Teva Terra Fi 5 Hiking Sandals

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Editor’s Conclusion
If you have ever taken a dip in the outdoors whilst wearing hiking shoes/boots you will know just how heavy and uncomfortable they become after being drowned in water. They also don't dry as quickly as you hope, so you will no doubt end up squelching your way back home or to your vehicle.

That is where the Terra Fi 5 sandal differs from your normal hiking shoe. This easy and breezy sandal will give you the support and protection you need whilst giving your feet the freedom to breathe and, should you wish to get them wet, the chance to dry super quickly.

Yes, these hiking sandals are perfect to hit the trail with on a summer's day and enjoy a nice cool dip on your return.

They are the perfect companion for your feet in the water or on the trails on any hot day. They're super versatile and offer a lot considering the sleek body they have.
Teva Terra Fi 5 Hiking Sandals Review Facts
Editor's Pros & Cons

Great for people with wide feet

Durable outsole

Molded PU midsole


Not great for protecting the top of the foot

Key Features


Breathable Mesh Lining

Mesh has got to be one of the best materials to have for breathability, it offers the foot a nice airflow and complete circulation. It also drys quickly, a bonus if you plan to use these shoes in open water.

Rugged Spider Outsole

The Teva Terra FI has a durable rubber outsole, perfect for hitting the trail. It also has formidable traction which will be a welcomed friend on wet and dry surfaces.

Molded PU Midsole

The midsole, between the outsole and the insole, is an important aspect of your hiking sandal. It will not only provide comfort but also cushioning and the Terra FI sandals have a Polyutherane midsole that is known for being abrasion resistant and light.

Quick-Dry Webbing

The straps are made of quick-dry webbing, a really beneficial feature of the Terra FI sandals as you will no doubt wish to test the waters with them. The fact that they dry so quickly will mean that you needn't worry about these sandals causing you discomfort from the wet material.


The Teva Terra Fi is a versatile and easy riding sandal, designed with a great rubber sole for durability. It's a great shoe for hiking on less heavy paths and for venturing into lakes where you might need to wear a light shoe to protect your feet from the underwater ground.

Tailored to suit that spontaneous nature you have and detours that you might encounter on the trail, they are lightweight and perfect for a summer's day/evening. The strap design is both there for stability but also as a fashionable layout. It supports the foot whilst taking steps and allows for a breathable surface.

The Terra Fi is available in a multitude of colors, each one as equally likable as the other.


The Terra FI is both versatile and performance-worthy of the price it asks. I would be sure to advise you that you won't have the same type of protection from these sandals as hiking shoes but they do have multiple uses, so the price is not just for a hiking sandal but also for a sandal that you can use to go into the water with.

Comparison to Similar Hiking Sandals

TEVA OMNIUM 2 - These hiking sandals offer slightly more protection from the Terra FI. They also benefit from the spider outsole and the quick-dry upper material, but they offer slightly more technologies, such as the Shoc Pad in the heel, molded EVA midsole, and the built-in product protection that offers odor control.

ECCO Sport Yucatan Sandal - Very similar to the Terra FI, the ECCO Sport is light, durable, and comfortable. It has sturdy, robust straps for stability and support. Made from Nubuck leather, they are flexible and durable and will most definitely provide you with an extremely comfortable and cushioned ride.


When it comes to hiking sandals, the fact that you're foot is bare to the elements has always worried me. However, I have to say I was extremely pleased with the Terra FI. They are a delightful change from the robust, heavier hiking shoes I am accustomed to, and they appeal even more so as they are stylish and versatile.

Lastly, I enjoy the fact that these sandals are brilliant to enter lakes in as well.