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In modern-day society, we are accustomed to having whatever we want access to being close at hand. Most often, literally in hand. It’s hard to imagine things could be any more convenient. But, with a LetsFit Fitness Tracker smartwatch, the impossible is now possible.

This smartwatch doesn’t just allow you to have the clock and date on your wrist. You can enjoy so many more benefits, like a heart rate monitor. This monitor will track your heart rate throughout the day so that you can review the statistics on the VeryFitPro app at the end of each day. You can also manually check it right on the watch at any time.

When you head out the door for a morning stroll, work, a run (or any kind of activity), you can track your steps, mileage, route, and calories burned without needing to carry your phone in your hand. Stash your phone in a pocket or belt and get on with your day.

Even your notifications from text messages, phone calls, and social media platforms can come through on your LetsFit Fitness Tracker so that you don’t need to reach for your phone unless it’s a necessity. Exercising in a rain shower if you must, this smartwatch can handle it.

At a great price, with a twelve-month warranty and dedicated customer service team, you don’t have anything to lose in trying this watch.

Editor's Pros & Cons

GPS Activity Tracker

Heart Rate Monitor

Sleep Evaluation

Step Counter

Water Protection


Troubleshooting Issues

Accuracy Issues

Free App

Your smartwatch can be connected to the free app called VeryFitPro, which can be found on the app store on your smartphone. This app works to conveniently track many important measurements throughout your day. It can be synchronized with other fitness apps that come with your smartphones, such as Google Fit and Apple Health.

While this app is a very convenient way to monitor many different data sets in one easy place, it only has a rating of three stars on the app store. Consumers report that, even though the app gets the job done, it doesn’t always get it done efficiently or accurately. Many agree that the app has great features, it just needs a really good update.

The VeryFitPro app can count your steps, track your distance, map your route, count your calories burned, track your sleep habits, read your heart rate, and alert you when it’s time to get up, time to get moving, or time to pick up your kid from school.

When you get into the habit of recording your exercises and daily steps, the app will be able to more accurately evaluate the level of fitness you’re at. There is even a social community on the app that is the perfect place to share results and have friendly competitions to keep you motivated. You can find more watches that are handy for tracking your fitness here.

Something that is lacking from the VeryFitPro app is a food and water intake tracker. Thankfully, there are apps that you can download to fix that problem. One of those apps is called MyFitnessPal, and it is very effective in helping to keep diets on track. Exercise is best complimented by a regular, healthy diet.

This app, like most others, will likely automatically use your location data, both when you have the app open and when you don’t. This will easily drain your phone’s battery. In order to fix this, simply access your phone settings and turn the location setting to “only while using the app”.

GPS Tracking

Because GPS technology is integrated into the LetsFit Fitness Tracker smartwatch, it is capable of more accurately measuring distance, route, speed, and pace. Thanks to the availability of these metrics, runners are more equipped to receive real-time, accurate data regarding their performance.

Something that people don’t realize about the GPS accuracy on their smartphones is that when you put your phone in batter-saving mode, it doesn’t do the GPS any good. When the phone is in power-save mode, it takes away energy typically spent on the GPS measurements. Because of this, the accuracy will decrease significantly.

Even though modern GPS technology is more efficient and has less variation between devices, it still requires certain things in order to work at its best ability. The receiver on the device has to be able to detect at least four satellites in the area to be able to work properly. The more satellites in the area, the more accurately your position will be recorded.

Some people don’t understand the attraction of GPS watches because their phones have GPS capabilities. However, there is a great advantage to uses a watch versus your phone. When your phone is tracking your movements via GPS, the battery doesn’t last very long. It’s smarter to use your phone’s juice for emergencies.

Using the GPS watch will help to save your phone’s battery and give you greater convenience. It is more lightweight, more compact, more durable, and has longer battery life for tracking your outdoor activities.

This watch can be used to track your daily movements and even comes with fourteen preprogrammed sports modes that will help to track workouts in an organized and efficient manner.

Heart Rate Monitor

At some point in our lives, most of us will have used a heart rate monitor in some capacity; whether it be for sports, gym class, or health concerns. What most heart rate monitors have in common is that they’re uncomfortable, bulky, and silly looking.

