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Hamstring injuries can be truly unbearable, thigh strain is just as painful. This Vive Thigh Brace works to reduce the possibility of reinjury. All the while speeding the muscle healing process. Its insulating neoprene material warms the muscles affected to expedite the reparative process. As a result, this one simple brace makes the healing process so much easier.

Adjustable compression allows you to be able to control the fit for the best performance. Due to moisture-wicking abilities in the ventilated fabric, this Vive Thigh Brace feels just right year-round. This is a product intended for a specific injury, which should be noted. If all you’re looking for is exceptional thigh support, the Vive Thigh Brace has it.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Adjustable
  • Ventilated
  • Durable Neoprene
  • Affordable
  • Targeted Compression
  • Cushioned Feel
  • Runs Small
  • Slips During Intense Activity


Since all legs and thighs are unique, a unique fit is necessary for targeted compression. This Vive Thigh Brace provides an adjustable fit so you can keep it securely in place. Doing so ensures you will get the compression you need in the area you need it! While some braces just use a single hook-and-loop closure, the Vive Thigh Brace has a bit more stability.

With two straps to adjust it perfectly, you can get that snug fit from the top of your thigh to the bottom. The dual fasteners work like velcro to attach to the outside of the brace once tightened on the thigh. Adequate spacing allows them to have evenly distributed pressure when tightened.

Since one strap is on the bottom and one on the top of the Vive Thigh Brace, you won’t feel that the compression is uneven on your thigh. Instead, the brace’s straps don’t interfere at all with the comfort of the Vive Thigh Brace. It accommodates up to a 27-inch thigh, so while this isn’t one-size-fits-all, it's relatively inclusive to several bodies and weights.


This can go on either leg, on any gender, and on (almost) any size. With all of these abilities in a one-size product, you can doubt its proficiency at staying in place. There are elastic straps on the top and bottom of the brace to try to keep it where it is supposed to be. However, in higher intensity activities, reviewers felt it struggled to stay up

Being made from neoprene allows this Vive Thigh Brace to have some grip on the leg when wearing it. Textured neoprene is known as an anti-slip material. The ventilation holes on the underside of this brace act similarly to a textured neoprene. Few activities will challenge the staying power of this option by Vive but it still isn’t perfect for all activities. Without the waist strap like some thigh braces, it definitely will still slip to some degree, as any other would.

When tightly fastened, you will rarely have to adjust it but it won’t stay all day long without a few tightenings. Since it comes up and rests right past what for most people is the largest part of their thigh, it naturally won’t want to slide during low-impact movements. Its structure prevents bunching as well! For a brace that mostly stays in place, Vive has you covered.

Reviewers did mention that tightening their brace very well helps them to avoid slippage. It is possible to wear it upside down as one of the straps is longer than the other to accommodate the upper thigh. If you’re struggling to tightly secure the Vive Thigh Brace, just check if it is oriented correctly on the leg.


Reviewers felt their muscle pains melt away when using the Vive Thigh Brace. While many braces feel restrictive and downright painful after some wear, this gave a different experience. This brace is structured enough to give extreme support but flexible and soft enough to avoid even stiffer muscles and soreness.

You will immediately feel better when using this after pulling your groin or hamstring. Ventilation gives it a breezy feel when you’re wearing it. This won’t fall victim to the stuffiness of most braces. Neoprene can sometimes be known for getting slightly hot and uncomfortable but the Vive Thigh Brace will make you feel the opposite.

The fabric itself feels more like padding than cloth. Your thigh will feel enveloped and hugged in soft support. Rather than having to constantly readjust to prevent it from digging into your thighs, you can wear the Vive Thigh Brace and nearly forget it's there. That is a hard task for any kind of brace, so for such a large thigh option, it is extremely impressive.


Rather than a sleeve with gives more general compression on a whole area, this brace offers very concentrated compression. This makes the Vive Thigh Brace particularly fantastic for injuries. You can expect this to aid in your legs recovery just as it is intended.

The neoprene keeps in therapeutic heat. With the increase in circulation and this heat, muscles can more rapidly heal and repair themselves. Not only does the compression temporarily warm the muscles to lessen discomfort but it provides long term therapeutic effects when worn for muscle recovery.

While wearing the Vive Thigh Brace, you don’t have to worry about re-injury. Your healing time will be a fraction of what it would be without any brace or additional support. The Vive Thigh Brace can lessen the pain and speed up the recovery time of injuries to the hamstring, quadriceps, and even the groin.

Anyone who has previously disliked the heavy braces that are often used for groin healing should give the lighter Vive Thigh Brace a try. It can give adequate support necessary without feeling restrictive. Groin braces tend to cut across the hips and the thigh, making it less easy to wear in public or during certain activities.


This brace will probably outlive you. Okay, that might be an exaggeration, but it is crazy durable! The material it is made from stands up to even the toughest substances and stains. Not to mention how well it holds to hard and frequent wear.

