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Show off your fierce attitude with ECENTRCQ, the perfect slip-on sneaker with quilted leather upper with rubber outsole.

That’s the first sentence that you’ll read when entering the Steve Madden EcentrcQ Sneakers on the company’s website. Some might view it as bragging and showing off, but everyone that’s bought a Steve Madden shoe knows that’s a lot of truth in that sentence. A lot of truth.

However, the specifics that went into making the Steve Madden EcentrcQ Sneakers show a different and very re-assuring type of words. Mane made is the common word used in describing parts of the shoe, and it applies about everything. The manmade outsole, manmade upper and manmade lining. How cool is that?

You’d end up loving the stylish and classic design that composes most of the Steve Madden EcentrcQ Sneakers, and they’ll very quickly become the best and most beloved item in your shoe closet. Your floral midi dress and your denim shorts that you’ve been keeping in the back of your closet will get their moment to shine.

You’ll definitely stand out in a good way while wearing the Steve Madden EcentrcQ Sneakers, but how GOOD are they? By all means, just scroll below and find out for yourself.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Man-made upper

Man-made sole

Man-made lining

Dual goring

Quilted design

Slip-on construction

1 inch platform


Runs a half size smaller


The rubber outsole has made a lasting friendship with the one inch platform, and the benefits of that friendship can be felt on your feet. Seriously, The rubber outsole would have worked just wine in these type of those, but Steve Madden made an effort and designed a platform that elevates and supports the entire shoe. That rare specimen is called Steve Madden EcentrcQ Sneaker is on the path to becoming your favorite sneaker in the spring-summer season. Why because the depth of the lug found on the bottom of the outsole is fantastic 3.5 mm long, and it’s just enough to provide insulation to the rest of the sneaker in the early and unpredictable months of the spring.


The midsole of the Steve Madden EcentrcQ Sneaker is in fact a lightly padded midsole. The cushioning is just in the right amount, so not to be overbearing to the feet, and to provide a great deal of comfort to the feet. The footbed of the midsole is removable, and it’s up to you to find the best balance between your feet and the Steve Madden EcentrcQ Sneakers. It’s up to you if you chose to remove it, or to leave it as it is.


Look at that gorgeous man made upper. Made with synthetic fabric and real leather (depending of your choice), the upper is so simple and classic in an understated way. It adds a touch of class and makes this type of shoe versatile and transitional from day to night. The Steve Madden EcentrcQ Sneakers have a variety of colors and styles in the upper, and there’s an interesting quilted design throughout the entire upper. It makes the shoes unique, fashionable and beautiful without adding too much. The shaft of the shoe measures approximately low-top from the arch, and it’s the perfect fit for a perfect shoe.


The round toe in the upper along with the casual slip on design of the Steve Madden EcentrcQ Sneakers is the perfect example of the comfort done in a very simplistic way. And of course the manmade upper brings out the comfort in the most practical and minimalistic way possible. Why? The goring is there to provide the comfort, without the need of any zippers or additional details. Why would you need anything else, when two tiny but very powerful elastic goring is enough to give you the comfort that you need? Simple and efficient way of adding comfort in an understated way, don’t you think?


Yes, the simplicity and the functionality of the Steve Madden EcentrcQ Sneakers shines from different areas, and the outsole is one of them. While the upper took care about the comfort, the outsole of the Steve Madden EcentrcQ Sneakers provides the support. Made from vulcanized rubber, the outsole adds just the right amount of comfort. The additional one inch platform in the outsole is there to make the walking in the shoes a little more comfortable, and to make the shoes a lot more durable. Who would have thought that a platform can bring so much support and comfort to a shoe, but it’s true. A nice touch to the support from the outsole is the 3.5mm lug depth that’s been added for extra firm grip coming from the bottom of the shoe.


Every little detail counts, regardless of how small or insignificant it may seem. Take a look at the rubbery outsole. The Steve Madden EcentrcQ Sneakers have the very firm and gorgeous white vulcanized rubber, but that adds to the stability portion is that fantastic one inch platform in that part of the shoes. The stability in Steve Madden EcentrcQ Sneakers is brought to life thanks to the lightly padded insole, and the man made upper. But the stability is not only a supportive player here. It’s one of the MVP’s of the Steve Madden EcentrcQ Sneakers without compromising the other attributes that make the shoes unique, comfortable and stylish. You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the stability that the Steve Madden EcentrcQ Senakers has to offer.


The durability of Steve Madden EcentrcQ Sneakers is increased by the material used in the upper. If you chose a real leather sneaker, you’ll be adding years to the value and durability of the sneakers, but if you chose a vegan option, they wouldn’t be as durable as the non-vegan option. However, both options are carefully manmade and by increasing the comfort, support and the stability of the shoes, the durability is almost guaranteed. It’s like the pieces of a puzzle. You can have the complete look of the puzzle if one of the pieces is missing. It’s the same with the shoes. But the platform of the outsole is the main star here. It’s what makes the durability last longer, the manmade upper topped with quilted slip-on and fantastic dual goring just adds volumes to the overall quality and durability of the shoes.


