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The Steve Madden Beale sneaker is the older and much mature cousin of the Steve Madden EcentrcQ.

And although the design is very similar to the Steve Madden EcentrcQ, you’ll notice the very distinct differences in the Steve Madden Beale Sneakers. Both of the sneakers are Steve Madden’s hottest commodities and both of them are highly in demand.

But what makes the Steve Madden Beale Sneakers, the older and much mature cousin of the Steve Madden EcentrcQ? Well, the subtle variations in the design and the material used in the making of the shoes showcase the difference between the two shoes. They’re both designed by the same company, they’re both made for the stylish ladies who prefer a sporty casual type of clothing and they’re both very affordable. But the Steve Madden Beale Sneakers radiate with class and confidence in a much quiet, mutton down the way. They’re made for the ladies who let the shoes to be the vehicle of their outfit, and don’t like the spotlight to be taken away from that outfit.

The Steve Madden Beale Sneaker is the perfect pick for your laid back style.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Knit Upper

Platform sole

Lightly padded


Heavier than most slip on shoes


The Steve Madden Beale Sneakers are made with a traded rubber outsole. Unlike the vulcanized outsole that’s most commonly used, the treaded rubber is more durable and more protective of the shoe. The outsole of the shoe is reinforced with 1 and ¼ inch high platform that balances the foot from the toes to the heel and provides most of the stability. The outsole and especially platform of the shoe is much higher than the rest of the slip on sneakers from Steve Madden and that’s what makes it so unique.


The midsole of the Steve Madden Beale Sneakers is lightly padded to give the ultimate comfort, but unlike the rest of the Steve Madden designs it doesn’t’ have a removable footbed. The footbed in the Steve Madden Beale Sneakers midsole is fixated and inserted there to give you the best of the comfort and minimum of pain. Because nobody likes to walk in pain.


There’s textile upper and there’s the textile upper of the Steve Madden Beale Sneakers. Just look at it. How beautiful and delicate it looks on the shoe. The stretched knit fabric in the upper almost looks like its woven and you’d be impressed at how beautiful it looks. The monochromatic palette is made even more stylish with the delicate pattern of the textile knit upper, and when you have that beautiful upper, there isn’t anything else that you need to it. There’s no need for additional colors, other textures, materials of embellishments. The designing team was very well aware that this is a unique and highly fashionable shoe that shines without the help of anything or anyone else. The shaft of the Steve Madden Beale Sneakers measures as a low-top from the arch and the round toe in the upper is made to accommodate a wider type of foot. You’ll be able to enjoy these sneakers without the additional worry of blistering of chafing. The knitted stretched upper and the round toe area will provide most of the pleasant feel and comfort.


Speaking of comfort, Steve Madden knows how to provide it in almost every shoe, but over here at the Steve Madden Beale Sneakers, they’ve really upped the ante in this department. Seriously. The comfort comes from the padded midsole as much as it comes from the knit stretched fabric used in the upper. Both of these features add a great sense of comfort to the different parts of the feet. The first is very supportive and pleasant to the arches and the upper to the rest of the feet. You won’t be feeling restricted or sore in any part of your feet.


Often times comfort and support go hand in hand, but in the Steve Madden Beale Sneakers, they’re almost identical and highly in demand. If the upper and midsole provided most of the comfort, the support is the outsole’s doing. That’s right. The 1¼ inch high platform that occupies the outsole, adds balance and support not just to the feet, it takes good care of the posture and wellbeing of the entire body. Because, when you walking badly thanks to a terrible pair of shoes, your posture becomes bad too, and it’s your health that ultimately pays the price. And everything could have been prevented if you’ve just picked the right pair of shoes. Well, Steve Madden Beale Sneakers are the right pair of shoes if you’re constantly on the go, and love to look amazing at the same time. The feel and look amazing at the same time.


There’s a sense of division in the Steve Madden Beale Sneakers durability. While the outsole is reinforced with a thick rubber platform, that provides the most of the balance and support, the same can’t be said about the upper. The upper of the Steve Madden Beale Sneakers is made out of week textile material and it’s not known to have the most durability. Materials like suede and leather are more durable, but sadly they were not used in the making of Steve Madden Beale Sneakers.


The Steve Madden Beale Sneaker maybe wasn’t the most durable in the Steve Madden vast selection, it’s certainly is one of the most flexible. Why? Because of that textile upper. What presented a big weakness for the durability portion of this review, is not its biggest strength. The textile upper adds a great deal of that recognizable and highly sought after flexibility to the shoe. The soft material is perfectly paired with the rigid toughness of the rubber outsole and together they make one hell of a shoe. Delicate in one area and strong in another. It’s up to you to figure out your needs and to choose the best one for your feet.


