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If you’re in the market for a sports bra that offers support without sacrificing comfort, consider the Champion Double Dry sports bra. It provides great support for medium-impact activities like yoga and Pilates. And it’ll support you while keeping you comfortable and dry. 

The Champion Double Dry Sports Bra consists of eighty-six percent nylon and fourteen percent spandex. So it is strong and durable with great air permeability. And it will move naturally with your body without losing its shape and support. 

The Champion Double Dry Sports Bra has full-coverage of the chest, non-adjustable shoulder straps that form a V in the back (to keep them in place better), a thick band, integrated measures for extra shaping and stability, and an adjustable hook and eye closure.

The Champion Double Dry Sports Bra is machine washable and tag-free. It is a little pricey, but worth it for those who need a bra like it.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Medium Support

Double-Dry Fabric

Soft Cup Lining

Shaping Panels

Hook-And-Eye Closure



Straps Aren’t Adjustable


Champion is a sportswear clothing manufacturer that has won a pretty good reputation in America. It is owned by Hanes and has actually grown to become Hanes’ second best-selling brand; beat only by the Hanes brand itself. A few other companies that are owned by Hanes include Outer Banks, Zorba, and Playtext.

Originally named the Knickerbocker Knitting Company, Champion was established by the Feinbloom brothers in 1919. It didn’t take long before they were producing uniforms for the University of Michigan Wolverines sports teams.

In the 1930s is when the Knickerbocker Knitting Company became known as Champion Knitting Mills, Inc. During those years, the company specialized in sweatshirts. The United States Military Academy liked their products so much that they began using them for their training exercises and physical education classes.

In 1989, Sara Lee Corporation purchased Champion. During the 90s, Champion produced uniforms for many NFL and NBA teams. To this day, many college and professional sports teams represent Champion. You can see some other Champion products here.


The Champion Double Dry Sports Bra is constructed from Meryl nylon and Lycra spandex. In fact, eighty-six percent of the construction is nylon, while fourteen percent is spandex. These two materials will work together to provide you with support, stability, breathability, cool and dry comfort, flexibility, and durability.

Man-made, and durable, nylon is what is going to give your Champion Double Dry Sports Bra its strength. Nylon will protect your bra from pesky bursts and tears. It will even protect your bra from damage caused by certain chemicals.

Thanks to the great air permeability and quick-drying capabilities of nylon, you’ll be able to stay cool, dry, and comfortable; longer. If you’re someone who is active, has large breasts, or lives in a hot climate you can appreciate that quality in the Champion Double Dry Sports Bra. Be sure that, if you have sensitive skin and/or nipples, you know that nylon has chemicals in it that can be irritating to the skin. Joggers nipple is no-joke, so be aware of how specific materials may affect your sensitive skin.

There is spandex integrated into the Champion Double Dry Sports Bra, and it is included for a couple of reasons. While spandex allows your garment to flex and stretch, it also keeps it from staying stretched out. Spandex provides durability, flexibility, shape retention, and support. It’s going to work continuously to give you a proper fit, longer. If you’re looking for other spandex products, check here.


Not all styles and fits of bras are perfect for all women and body types. That being said, this medium support Champion Double Dry Sports Bra delivers a fit that can satisfy a large demographic. It is made specifically for women with chests that are between thirty-four and forty-two inches in circumference and cup sizes between C and DD.

It has been reported by consumers that the fit is true to size and almost perfect. The complaint is that the straps are too stretchy and aren’t adjustable. It does help that they form a V shape in the back. This works to help keep them in place on your shoulders. However, some women say it doesn’t help.

The Champion Double Dry Sports Bra closes in the back with an adjustable hook-and-eye system. It features a full-coverage design which will bring you privacy and comfort alike. It is meant to be used for medium-impact activities and will have a tighter, more supportive fit because of this. If you’re looking for compression garments, check here.


Some people are active. Some people are sedentary. No matter what you are, everyone can benefit health-wise from a good, supportive bra. Bras that provide you with support have the potential to improve your posture, slow the sagging of your breasts, and aid in relieving pain and discomfort that can result from excess movement.

Anytime a woman with any-sized chest performs physical activity, her breasts will bounce (in all directions). When you wear a bra like the Champion Double Dry Sports Bra, you can work to reduce the bouncing and the impact of the bouncing. Your breasts may not have muscles, but the ligaments and skin can still become weak, break down, and result in sagging. Once this damage has been done, it is impossible to reverse.

The Champion Double Dry Sports Bra is designed for medium-impact activities, meaning it will provide sufficient support for things like Yoga, Pilates, and walks. There are hidden, cushioned underwires to help support your breasts. Side panels are built into the bra to help keep your breasts in place. The extra spandex knit into the bra will help to minimize excess motion while allowing your body to move naturally.

The Champion Double Dry Sports Bra has a hook-and-eye closure in the back, which will provide more support than bras that are simply pulled on over the head. The straps aren’t adjustable, which will provide less support than adjustable ones. However, they do form a V in the back, which will help to keep them in place on your shoulders. If you need a bra for high-impact activities, check here.


