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If you’re looking to consolidate your devices, even just a little, you could find the Yamay Fitness Tracker to come in handy. There are a lot of things we depend on our smartphones for that we don’t need to. Yes, it’s nice being able to do so much with them, but it can become annoying always having them in our hands.

A great way to work towards becoming more hands-free is by investing in a smartwatch. This smartwatch brings a lot to the table that will make wearing one seem more appealing than ever. With a simple, sleek design, many color scheme options, functionality, and a great price, this one really covers all of the bases.

Equipped with a blood pressure monitor, heart rate monitor, sleep monitor, pedometer, GPS workout tracker, IP68 rating water protection, reminders, and notifications, the Yamay Fitness Tracker can record data from sun up to sun down and everywhere in between.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Blood Pressure/Heart Rate Monitor

Great Price

Sleep Monitor


GPS Tracking


Inaccuracy Issues

Not Sturdy Enough

Free App

This smartwatch is compatible with the free application called VeryFitPro. This app is available on the App Store for both Apple and Android smartphone users. It helps to track important measurements throughout your day and can be synced with other apps like Google Fit and Apple Health to keep all of your data in one place.

This app is convenient, but it does only have a three-star rating in the app store. This rating is due to the fact that consumers agree the app does what it needs to do, but it really could use a major update. It isn’t always dependable for working accurately and efficiently.

Some benefits you can expect from this app are a step counter, distance tracker, route mapper, calories burned estimator, sleep routine monitor, heart rate monitor, and alarm clock. Using these features will help your app (and you) evaluate where you’re at, fitness-wise.

VeryFitPro even has its own online community where you can share your results, compare them to others, and even participate in friendly competitions. It is the perfect tool to keep you motivated throughout your health and fitness journey. You can find other great fitness tracking watches here.

This app doesn’t allow you to track your daily intake of food and water, so you’ll need to sync it to another app like MyFitnessPal. VeryFitPro will automatically use your location information while the application is open, and you will want to make sure that your settings dictate it only uses your location during those times. Otherwise, it may use your location 24/7 and drain your battery.

Blood Pressure Monitor

Blood pressure is (as you may suspect) a measure of the pressure of your blood flowing through your veins and arteries. It’s a measurement commonly used in diagnostics because it is related to the heart rate, the force of the heart rate, and the elasticity and diameter of the arteries.

The top number in a blood pressure reading is known as the systolic blood pressure. This refers to the highest pressure at which your blood is being pushed through your circulatory system. The bottom number in a blood pressure reading is known as the diastolic blood pressure, which refers to the lowest pressure at which your blood is being pushed through your circulatory system.

If your blood pressure reading is 90/60 or lower, you more than likely have a blood pressure considered “low”. Between 90/60 and 120/80 is considered to be “ideal” and “healthy”. The best way to achieve this level is with a healthy diet and active lifestyle.

If your blood pressure is between 120/80 and 140/90, it is considered to be “normal”, even though it is slightly higher than it should ideally be. It is a good idea to try to lower it if it is in this range.

If your blood pressure is 140/90 or higher, you might have what’s considered to be high blood pressure, also known as hypertension. You’ll want to be sure to consult your doctor and change your lifestyle.

If you have high blood pressure, your body is at a greater risk of developing certain health conditions. High blood pressure means extra strain on your circulatory system (heart and arteries). In time, the additional strain could cause the arteries to become weak.

With continued strain, the arteries can become narrower, making them much more easily clogged. When they become completely clogged (blood clots), they can lead to a stroke, heart attack, kidney disease, and dementia.

The Yamay Fitness Tracker has a blood pressure monitor that works all day and all night so that you can easily and conveniently track your data without having to set aside time in your schedule to pull out a blood pressure cuff and stethoscope.

Heart Rate Monitor

There are a few occasions in our lives that may require us to use heart rate monitors. Gym glass in high school is one of those occasions, and medical concerns being another. Typically, when we’re forced to wear heart rate monitors, they tend to be bulky, uncomfortable, and unattractive.

Gym class heart rate monitors are often the chest strap style. It seems like a brilliant idea, having it so close to your heart and all. But the straps are tight and the front of the monitor becomes irritating to the skin very quickly when you sweat.

The monitors that are given out by doctors and hospitals typically include the horribly annoying and skin irritating sticky sensors that you have to wear all over your chest. Removing them can be a pain (literally) and leave behind a sticky residue for days. They also usually have to be worn for long periods of time and come with a not-so-fashionable box accessory that must be clipped to your pants, and is connected to the sensors with a cord.

It’s important to track your heart rate because you’re actually evaluating a lot more than the rate of your heartbeats. You’re also looking for abnormal rhythms, checking the functionality of your lungs, and evaluating how well your heart, blood, and arteries are working. It can also determine if your muscles are consuming oxygen as they should.

This smartwatch will automatically check your heart rate and send the data to your VeryFitPro app. Any time you want a real-time reading, simply follow the steps to check it manually. Here you’ll find more heart rate monitors to browse.

Sleep Monitor

The Yamay Fitness Tracker monitors your sleep cycles. It is set up to automatically detect your sleep from nine o’clock pm to eight o’clock am. When you wake up in the middle of the night, your data will reflect the break in your sleep. If your sleep data totals less than four hours, it won’t be recorded.