If you’re in need of a quality, comfortable and very flexible summer type of a sneaker, than the Steve Madden EcentrcQ Sneaker is the perfect choice for you. The upper gives away most of the flexibility in a very comfortable way. When you’re wearing them in the long hot summer days, than every part counts. Especially the flexibility part and the Steve Madden EcentrcQ Sneakers won’t let you down. The flexibility is just reinforced with the double goring on the upper but you’ll find that the flexibility comes from every inch of the shoes as well.


The quilted pattern of the upper along with the slip on construction of the Steve Madden EcentrcQ Sneakers, make them perfect for the summer. And you know what’s very present in the summer? The heath. So, the smooth lining of the midsole adds a nice touch of comfort to the shoe, but the biggest portion of the airflow comes directly from the upper.

The manmade upper is responsible for the airflow from and to the Steve Madden EcentrcQ Sneakers, and the amount for airflow will depend if you chose a sneaker that’s made from natural materials like leather, or synthetic vegan options. The more natural the material, the bigger influx of airflow will be directed to the shoes.


Now, here’s the trick. Looking at the Steve Madden EcentrcQ Sneakers, you’re probably thinking that there’s no way they would last on any type of terrain. But you’d be wrong. The one inch platform is inserted to accommodate walking in most of the terrain types without any problems, and the vulcanized rubber outsole just adds more quality and support while walking on different types of terrain. You’d be surprised what the Steve Madden EcentrcQ Sneakers will withstand, and you’ll find yourself very pleasantly surprised by each pair that you buy.


Not we’ve mentioned that fantastic vulcanized rubber and it’s awesome. But if you take a close look at the very bottom of the outsole you’ll notice something even more awesome. The 3.5mm lug depth of the outsole. You didn’t forget about that now did you? Good, the lug adds a lot to the traction properties, without being too ridged or heavy to the foot. The amount of traction that the Steve Madden EcentrcQ Sneakers has to offer is astonishing, considering that they’re a more relaxed summer type of shoes, but don’t let the look fool you. They’re most equipped to handle any type of traction, terrain or weather conditions.


Be unique in the EcentrcQ Slip On Sneaker from Steve Madden, and it the word that best describes the entire shoe. The unique style that Steve Madden EcentrcQ Sneakers has to offer goes well with just about every casual outfit in your wardrobe. Nothing is off limits, and you’ll find yourself grabbing the shoes for your cinema outings and for your meeting with a friend to grab a cup of coffee. Oh, and the compliments that you’ll be getting for them are endless. Just like the outfits that you’ll be pairing them for the entire summer. The versatility and the classic nature of the Steve Madden EcentrcQ Sneakers allow you to elevate every type of casual outfit, and make it more unique.

Bottom line

The EcentrcQ Slip-On Sneaker from Steve Madden will bring out the best of your wardrobe, and quickly become your favorite summer shoes. The manmade upper is as gorgeous as it is practical, and the slip-on construction of the shoe just adds to the comfort of the shoe. The key thing about them is they’re affordable and stylish at the same time. Not that many shoes carry both qualities, but EcentrcQ Slip-On Sneaker from Steve Madden is not your usual type of sneakers. They’re light, airy, versatile and they come with different colors and patterns.

Nobody likes a heavy, unpleasant looking and unpractical type of shoe, especially in the long hot days of the summer. Steve Madden has perfected the EcentrcQ Sneakers, without compromising their unique style and recognizable features. The EcentrcQ Sneakers don’t make compromises with any of their features and especially comfort and stability. They’re probably two of the most essential qualities of a shoe, and Steve Madden prides itself to make them possible in just one type of summer shoe.

The bottom line is that you’ll end up adoring the EcentrcQ Sneakers. They’re elegant, stylish in a more casual way, and they bring comfort from every side of the shoe. The lightly padded insole offers support, while the rubber outsole with a one-inch platform offers that stability grip and traction benefits. Whether you’ll end up choosing leather or a non-leather synthetic version, the sneakers will offer airflow and ventilation to the entire foot. Oh, and the slip-on design will make some much easier to put on and take off your feet. Because the summer in unforgiving to the already sweaty and tired legs, why make them even more sweaty and tired? No, the EcentrcQ Sneakers will take good care for your feet without compromising your unique style and originality.

But in the end, as good as it may be, the Steve Madden EcentrcQ Sneakers could use more padding in the midsole. The lightly padded cushioning in the footbed is a good start and it does provide a great deal of comfort, but in this case, the shoe really should use something extra.