The chest strap heart monitors that are commonly used in gym class scenarios may seem like such a cutting edge idea. However, these straps are tight, and when you sweat, they become very irritating to your skin. The monitors that the doctors give you typically have sensors that you are to stick to your skin, and they come with an inconvenient box you’re to clip to your pants all day.

Why is it important to read your heart rate? It’s because when you’re looking at your heart rate, you’re looking at way more than just the number of times it beats in sixty seconds. Your heart rate detects any abnormal rhythms, determines how well your lungs are functioning, and evaluates if your heart, blood, and arteries are all working as they should. It can also give you a hint as to whether or not your muscles are consuming enough oxygen.

This data is important information to know in order to keep track of your body’s health and optimize your fitness. In an average adult, the heart rate at rest should be anywhere between fifty and ninety beats every minute. Heart rates on the lower end usually signal better health. However, if your heart rate drops below fifty beats in a minute, it could be a warning sign of something serious.

With this smartwatch, you can easily and efficiently track your heart rate without having to lift a finger. This heart rate monitor will evaluate your heart rate automatically (results showing in the VeryFitPro App), and you can check out the data curve at the end of the day. If you need a real-time heart rate evaluation, there is a manual option as well. You can find more great heart rate monitor products here.

Sleep Tracking

Sleep comes as easily as breathing for some people. However, for many others, sleep is nearly impossible sometimes. There are a lot of people who struggle with being able to fall asleep, stay asleep, and/or sleep deeply.

For these people, it becomes extremely irritating, stressful, and exhausting rather quickly. They are left feeling run down and stressed out all day and night. Thankfully, the team who engineered the LetsFit Fitness Tracker understands that there is a large need for help in the sleep department.

This fitness tracker watch is able to track how much time you spend awake, how much time you spend asleep, whether your sleep is shallow or deep, and what the quality of your sleep altogether is. By monitoring your sleep and wake cycles, you will become more able to determine where the issue lies and how to work toward a solution.

If you’re tracking your sleep patterns, it’s likely that you’re someone who can’t fall asleep instantly. If this is you, you’re probably thinking there’s no way this thing can accurately track your sleep. Well, it can. You don’t tell it when you’re going to sleep, it senses it.

The sensor in the wrist band is programmed to react to changes in your activity. It can tell when your arm moves. It can tell when your heart rate slows (as it typically does when a person falls asleep). Depending on what your dreams are like and how well you breathe at night, your heart rate should stay at a lower rate throughout the night.

Step Counter

Another great feature you can enjoy when using this smartwatch is the step counter. It’s not even just a step counter, either. It will go as far as to estimate the number of calories you’ve burned during your activity and will alert you if you’ve been sedentary for too long. It can tell you your distance and speed as well.

Counting steps is an effective tool for many people looking to motivate themselves to get out and move more often. Having a number right in front of you (a score, if you will) is enough of a motivator for most people to want to get out and beat their own score the next day. And, with this watch, if you are letting yourself down, it will alert you that it’s time to get up and move.

Is it even possible for a smartwatch’s step counter to accurately estimate the number of calories you’ve burned? Yes and no. Fitness trackers use information gathered by their sensors and use their algorithms to come up with an estimated total of burned calories (AKA energy expenditure). These estimates, while not completely accurate, will help you determine what (and how much) to eat, drink, and do next.

The tracker will take information like your gender, age, weight, and height and use it to determine an estimated basal metabolic rate (BMR) for you. Your BMR is responsible for half of the number of calories that your body burns in a day. These are the calories that you’re burning when you’re not even doing anything.

Even if the estimated total of calories burned isn’t accurate, it can still be very useful information if it’s consistently inaccurate by the same amount each day. You can use these numbers to make progress. Your tracker will be able to detect the days that you’re more active than others, thus showing more calories burned on those days.

It’s more effective to be present in your workout than it is to be a slave to the calorie counter. When you’re not focused on the numbers on the screen, you can be more focused on what your body is doing. You can concentrate more on your form and intensity.

Water Protection

There is a very big difference between waterproof and water-resistant. It can’t be stressed enough when it comes to electronics that you need to be aware of what your device can handle. If it is waterproof, that means it is unaffected by water, no matter how long you have it submerged. Water-resistant devices can, to an extent, stop moisture from passing through its surface.

