as four-packs each of the Cherry Lime, vanilla orange, and lemonade. This 24 piece variety pack will give you a chance to taste the most popular flavors of this product. Unfortunately, if you want to try one of the other flavors, you'll have to purchase them separately.


Keep in mind that these are, as the name suggests, gel packs. Every brand of these types of products has different consistency which some consumers just can't get past. It doesn't matter how good (or bad) something tastes if you can't stand the feeling of something in your mouth you won't be able to eat it, let along enjoy it.

Thankfully, according to most consumers, the GU Energy Roctane Gel packs have a decent consistency. They have stated that they aren't too thick, like some of the competitor's gels. There are a few customers who said they were a little thicker than they like. However, most have noted that they are actually a bit thinner than most others.

Of course, you are going to find customers who don't like the feeling of it in their mouths. Unfortunately, there is not really any getting around that, especially considering the snack is a gel. Some people will suffer through the consistency so they can take advantage of the benefits they get from the pack.


Unfortunately, the GU Roctane Energy Gel has a pretty high price tag. A lot of customers choose not to purchase this particular product simply because of the high cost. Keep in mind, when you are looking at the price, check out how many gel packs you're getting with each box. When you break it down and look at how much you're paying per pack, it makes the price tag a little more bearable.

Even though it has a higher than average price tag, most customers think that it's well worth the extra money. Simply put, the product works. It helps give you the Boost of energy you need to keep you going throughout your hard workouts. If you're starting to drag along and you need that extra push, taking one of these quick snacks can help you finish achieve your goals.

Amino Acids

The GU Roctane Energy Gel packs are loaded with amino acids. In fact, they contain 1425 mg of amino acids. These can help decrease your mental fatigue as well as muscle damage while you are pushing yourself to the limits during your workout.

Amino acids are the building blocks of the proteins in your body. They can help with the essential functions of your body, from digesting your food to building muscle, and even losing weight. The harder you train, the more stress you're putting your body through, so adjusting a little extra amino acid can go a long way and getting you to where you need to be.


Soon as this product is available and multiple flavors, it's to be expected that each one's going to have a different ingredients list. If you want to be sure of what the ingredients used in your flavor preference are, it's best to take a look at the Individual packaging.

For the most part, they have a very similar list of ingredients. They include Maltodextrin, fructose, filtered water, valine, leucine, beta-alanine, potassium and sodium citrate, ornithine alpha-ketoglutarate, calcium carbonate, sea salt, potassium sorbate and benzoate (preservatives), gellan gum, citric acid, natural flavor, sunflower oil, green tea leaf extract, and isoleucine.

Some other ingredients you might find, depending on your flavor preference, include chocolate liqueur and the chocolate flavors, bourbon vanilla in the vanilla flavor, and a little extra citric acid in the orange. Gatorade endurance energy gel is another great energy gel with similar flavors.

The ingredients list features a lot of big words that you might not be familiar with. Some consumers prefer all-natural foods with pronounceable ingredients. Unfortunately, this is not one of those.


Some of the flavors of these gel packscontain caffeine. Some of them include more than others, and some don't have any at all. It is all just going to depend on the flavor you choose.

If you're looking for an extra boost of energy and you want the maximum amount of caffeine, then the cold brew flavors going to be the perfect one for you. In fact, it has double the amount of caffeine like the rest. This flavor contains 70 mg of caffeine.

On the other hand, if you want one of the caffeine-free options you can choose from the lemonade, strawberry kiwi, or pineapple.

The rest of the flavors (blueberry pomegranate, chai latte, Cherry Lime, chocolate coconut, sea salt chocolate, Tutti Frutti, and vanilla Orange) contain 35 mg of caffeine.


The GU Energy Roctane Gel packs come in an easy-to-use squeeze package. This makes things very convenient when you're on-the-go. Since most customers like to bring these with them if they're going on a long bike ride or a run, it's nice to be able just to grab it and go. All you have to do is squeeze the gel into your mouth and follow it when to drink water. Super easy, barely an inconvenience.


You may be wondering what Roctane is, but don't worry, you're not alone. It's not something that many people are familiar with, mainly because it is reserved for the GU brands.

Products that use this formula are made for people who participate and long-duration activities or high exertion. It helps you perform with all of your potentials. It's going to help give you the boost you need to keep you going, mostly in the way of essential nutrients. It's portable and easy to use and easy to digest.

So why use the Roctane energy gels when you can use the normal ones? Honestly, it's based on your needs. The most significant difference is that this one gives you more branched-chain amino acids to help reduce your risk of muscle damage as well as prevent mental fatigue. Additionally, it contains extra beta-alanine which can help increase the acidity levels of your muscles, preventing soreness. Finally, it has some of the amino acid taurine, which can help improve your heart contractility.

Bottom Line

If you like to go hard call my weather at the gym or on the track, give yourself a little boost of energy now and then can always be beneficial. Thanks to products like the GU Energy Roctane Gel you can give your body the boost that you need with extra amino acids and sometimes caffeine. This is going to help keep you going so you can push yourself a little bit harder, reaching your goals.

The extra amino acids can help reduce the risk of muscle soreness as well as prevent mental fatigue. It's going to help you build proteins that you need to lose weight and build muscle. These are especially beneficial when you're heading out for long periods or participating and high-intensity exercises. So I command that you need one of these about 5 or 10 minutes before you start your work out and about every 45 minutes to an hour as needed afterward.

Most customers enjoy the taste and don't mind the consistency of these packs. There are several flavors that you can choose from, allowing you to find your favorites. Unfortunately, they do have a rather high price tag, which deters many consumers from even trying the product. However, customers who have used it noted that the product works very well. It is well worth the extra cost.