When the watch senses that you are completely asleep, that is when it will begin recording its data. Sleep may come easily for some people, but for others, it’s a game of luck. Some people find it nearly impossible to fall asleep, stay asleep, and sleep deeply for a quality nights’ rest.

For those people, it quickly becomes a frustrating situation that escalates into stress and exhaustion. The team that designed this smartwatch understands that not everyone sleeps equally. That’s why they integrated this tool into the construction of the watch.

It is able to determine how much time you spend awake, asleep, in shallow sleep or deep sleep, and the overall quality of your sleep each night. When you monitor your sleep cycle, you better equip yourself to determine where your issues are and how/if they can be remedied.


This watch also features a pedometer, which records your steps, distance, pace, time, calories burned, and heart rate. There are fourteen different activity settings you can choose from before heading out. They include cycling, hiking, using a treadmill, walking, running, fitness exercises, badminton, basketball, football, tennis, spinning, dancing, yoga, and mountaineering.

Many people find that counting steps is an effective tool to use in order to keep themselves motivated. When there is a number in front of you, it can serve as a personal cheerleader to get out and do better than you did yesterday. And if you are too sedentary, it will encourage you to get up and go.

It only makes sense that it would be more effective for your fitness goals if you are focused on being present when you’re working out instead of focused on a number counting your steps. When you shift your focus, you can spend more time and energy concentrating on what your body is doing. You can improve your form and intensity, yielding you better results in the end. You can find more pedometers here.

Water Protection

It’s important to know what you can do with your device as far as getting it wet. There is a difference between being waterproof and being water-resistant. When it comes to electronics, they are most usually water-resistant.

Waterproof products are unaffected by moisture, whether you have them submerged for one minute or one hour. Water-resistant products can stop moisture from passing through the surface, but only for a limited time at a limited depth.

This smartwatch is water-resistant with an IP68 rating. IP means ingress protection. The first number following “IP” refers to the watch’s resistance to solids. The second number refers to the resistance to liquids.

Because the solid resistance is a six, the watch doesn’t allow the passage of dirt or dust for up to eight hours. The liquid resistance is an eight, meaning that the watch is protected from moisture when immersed in up to three meters.

The watch is safe to use during showers and swimming, although it will not track your workout when underwater. If you’re looking for a watch that can track your swimming workouts, try this one.

GPS Tracking

GPS technology is used in the design of this watch, making it capable of measuring your route, speed, pace, and distance during physical activities. Thanks to being able to track these measurements, you can be better able to review real-time data regarding your performance level.

If your GPS is activated and you put your phone on battery-saving mode, it takes energy away from the GPS readings. This will cause the accuracy to suffer. Yes, the technology is advanced and efficient, but even it requires certain measures to be in place in order to work at its full ability. The signal receiver needs to be able to reach at least four nearby satellites for the most accurate readings.

In order to save precious battery power on your smartphone, it is helpful to invest in a GPS smartwatch such as the Yamay Fitness Tracker. It is more convenient, lightweight, compact, durable, and has a longer battery life than most smartphones when connected to GPS satellites.


When you use this smartwatch and have it paired with a smartphone, you’ll be able to receive, view, and interact with notifications from text messages, phone calls, emails, and social media platforms. Some of these social media platforms include Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, and Instagram.

Your watch can also remind you that you are not moving enough or advise you to take a break if you’re moving a lot. You can set alarms, and you can even set them to be silent. This way your watch will vibrate with a reminder without disturbing anyone around you. This smartwatch also has these features. (apple watch series 4)


The Yamay Fitness Tracker has a display that is 0.96” tall. The display is in color and is OLED. The screen is controlled by a single “touch” button at the bottom of the screen.

The battery takes just two hours to charge and can last between five and seven days, depending on the usage. It is easily charged without the need for a cord. Simply remove the band and insert the USB plug into and USB port. The wrist band is suitable for women, men, and even children. It can be adjusted to be anywhere from 5.5” long to 8.3” long.


This smartwatch is designed to be used with certain smartphones. It is not compatible with any PC’s (personal computers), iPads, or tablets. The smartphone must be an Apple or Android model with operating systems that are iOS 7.1 or newer and Android 4.4 or newer.

When connected to a smartphone, this smartwatch can sync message alerts, call alerts, email alerts, and social media alerts. It can also be used as a remote control for the camera. This feature makes taking selfies a breeze. Set your phone up in the perfect spot, get into position, and click the shutter button when you’re ready.

Bottom Line

When it comes to investing in a new gadget, you want to be sure that it will provide you with what you want and need. This smartwatch can track your blood pressure, heart rate, sleep patterns, steps, distance, speed, and calories burned.

It can be used during any activity, at any time of day. It can even be worn in the shower and during swimming, so long as it is not submerged too deeply for too long. It will not be able to track your exercises when it is underwater, though.

The Yamay Fitness Tracker comes at a great price with a thirty-day one hundred percent satisfaction guarantee. If you aren’t satisfied, simply contact their friendly customer service team. It also comes with a twelve-month warranty and lifetime access to technical support.