Braces are meant to take some of the strain off of us, so having to treat yours delicately can not only be a hassle but unrealistic. When you’re injured, you don’t want to have to do extra work to maintain and wear a brace. Neoprene is resistant to oil, water, heat, even strong chemicals. There is not much that Neoprene can’t stand up to.

Since you can wear this above or below your clothes, you don’t have to stress about if you start wearing it in the rain or intense heat. It will resist damage from the elements completely. It’s strength and compression also won’t waver with time or wear. The Vive Thigh Brace is a hardy, effective brace for anyone experiencing thigh pain from strain or injury.


With mostly positive reviews, the fit was the biggest area of concern for the not-so-positive ones. This brace is advertised as being able to accommodate thighs of up to 27 inches. Reviewers challenged this, saying their thighs measured below that amount and the Vive Thigh Brace wouldn’t wrap fully around their legs.

This led to speculation that it may run small. If your thighs are toeing the 27-inch mark, you might want to look at larger braces. Reviewers with thighs even a few inches under that limit felt this didn’t fit them properly. They said it wasn’t covering the full thigh, thus failing to offer the full support.

There is nothing wrong with thicker thighs, it just means this Vive Thigh Brace isn’t the right choice for you! Another complaint about the fit was the Vive Thigh Brace was a bit bulky under certain clothing. It didn’t bunch or anything, but it was noticeable under yoga pants and jeans. Many people don't care if an outline of the brace can show through but if you expect invisible support, that won’t be possible in tight pants.


Neoprene is an incredibly strong material that isn’t used frequently enough in garments. While braces utilize this material, most overlook its versatility and resistance to common problems. Vive makes their thigh brace using neoprene. Neoprene, as just mentioned, is extremely durable.

It’s resistance to elements both natural and unnatural makes it a chameleon in the medical world. Latex allergies are common, so neoprene can be used in its place when it comes to casting or bandaging. It is important to note that it is more than just a trendy fabric.

Neoprene, like that in the Vive Thigh Brace, is padding your upper thigh. The compression helps to heal your muscle, but the padding can further protect you from discomfort, especially when it is fastened tight against you. Brace wearers will be pleasantly surprised at the soft comfort the Vive Thigh Brace provides, in spite of its structured look.


Reviewers all agreed the Vive Thigh Brace was very high quality. With such quality, you’d assume comes a very high price tag. That isn’t true for the Vive Thigh Brace. This is about 25 percent less expensive than similar braces. Less heavy-duty compression garments are priced higher than this Vive Thigh Brace.

If you have recently pulled something in your thigh, you have got to get your hands on this affordable and long-lasting solution. Braces are almost always more expensive than compression sleeves. If there is one available at a comparable or lower price it may make you doubt the effectiveness. The Vive Thigh Brace deserves a chance to prove its worth.


Neoprene is a mixed bag for breathability. It does some moisture wicking and is somewhat breathable. Since it is water resistant, it doesn’t do too much in terms of being able to absorb and wick away sweat. Vive thought of a solution for this before they were even presented with a problem from customers.

To increase the coolness and comfort when wearing their Vive Thigh Brace, they made ventilation holes all in the fabric. There are physical passages for heat and moisture to escape your brace. This will cut back on odor and itch, as well as ensure you won’t feel hot and clammy in your compression wear. Not only will their compression increase circulation and reduce pain, but you'll feel breezy too.

If you’re a seasoned brace wearer, you’re all too familiar with how stuffy they can feel. The holes that create exits for heat and moisture are a fantastic solution to the problem of a suffocating brace. Those who need a thigh brace for athletics will rejoice at how much cooler they feel with this perforated neoprene option.


A thigh brace may appear to be one-use only, but considering how many activities can cause you to pull something, that couldn’t be less true. Dancers, runners, walkers, and players all loved this Vive Thigh Brace. It provided a ton of support for them where they needed it and didn’t restrict them where they didn’t.

This is unisex and adjustable, making it versatile for who can wear it as well! It is thin enough to wear under clothes and weather resistant for wearing outside of your favorite pants. One complaint is that it doesn’t stay put as well during high-intensity activities. The Vive Thigh Brace may not be the perfect option for running due to slippage, but it is far better than less sturdy sleeves or non-adjustable braces.

Bottom Line

This Vive Thigh Brace is a no-nonsense solution to pulls and soreness. Extra support in the groin and thigh area is often bulky and uncomfortable. This cushioned neoprene option is thin enough to wear whenever, doing whatever, and feels soft against your skin. Its ventilation keeps you cool even when you’re working up a sweat. And the brace works well with other compression products, like these socks from Rockay.

Though this slides down a bit in high-intensity activities and runs small, neither takes away from its otherwise fantastic performance. Two Velcro closures allow for an easy to wear and secure fit. This Vive Thigh Brace can ease pulls and strains in the groin, hamstring, and quadriceps. Get phenomenal relief immediately by ordering one today!