When it comes to smartwatches and smartphones, you are most likely to find that they are water-resistant, not waterproof. Such is the case with this smartwatch. It can not survive indefinitely in water. It has an IP68 rating.

IP is an abbreviation for “Ingress Protection”. The numbers following the “IP” symbolize how resistant the product is to solids and liquids. The first number represents resistance to solids. The second number, then, represents the resistance to liquids.

In this case, the solid resistance rating is six. This means that the smartwatch does not allow any harmful dirt or dust to enter the unit (for up to eight hours). The liquid resistance rating is eight. This means that the smartwatch is protected from water (even immersion up to three meters) enough that you can participate in swimming and outdoor activities in the rain without worrying.

This watch will not be able to track your fitness and health statistics while immersed in water, though. If you need a watch that can track your swimming workout for you, try this one.


This smartwatch can do more than track your movements, evaluate your sleep, and read your heart rate. It can also be synced to the alarm clock on your phone to let you know when it’s time to get up, get to work, workout, or get the kids. There are also alerts for when you’ve been sedentary for too long.

It may seem ridiculous and annoying to be alerted when you’re not moving. But, for many, it’s the best motivator they’ve got. If you wouldn’t be a fan of these alerts, simply turn them off so that you don’t get any.

This smartwatch can also be connected to your phone’s camera. When connected, the watch acts as a remote. You can set your phone up for the perfect picture, ten feet away, and use your watch to click the shutter. No more missing out on the photo, being left out of the photo, or being smooshed in the corner of the photo.

The upper casing of this smartwatch is made from polycarbonate plastic (PC). The wrist band is made from thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). Altogether, the watch weighs just under twenty-five grams. You can keep your phone close-at-hand, while remaining hands-free, with this.


The battery in the LetsFit Fitness Tracker is a lithium battery with a capacity of sixty-five milliamp-hours (mAh). MAh measures how much power the battery has, and how long it will last. The more mAh you have, the longer the battery life.

The LetsFit FitnessTracker takes between one to two hours to fully charge. It is cordless, so to charge it, you disassemble the band from the face of the watch. When you do this, you will see a USB plug.

Simply plug it into a USB port on your computer or a power box/strip. No need to worry about keeping track of a cord. With a full charge, your watch can last between five and seven days, depending on usage.


The face of this smartwatch is 0.87 inches wide and 1.77 inches tall. The screen display measures 0.96 inches tall and features a brightness control option to adjust to changing environments. The screen has a colored TFT LCD display.

This means that an LCD screen is used in conjunction with a thin film transistor (TFT). Thanks to the TFT, the display on your watch is brighter, sharper, shows motions better, and refreshes quicker.

This watch can fit wrists that are between 5.4 and 7.6 inches long. It is available in three color schemes. In each, the face of the watch is black. The band options are grey, green, or red. If you’re interested in a more “classic” style watch, check this one out.


The LetsFit Fitness Tracker is made to be used with smartphones. It is not compatible with any PC’s (personal computer), iPads, or tablets. Your smartphone must be either an Apple phone or Android phone and run on operating systems iOS 8.0 and Android 4.4 or newer. The Bluetooth software must be 4.0 or newer.

The smartwatch is able to transmit the Bluetooth signal from it to the connected phone from as far away as thirty-three feet. Feel free to be completely hands-free if you’re going to stay near your phone; otherwise, you’ll have to enter your information manually and may miss out on important data.

When paired with a smartphone, your smartwatch can notify you of calls, text messages, emails, and social network interactions. You can even view the ID of the incoming caller before pulling out your phone. For those who hate answering phone calls, this feature is priceless.

Bottom Line

This smartwatch can come in handy for anyone from the soccer mom, to the bookworm, to the athlete, to the office worker. It can be beneficial for people of all ages. Virtually everyone can benefit from a product that records important data.

This product can record your heart rate, steps taken, calories burned, exercise route, sleep patterns, and more. It is water-resistant enough to be safe for showering and swimming, to an extent. It will not, however, record your data while submerged in water.

It comes with great battery life in a convenient, cordless charging solution. The color schemes are sleek, simple, and statement-making. The VeryFitPro app could use a big update, and there are a few accuracy issues for some consumers.

The LetsFit Fitness Tracker comes at a great, price with a twelve-month warranty and a dedicated, friendly customer service team.