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Socks are something that people often don’t think about, but really should be your best friend. They are things that you wear on a near-daily basis and often for long periods. They accompany you wherever you go, whether it is up to a mountain or through the city.

Socks are a much more important part of your life than expected. Wearing uncomfortable socks leave you irritated and distracted all day. Instead of focusing on the important things, you are constantly fishing your sock out of your shoe.

This is why the Saucony Performance sock is going to be your new best friend. As the name implies, Saucony made these socks with performance in mind. They are made with materials that make them much more durable and tough. So they can support you during your time of need.

The Saucony Performance Socks also have great moisture management technology and also encourages proper airflow. This will keep your feet cool in the summer and warm in the winter. This particular product comes in a value pack which saves you some money. Coupled with the fact that they are also ergonomically designed, this is a product you do not want to miss!

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Airmesh Technology
  • RunDry Moisture Management 
  • Extremely durable
  • Cushioned sole
  • Great Shock Absorption
  • White discolors easily
  • Loose stitching
  • Snags easily

Airmesh Technology

The Saucony Performance socks contain a unique design that gives them an edge over their competitors. Unlike other socks on the market, the Saucony Performance socks have patented air mesh technology that is designed to allow your feet proper ventilation.

Most socks are made with a mixture of fabrics and then layered to the desired thickness, but this particular product contains layers of mesh in between the different layers. This allows the hot air generated by your feet an opportunity to escape. The fabric materials will absorb the heat and trap in within your shoe simply because the hot air has nowhere to go.

With the air mesh technology, this creates pockets of space within your sock that the hot air can maneuver and escape to the surface. Once it reaches the outer layers of the sock, the heat can dissipate. The air mesh technology also goes the opposite way and allows cold air to enter your socks at a faster rate.

Rather than having to fight through all the layers of fabric, the cold air can penetrate through the air mesh layers and reach your feet quickly. This helps keep your feet cool and comfortable for a longer period.

Arch Support

No two people on the planet have the same looking feet as all feet were created to be unique and different. One of the most common foot conditions that people struggle with is known as "flat foot".

This means that the arch area on their foot is more shallow than others or is completely non-existent. Our feet have the arm so that it allows for ergonomic standing and walking, not having an arch can throw our body completely out of balance.

To ensure that your walking and gait are not out of balance, the Saucony Performance Socks come with built-in arch support in the sock. This allows for flat-footed people to wear these socks for long periods of time before their feet start to feel sore and tired. Wearing the Saucony Performance Socks with your orthopedics will allow for the ultimate comfort when you are going about your day.

These socks are ideal for long hikes outdoors, extreme fitness training, or even busy days spent doing your chores. Wearing the Saucony Performance Socks can help alleviate the amount of stress on your body as the arch support allows for comfortable and ergonomic standing and walking all day.

Cushioned Sole

The Saucony Performance Socks are designed for tough training and are a great pair of socks for serious athletes. One of the things that make these socks a cut above others is that they have a cushioned sole.

This means that instead of the average thickness of fabric and material all around the sock, the bottom of the Saucony Performance Socks is reinforced and insulated. This can lead to better protection of your feet and a longer-lasting product.

Humans walk on the soles of their feet and the friction between the foot and the shoe will wear down the sock at a faster than normal speed. This is also why most people have thicker skin on the bottom of their feet. The constant friction and rubbing send signals to our body to develop thicker skin so it does not damage the deeper layers of skin tissue.

The cushion layers allow your feet to walk and move comfortably without worrying that holes and rips will develop in the sock. The insulation will ensure that these socks last longer than your average workhorse product.


Everyone enjoys a little colour in the things they wear and it is no different when it comes to socks. The Saucony Performance Socks come in black or white as a base colour. There is a one-line design that goes around the sock that is highlighted in a different colour.

A multipack will give you pairs of socks with different coloured designs so that you can match them easily when they come out of the wash. The design is simple and classy so that it does not bring you unwanted attention.

A recommendation is to purchase the black Saucony Performance Socks as many users have reported that the white discolour at a very fast rate. White socks often discolour because of the sweat and fluids that our bodies produce. It can also be affected by the friction of walking on the floors or rubbing inside your shoe.

Because there is a coloured design on the sock, slight bleeding may also occur and cause additional discoloration. Purchasing Saucony Performance Socks in black can prevent any discoloration and bleed from being noticeable.


One of the things that everyone looks for when purchasing a pair of socks is how durable they are. There is no point in purchasing a product that is going to be ruined or ripped in just a few wears. Unfortunately, there is no way for us to control the way we walk and prevent wear and tear. The only way to ensure durability is through the materials that are used in creating the sock.

In particular, the Saucony Performance Socks uses rubber in their socks to elevate them above the rest of their competitors. The Saucony Performance Socks contain up to three percent of rubber fibre material. These fibres are interwoven with the rest of the fabrics and serve as a reinforcement. The rubber fibres contain more flex and can withstand a lot more pulling and stretching from all directions.