It all comes back to the outsole and midsole for this. Stability of the Steve Madden Beale Sneakers can be found in those two sections, and the designers are not too shy about it. They’ve purposely out such a strong and thick platform on the outsole, thus giving the best possible stability to your feet. Although much heavier than the smaller and slimmer outsoles, it does play a great role in the stability not just to the feet, but to the entire body.


Oh that beautiful knit upper. Yes, it’s gorgeous but at the same time, it does give the best airflow that any upper can possibly give. The feet will be able to breathe in the Steve Madden Beale Sneakers, and the natural moisture-wicking properties of that upper will protect your feet from the bacteria and the unpleasant odor. Because the Steve Madden Beale Sneakers are more summer type of sneakers, thee feet get a lot more sweaty, so the knit upper is essential to maintaining the cooling effect and the airflow in and out of the shoes. You’ll end up with dry and non-smelly feet at the very end of the day. Brilliant isn’t it?


That gorgeous thick platform and the rubber outsole really work their magic here. Not that many terrains can become a challenge enough for the Steve Madden Beale Sneakers, and that also applies for the different weather conditions too. The summer can be a bit predictable season, so if you do find yourself in the pouring rain while wearing the Steve Madden Beale Sneakers, don’t be afraid. Just dry them on and you’re good to go.


The durable outsole in the Steve Madden Beale Sneakers provides most of the traction, and what an outsole it is. Reinforced with even more durable and supportive platform that measures 1 and ¼ in height, the traction is not a problem for the Steve Madden Beale Sneakers. They’ll become your best friend in every type of situation, and they’ll protect you from falling if there’s an obstacle in the way. Or a slippery wet floor.


A slip on style sneaker with stretched knit fabric? Yes, please! The Steve Madden Beale Sneakers are as classic as possible, but their additional features are what separates them from the rest of the similar type of sneakers. To be quite frank, the rest of the sneakers are not a Steve Madden sneakers, so they don’t have the comforted footbed, the contrasting heel tab and the fabulous thick platform that hugs the shoe and protects it from other influences. The monochromatic uniformed look gives it a more refined, polished look, and the lack of detailing I done on purpose to keep the simplicity and the sheer elegance of the sneaker. That’s what makes the Steve Madden Beale Sneakers so effortlessly stylish. They’re unpretentious and subdued in the style and highly effective in the comfort. They’re the perfect combo for every stylish girl with a laid back and casual finesse.

Bottom line

If you’re on the lookout for a simple, elegant and sleek type of casual shoe that will show of your laid back and urban style, then Steve Madden Beale Sneakers are the perfect pick for you. They’re highly versatile and can transition from occasion to occasion and transform an outfit form a day to night look. The first thing that pops right ahead in Steve Madden Beale Sneaker it stretched knit fabric upper. It’s just as gorgeous to look at, as it is comfortable to the foot. It’s lightweight and it provides most of the airflow and comfort to the foot. There’s something to be said about that beautiful thick rubber outsole reinforced with a gorgeous platform. The platform alone acts as a protective barrier to the foot and keeps the balance, the comfort, and the support in check, and it takes care of the traction as well. But in the end, the Steve Madden Beale Sneakers are more than a simple summer shoe. They’re one of the best summer shoes in existence.

They’re affordable, well made and flexible shoes that provide great deal of comfort to the feet especially in the summer. Why worry about the sweaty stinky shoes that you’ll probably get by wearing compressed stuffy and uncomfortable shoes? No, the Steve Madden Beale Sneakers offer the whole package. They’re made from quality materials, they’re affordable and versatile enough to be worn every day and in every occasion. Your latest casual dress is missing a great shoe, and you’re tired of wearing formal shoes? Jazz things up and put on the Steve Madden Beale Sneakers, and you’ll be able to feel the difference. They’ll let your feet move, breathe and won’t be as tired as with the regular slip-on shoes.

Why? For one the knit fabric upper aerates the shoe, and the synthetic lining of the padded midsole rest the feed in a comfortable and barely noticeable way. Sure they look great, but the feeling that you have while wearing them can’t be matched with anything. The Steve Madden Beale Sneakers are perfect for a walk in the park, riding bicycles in the park or a quick cup of coffee with your friends. They’ll make an outfit work and they’ll even elevate the most boring basic T-shirt and jeans combo. Versatility is truly the sneakers strongest suite and although they look plain in their monochromatic palette, devoid from other color and detailing, they’re subtle and understated in the most fashion-forward sense. The Steve Madden Beale Sneakers are designed to be worn by the laid back and casual ladies who do love a great comfort and style balance in their wardrobe, and the fact that they can be worn with just about anything makes them even more valuable. The Steve Madden Beale Sneakers are affordable and you’ll be rotating them on a daily basis. They’re a great investment for every fashionable lady.