Merrell Hut Moc Shoe

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Editor’s Conclusion
The ever-changing world of fashion constantly keeps us on our toes and unfortunately, a lot of fashion brings uncomfortable, toe-pinching, heel rubbing, and arch squeezing footwear.

I have wide feet, so many of the fashionable shoes that are trending today don't fit my feet, they cause me discomfort.

When the Merrell Hut Moc was presented to me, I was pleasantly surprised. I love Merrell as a brand as they always deliver high-quality, great performance shoes. They are innovative, stylish and, all of their shoes offer supreme comfort and cushioning.

Moc shoes come in many styles and this one is an easy stroller, a shoe that is versatile and would suit many different types of outings. The Hut Moc is a comfortable cloud for your feet and the mesh lining is nice and breathable too.
Merrell Hut Moc Shoe Review Facts
Editor's Pros & Cons



Comfortable slipper-like


No arch support

Wide toe box may not be suitable for everyone

Key Features


This is a really comfortable and versatile Moc, made to feel like a slipper that you can actually go out in. The Merrell Hut Moc benefits from quilted uppers for that cushioned exterior look, a good depth rubber sole that is not only flexible but durable, and the double stretch gore just adds that further comfort aspect.

They have an easy look that will add that finishing look to jeans, leggings, skirts or shorts, and will do your feet wonders on long outings.

Now although these shoes are casual shoes and not walking shoes, I would dare say that given the comfort and the durable outsole, you can also use these shoes for shorter strolls and even on beach fronts.


The Merrell Hut Moc shoe is designed to provide the user with an extremely comfortable ride. Like I mentioned earlier, the comfort this shoe gives is like your slippers at home. It hugs your feet allowing you to be on them for greater lengths of time.

The double stretch gore is an added benefit as it allows that extra stretch for comfort around the heel and ankle. The Merrell Hut Moc also has a microfiber collapsible heel for a soft feel when your heel impacts the ground.


One of the great factors of the Merrell Hut Moc is the amount of breathability and air circulation they offer the wearer.

Made with mesh lining for added airflow and breathability, they are the perfect partner for a sunny day. The fact they also weigh so little will add to the pleasure of wearing them.


The Merrell brand is both reputable and popular, they use quality materials and their shoes last for a long time so naturally, they come with a price tag.

Given the versatility of the Hut Moc’s, I find the price to be slightly over what I would normally pay, but not too much that I wouldn't purchase them.

What Can You Pair Them With?

I’ve mentioned previously that the Merrell Hut Mocs are versatile and I meant it, they come in a variety of different colors which are all equally nice.

The Hut Moc will be your best friend, your home away from home, and a gigantic hug for your feet.

Comparison to Similar Shoes

Skechers GOWalk Joy – Like the Hut Mocs, the GOWalk slip-on trainers are both comfortable and breathable and have a slipper-like feel to them.

They benefit from having the 5GEN midsole that provides effective shock absorption and flexibility. Their appearance is both stylish and cozy, another great go-to option.


Decent and stylish Mocs are hard to come by. That is why the Merrell Hut Mocs are a great choice. they are suitable for casual days out and gentle strolls, they will give you continuous comfort and all while adding a stylish finish to your outfit.

I have no doubt you will be extremely happy purchasing these Mocs, don’t question it, go get them!