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There's nothing quite as nice as a comfy pair of socks! Gold Toe AquaFX is just the pair to keep you walking comfortably and won't make your feet feel too hot. These socks are a combination of cotton and polyester which makes them ultra-cushioned and super easy-to-care-for. Polyester is machine washable and won't shrink even if you tumble dry it on a low setting.

Gold Toe AquaFx is a lightweight choice that has ventilation stripes across the top of the foot to allow for more air circulation. This prevents overheating and keeps your feet from getting too sweaty inside of your shoes. Whether you're headed out for a stroll or cruising through the mall these socks will have you feeling your best. They sit just above the ankle and come in white, black, and grey hues for easy styling.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Moisture Wicking
  • Soft Cotton
  • Machine Washable
  • Ventilation Panels
  • Arch Support
  • Slip Down

Moisture Control

Controlling moisture is a must when it comes to the socks you choose to wear. Without proper moisture management, your feet will feel hot and sticky inside of your shoes and it will be unpleasant just walking around. Wearing shoes naturally raises the temperature of our feet and can lead to excessive sweating if your socks are too hot and heavy so the Gold Toe AquaFX is such a great choice.

These socks offer built-in AquaFX® moisture control technology that wicks excess perspiration away from the skin. This keeps you feeling your best all day long even when the weather outside is scorching.

Having sweaty feet will also make you more susceptible to friction-related issues like rubbing and blisters because the damp material will rub against your skin. After prolonged irritation, you’ll end up with a painful blister that could take weeks to fully heal so your socks need to properly control the moisture.


Don’t you just hate wearing thin socks that don’t offer any cushion whatsoever?! Well, that won’t be an issue with the Gold Toe AquaFX because these socks offer zone cushioning for precise padding. There are certain areas of the foot that experience fatigue and pain without adequate cushioning like the heel, arch, and forefoot which is exactly where Gold Toe AquaFX socks provide plush padding.

These socks are one of the more enjoyable choices that prevent achy feet even after long hours of wear. You won’t have any issues while wearing this sock and it certainly never feels flat underneath your foot.

Arch Support

Most people think their shoes are the only thing that gives them extra support but this just isn’t true! The socks you wear can make a world of difference. Gold Toe AquaFX socks have built-in arch support that helps protect that delicate area of the foot. By supporting the arch it prevents foot pain and fatigue in the lower limbs so you’re able to stay on your feet for longer without feeling any negative effects.

The arch acts like a spring which supports the entire weight of your body with every step. As you can imagine this puts enormous pressure on such a fragile area and will lead to many painful issues. Plantar fasciitis is a painful inflammatory condition which affects the connective tissue in the foot and relates to unsupportive footwear so you should make sure to provide as much protection as possible.


Don’t you just love a pair of comfy socks made from plush materials?! You know, the kind that feels like a cushy blanket wrapped around your feet but still let your skin breathe. Well, Gold Toe AquaFX socks offer a luxurious blend of fabrics that make them so enjoyable to wear you won’t want to take them off.

Gold Toe AquaFX socks are 47% cotton which makes for a plush ride that's more comfortable than other materials. It's important to consider temperature and breathability when choosing your socks and cotton is an ideal fabric. The mixture of 43% Polyester makes them easy to clean and care for because polyester is a no-fuss material that you can machine wash and then tumble dry on low without shrinking. The remaining materials are Spandex and Nylon which work to keep them from sliding down though they do tend to slip down at the heel anyways.


It’s tough finding a durable pair of socks, especially if you spend long hours on your feet. Gold Toe AquaFX socks are well-made and won’t wear out easily as most other pairs would. They have a reinforced toe that handles tough wear and tear daily without ripping along the seams. This is a must for anyone who leads an active lifestyle or spends long hours standing. Without the double stitching in the toe, your socks will end up ripping along the seam exposing your toe inside of your shoe.

Exposed skin is more vulnerable to friction and blisters which are a hassle. Blisters take a long time to heal and can bother you for weeks if you don’t properly treat them. This is why it’s so important to wear quality socks that won’t end up tearing and leaving your skin vulnerable inside of your shoe.


Gold Toe AquaFX socks are quite a stylish choice. They offer a low-cut design that sits just above the ankle so it protects that delicate area from friction-related issues. If your socks are too short it leaves the skin on the heel and ankle more susceptible to rubbing which will end up giving you a seriously painful blister that will take weeks to fully heal.

The discrete design lets you match these socks with practically any style of clothing including shorts and sneakers. You can always roll down the cuff slightly if you want them to be less visible when you’re wearing a skirt or dress and this will keep them from sliding down your heel.

Overall, the Gold Toe AquaFX is a slender-wearing sock that comes in white, grey, and black shades. These hues are all neutral which means that they look good with any color clothes.


Gold Toe socks are as innovative as they come! Gold Toe uses only the highest quality yarns and ensures that every pair is ultra-durable. Special reinforcing in the toe makes for longer-lasting pairs that won’t rip or tear with daily wear. The flattened seams create a smooth fit that’s as bump-free as you could hope for. Every pair is fully-cushioned with precise zone padding that protects the most delicate areas of the foot to prevent foot pain and fatigue in the lower limbs.

Breathable materials make Gold Toe hosiery an excellent choice for anyone who struggles with sweaty feet. While the added arch support is ideal for individuals with plantar fasciitis and other sports-related injuries.


Gold Toe AquaFX socks are a valuable choice that comes in both single and multi-pack varieties. The multi-pack is a better value because it’s much cheaper for three than it would be to buy them as singles. Some pairs only come as singles which isn’t an economical way to buy socks especially in today's world where everything is so expensive. Though, if you want to try them out you should purchase a single pair just to see if you like them before investing in a multi-pack.


Most people find these socks run smaller than the size guide suggests so you might consider a size larger than you normally would. Though you shouldn’t need to buy larger than normal because the issue isn’t so much with the fit but more with the way the socks slide down inside of your shoes. Most people think that wearing a larger size will fix this problem but it doesn’t. Instead, you will end up with bunched up excess material that will cause a whole other set of problems.

Finding the perfect fit with the Gold Toe AquaFX is all about trial and error. You won’t be sure until you’ve tried them on, though following the sizing guide is advisable.


The downside to Gold Toe AquaFX socks is that they slide down the heel when you walk. While you can work around this by rolling down the cuff slightly it's still a pain especially when you spend long hours on your feet. Most people find that the sizes run small so you should consider opting for a size larger than you normally would. The zone cushioning makes the Gold Toe AquaFX feel incredible on your feet and sets them apart from other similar styles. When you walk you can't help but notice the difference in comfort and how much more enjoyable these socks are than others.

Bottom Line

Overall, Gold Toe AquaFX socks are a great choice for practically any occasion. With a blend of soft cotton and adaptable polyester, these socks are ultra-comfortable to wear and easy to care for. Polyester can be machine washed and tumble dried on a low setting which makes Gold Toe AquaFX such an easy option when it comes to laundering. Most socks are such a pain because you have to hang them to dry but no these!

The built-in arch support and soft zone cushioning makes for incredible wear and prevents foot pain by protecting that delicate area. I love how durable they are thanks to the reinforced toe that makes them last for such a long time. If you enjoy wearing stylish hosiery then Gold Toe AquaFX socks are a great choice to consider! They are nice and thin but still provide you with lots of cushioning and the ventilated top side keeps you nice and cool.