The Champion Double Dry Sports Bra is built for comfort as much as it’s built for support. It features a tag-free design to help protect your skin from unnecessary irritation. The built-in bra has a soft lining in the cups to cater to the sensitive skin on your breasts.

Keeping the moisture from your sweat under control is a big way that the Champion Double Dry Sports Bra keeps you comfortable. By wicking away moisture and allowing it to evaporate, this bra is sure to keep you cool, dry, and comfortable.

The Champion Double Dry Sports Bra is full-coverage. This means that your gap or crease between your breasts is covered, allowing you to jog and bend over as you wish without worrying about showing more than you’d like to. The only issue with the full coverage design is that consumers are reporting that the band from the front to the back is too thick. It reaches too close to the armpit, causing discomfort and chafing and a limited range of motion for some women.

If you’re looking for a bra with extra comfort, check here.


In any piece of clothing, it’s important to have the freedom to move your body naturally. Some people think of sports bras and automatically imagine something restrictive and suffocating, but that’s not the way it’s supposed to be or has to be. If you find the right fit, and the right bra, you should be able to move naturally without feeling held back.

The Champion Double Dry Sports Bra does work hard to keep your breasts supported and in place, but it also works to allow you to move freely and naturally. The spandex used in the construction of this bra is what’s going to help allow you to move without restriction.

The only issue reported, as far as flexibility goes, is that, for some women, there wasn’t enough room for natural movement due to the thick band irritating their armpits. For a bra more geared towards freedom of movement, check here.

Moisture Management

The nylon material, along with the Double Dry finishing process, will work to keep you cool and dry during the day/workout. It has been no secret that, for the most part, athletic wear retains more moisture than people would like. For this reason, Champion created its Double Dry products. These products are geared towards making sure that they provide the best wicking performance possible without sacrificing the comfort, look, or feel of the material.

The Champion Double Dry Sports Bra has an extra measure put in place to help pull moisture to the surface of your bra so that it can more easily, and more quickly, evaporate and dry. Thanks to this extra layer, your bra will absorb and retain less moisture than it would without. Keeping your bra dry will help keep it from sticking to your skin and causing irritation. For other products to keep you dry, check here.


Being able to adjust the fit of something you’re wearing is pretty important to most people. When it comes to bras, there are people who must have adjustability, and there are people who are okay with a set fit. It all depends on how your body is built.

The Champion Double Dry Sports Bra doesn’t give you the option to adjust the tightness/length of the shoulder straps. This is disappointing; however, the straps form a V in the back, coming together at the band where the hook and eye closure is located. The V shape is a strategic move that works to keep your straps where they’re supposed to be.

The hook and eye closure have adjustment options. However, if the Champion Double Dry Sports Bra not having adjustments in the straps is a dealbreaker for you, here are some with adjustable straps.


Typically, one of the biggest drawbacks about sports bras is that they take away some of the shapings you get from traditional bras. Champion doesn’t think you should have to choose between shaping and support/comfort, that’s why the Champion Double Dry Sports Bra has measures in place to help keep you in place.

There are side panels integrated into the design of the Champion Double Dry Sports Bra which will work to give you stability and shaping by supporting your breasts from the side. Even the added knitted in cups are there to give you shape. If you’re looking for a bra without any shaping, try here.


If you’re one of the many women who need a little extra coverage (for your cleavage or nipples), the Champion Double Dry Sports Bra has you covered. The cups are molded and have three-layers to give you your natural curves without allowing your nipples to show through. The Champion Double Dry Sports Bra conceals your cleavage with its high neckline. If you need less coverage, check this option.


Like all companies that are dedicated to their customers, Champion creates all of its products with the intent of satisfying its consumers. However, like in the rest of life, there is no way to satisfy every single person. This is especially true when it comes to clothing, considering that everybody is shaped differently.

There will also be the inevitable cases of manufacturer defects. Champion understands this, and therefore, if you’re not one hundred percent happy with your item, you may send it back within the first ninety days after the date of purchase.

Champion issues refunds as a credit to the account used to purchase the product initially. Your initial package contained a packing slip, which you will need. On the back of the packing slip is a form that needs to be filled out to request a return. Fill it out and include it with your item when you put it in the package to be returned.

You also have the option to print a shipping label (with a fee of $6.95) from EZ Returns. This amount is conveniently deducted from your refund. If you’re not interested in shipping your return, you can deliver it to the returns department. The address is available on Champion’s website. You may also return the item to a Hanes outlet store.

Bottom Line

The Champion Double Dry Sports Bra is perfect for those that are looking for a bra to wear during medium-impact activities like Yoga, Pilates, and walking. This bra has the perfect amount of support, stability, flexibility, moisture management, and coverage to keep you, and your breasts, happy and comfortable throughout your day and/or workout.

The Double Dry fabric will work to keep you cool and dry by wicking up your sweat, pulling it to the surface, and helping it to evaporate more quickly. The soft cup lining will keep sensitive skin comfortable. There is no option for adjustment in the straps, but the hook and eye closure is adjustable. The Champion Double Dry Sports Bra is a little on the pricey side, but it’s worth it if it’s the bra that’s right for you.