The rubber fibres that are woven throughout the fabric can also help take some of the stress off the other materials and prevent them from being ripped or torn apart. The extra little bit of rubber in the overall design of the sock ensures that it shows signs of wear and tear at a much later period.


One of the most important things to understand before purchasing a pair of socks is the materials that the product is made of. Purchasing an item made of low-quality materials will lead to a faster breakdown of the product and force you to replace them more often. To prevent early signs of wear and tear, the Saucony Performance Socks are made with polyester, which is considered one of the most durable fabrics.

Polyester is known for being tough and hard to rip apart, which is ideal for a pair of socks that are constantly walked on. Because it is made with nearly ninety-five percent Polyester, the Saucony Performance Socks can be worn to extreme fitness training daily without worrying that the socks will not hold up.

These socks can also be worn during the winter as polyester retains heat very well. During the winter months, the heat can become trapped inside the polyester so that it stays inside your shoe and keeps your feet warm and snug. During the summer months, the air mesh technology will ensure that your feet stay cool and dry.

RunDry Moisture Management

When you walk around, your body starts to warm up and generate heat. Over a while, your feet will start sweating. If the moisture control is not done properly, your feet will become very sweaty and start to stink.

At that point, your feet will feel very wet and slippery inside your shoe and make for an uncomfortable experience. The Saucony Performance Socks have patented technology to ensure that your feet stay dry and comfortable all day.

The Saucony Performance Socks have a technology known as RunDry Moisture Management. This is a moisture eliminating system that ensures that the socks do not keep moisture trapped in your feet. When your feet start to sweat the moisture is absorbed through the different layers of the sock and bought to the surface. Once the moisture arrives at the surface, it is shaken off as you walk and run.

The moisture management system also allows for the trapped heat to escape from your feet, thus helping you regulate your body temperature. Having cooler feet will allow for your overall body temperature to decrease, thus making whatever you are doing a more comfortable experience.

Shock Absorption

While our bodies look fragile, they are a lot tougher than they look. Every time we move, our bodies have to react and be ready to absorb the shock of our movements. To a certain degree, all our movements have some sort of impact on our bodies.

For instance, every walk and step we take will affect our toes, heels, knees, and hips. This is because we are propelling our full body weight forward and down at the same time, thus putting a lot of force onto our joints.

The Saucony Performance Socks offer an extra layer of protection to our bodies by having a cushioned sole. The cushioning reduces the amount of damage we do to our joints when we walk, run, or jump. The cushioning will absorb the energy from the impact of landing on our feet rather than needing our joints to do all the work.

Once the energy is absorbed into the Saucony Performance Socks, it is dispersed through tiny vibrations. This allows your ankle and knee joints to absorb less impact, thus feeling less tired and enabling you to train for longer periods.


When it comes to purchasing a pair of socks, many people forget the importance of how the sock is put together. If the stitching done is poor quality, even socks that are made with premium quality materials will fall apart.

Presently, the most popular stitching design for socks is to make them seamless all around. The sock is made and cut using one piece of fabric and the seams are hidden under the collar of the sock. The Saucony Performance Socks are no show socks without a collar, meaning they are not able to take advantage of this design.

The Saucony Performance Socks use a design with an inside seam instead. This means that the parts where the fabric are joined together are not on the outside of the sock. Instead, the seams are folded inside of the sock so that they are protected from rubbing against the shoe.

However, the downfall of this design is that any loose ends or longer pieces of fabric get bunched up where your feet can touch it. This becomes uncomfortable and irritating over a long period. Some users have mentioned that they have to cut some of the loose strings before wearing their socks.


Your feet are constantly moving daily and your sock is expected to be able to do so as well. The Saucony Performance Socks are made to withstand stretching from all directions. This is different from other competitors as many socks are only designed to be a longitudinal direction.

When socks are not designed to be pulled in a lateral direction, it can damage the integrity of the sock when putting in that situation. However, people that exercise will be putting their socks and clothing in different positions where the materials are not used to.

To prevent the socks from early breaking, the Saucony Performance Socks contain spandex. The spandex material is great for socks as it provides stretching and pulling for all directions. Spandex also has slightly constricting properties, which can ensure that the sock will fit onto your foot like a glove.

When you put on the sock, the spandex will adjust to meet the size of your foot. This allows you to have comfortable wear all day without worrying that the sock will sag from being too loose or have your blood circulation cut off from being too tight.

Bottom Line

Saucony Performance Socks will become your new favorite pair of socks. Their cushioned sole makes these socks one of the most comfortable socks you’ll find on the market. Together with their arch support, the Saucony Performance Socks can be comfortably worn all day.

The high-quality materials that they are made of also help to ensure the socks last longer than ever. Most users that have purchased a pair have never looked back. These socks are ideal for exercising, working all day, and other extreme activities. The spandex material allows the sock to fit on your foot much look a good compression sleeve would fit; once it’s on, it stays on.

This is a product you do not want to miss out on!