Merrell Antora 2

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Editor’s Conclusion
Nothing makes me happier than lacing up my running shoes and heading out on a trail run, I know that by the time I get back, I'm going to have mud all up my legs, my vest is going to be ringing wet and my heartbeat will be up, there's just no better feeling.

One important thing to consider with trail running is the footwear you choose to wear, whether you're new to the trail or an experienced trail runner.

That's where the Merrell Antora 2 Trail Running shoe comes in. This robust trail shoe dares to go beyond the boundaries of normality and provide you with a trainer-like comfort, but a protective ride.

Featuring technologies such as Vibram TC5 Rubber outsole, EVA midsole, Rock Plate protection and so much more, the Antora 2 is a force to be reckoned with and a friend to be made for your feet. 
Merrell Antora 2 Review Facts
Editor's Pros & Cons





Can fit on the narrow side 

Not suitable for very technical terrains

Key Features


Available in a mass of colors, the Merrell Antora 2 trail shoe is both stylish and bold. It is a shoe designed to be seen on the trail and provide the comfort that you need to enjoy your run.

The outsole is thick and comfortable, giving you both protection, comfort, and durability without the worry of the underneath of your foot feeling too much impact from the ground beneath you.

The mesh and TPU upper are a blessing on any trail run, which your feet will feel the benefit from. Naturally, your feet produce sweat and without a comfortable and breathable construction, this can be detrimental to your experience. We're always so aware when we are running about our breathing and getting air into our lungs that sometimes you forget that your feet need that some type of care, they need to be able to breathe so they can carry on performing. 

The heel and ankles are protected by a soft cushioned collar that will give you the stability you need on difficult impacts and the stride exertion and the traditional lace closures are great for keeping debris out, as well as providing you with a secure and stable fit over the top of the foot.


These feature forefoot and heel cushioning pods to give you that extra comfort in the areas of the foot that will need it most and benefit from having a removable EVA insole and a lightweight EVA foam midsole.

Now EVA is a lightweight material that gives you flexibility in movement, softness for comfort, and a rubber-like consistency for durability, it also has great shock-absorption qualities.


As far as performance goes, the Antora 2 is going to give you its all, it will be an ally and a great performer. It features technologies such as the Vibram TC5 rubber outsole, which is flexible, durable, and protective; it also has 5mm lugs for further added traction and grip and a rock plate will protect you from nasty sharp stones.


Merrell is a prestigious brand; they use the best technologies and quality materials to ensure that your Merrell experience will be an unforgettable one in the best way. Quality is pricey so don't wince when you look at the price, it's worth paying more and getting the best.

Comparison to Similar Trail Runners

Salomon XA SIWA GORE-TEX trail shoe – Another fine example of the craftsmanship you can expect in quality trail shoes. Salomon is another brand that never disappoints and the XA WILD would be a great choice.

Designed with a Contagrip outsole, EnergyCell midsole, an Ortholite sock liner, these trail running shoes are a high performer and definitely worth a look.


Personally, I like the Merrell Antora 2 trail shoes; they offer all of the technologies that will enable you to perform like a pro on the trail.

The Merrell brand was born to provide its customers with comfort and excellence and the Antora 2 follows in line.

Bear in mind that they fit on the narrow side and that they aren’t fully waterproof but apart from that, they are a real winner and will be an exceptional shoe.