Scarpa Zodiac Plus GTX

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Editor’s Conclusion
Scarpa, a brand that has knowledge and experience of crafting excellent hiking boots for over seventy years.

Starting with Alpine apparel and footwear, they have extensive expertise in designing boots that are made for comfort and cushioning. They're a pretty awesome brand with the desire to provide their customers with the best quality boots.

This lightweight hiking boot benefits from being waterproof, having a PU EVA midsole, GORE-TEX performance comfort membrane, and a Vibram drumlin rubber outsole, perfect for hiking on moderate terrain that requires a boot for comfort and performance.

They also benefit from the ability to being resoled meaning these boots will be long lasting. If, like me, you enjoy a good scramble then these boots are a great choice, their stern and sturdy outsole offers great traction.

The Zodiac Plus can be a little large so you may want to consider downsizing depending on your feet, you will also want to purchase some thick socks to ensure your new boots don't rub.

They can also run slightly narrow so just be mindful of that too when looking into sizes and fitting.

Looking to head out on a hike that needs a more protective but breathable boot? Maybe the terrain you want to test needs a boot that will excel further.

Well if that's the case, then consider the Scarpa Zodiac Plus GTX hiking boot.

Editor's Pros & Cons



Vibram drumlin soles

GORE-TEX lining

PU EVA midsole


Can fit on the large size

It might be an idea to invest in a better insole

Key Features


What better way to start this review than by talking about the technologies first, the features that make these boots one of the more distinguished, and a purchase that you can feel confident in.


It's important to consider the material that is used on the boot's uppers. The Scarpa Zodiac Plus is constructed with suede leather, a material that is not only durable but also long-lasting.

Suede leather is perfect for hiking boots as it is waterproof and flexible, allowing the foot to move well with each step.

Vibram Drumlin Outsole

This unique blend of foam and rubber is a great material for providing softness and bounce with every step. It is great for durability and the traction is superb, ideal for mountain hikes or trail hikes.

The deep lugs will also provide you with a great grip for scrambling over loose and uneven ground.


The GORE-TEX membrane is the ideal lining for any hiking boot, it will give you confidence that your feet will have the breathability they need, all while allowing perspiration to escape.

It’s a valuable asset for any backpacker's boots, especially should you get caught in unexpected weather.


Offering both performance and agility, the sockfit construction makes this boot feel like it is part of your foot.

Like the feel of a sock hugging your feet, this unique construction will bring you ultimate comfort on your journeys.

EVA Midsole

An arguable performance-enhancing midsole, EVA material is perfect for dispersing weight which helps with the heel-to-toe transition and adding stability with every step.

This feature is perfect for hiking boots as it gives that lightweight feel but has the benefit of being flexible and offering more cushioning.


The Scarpa Zodiac Plus is an attractive hiking boot. The shark/orange color is a pleasurable combination and adds that stylish look to your walking apparel.

The height is beneficial for keeping out debris and offering that bit more support to the ankle; the padded collar is also great for giving added comfort to the ankle. The rubber rand around the front of the toe box is designed to prevent injury from sharp objects.

Fashioning an asymmetric lace system, the Scarpa Zodiac Plus offers a precise fit and will be stable, as well as giving your foot that supportive feel they need. They also have a heel loop to help ease these boots on and off.


The Scarpa Zodiac Plus boots do carry a larger price tag than others I have looked at, but they do benefit from some great features that are worth paying for.

Unlike some hiking boots I have come across, the pros far outweigh the cons with the Zodiac Plus and are well worth paying a bigger price for.

Don't be tempted to purchase cheap boots because they are more affordable at the time, save and buy boots that have the features you need to have a positive experience on your hike.

Comparison to Similar Hiking Boots

Asolo Corax GV - A fantastic option for a heavier terrain boot, the Asolo Corax offers comfort, support, cushioning, and performance, all in a lightweight package. Its features include those such as the Microporous midsole for stability, Schoeller K-Tech Construction that is abrasion-resistant, and a reinforced toe box and heel stabilizer for added protection, just to name a few. But before you get overly excited, be prepared for the very heavy price tag these boots have.

Merrell Alverstone Mid Waterproof Boot - If you're looking for more of a hiking shoe, then perhaps the Alverstone boots would be more for you. They are shorter than the Scarpa Zodiac but offer just as much. They are designed with a waterproof M Select DRY impermeable membrane for sealing out water, M Select FRESH agents to help with odor, and a protective rubber toe cap to provide further protection to the toes. They're a great choice and at considerably less of a price, they are worth a look.


Scarpa is a newer brand to me but having researched their background and multiple boots they make, I am confident they will deliver performance that will provide a great hiking experience.

The SockFit and Vibram drumlin outsole sold these shoes to me, as I am an advocate for comfort and grip. Hiking shoes that are uncomfy and lack traction aren't worth your time, so these features stood out to me.

The sizing problems are something that you do need to be mindful of as hiking boots that don't fit well will cause you more harm than good.

The Gore-TEX membrane is another great benefit to these hiking boots, and the fact they are both breathable and flexible will add to your hiking experience allowing your feet to maneuver over and through different terrain more easily and with a better feel.