Prana Super Mojo Shorts Review

  • The Super Mojo is a simple, versatile short by Prana.
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Prana is always determined to decrease their impact on the world. While Prana works tirelessly to use their power for good, their clothing doesn’t miss a beat when it comes to helping you do the same. The Super Mojo is a warm-weather option unlike any other, taking you from the yoga mat to a wild climb. Looking cool while staying cool has never been easier.

Editor's Pros & Cons
  • Three Pockets
  • 50+ UPF
  • Four-Way Stretch
  • Reinforced Inseam
  • Moisture-Wicking Material
  • Stylish
  • Unsecured Front Pockets
  • No Adjustability


Prana is frequently gushed over for their insanely comfortable designs that make you feel completely at home as soon as you put them on. Workout clothes need to stay on regardless of circumstance. Yoga, one of the activities that Prana is known for outfitting their customers for, requires your pants to stay up and be relatively slim fit for the most ease. Reinforced bands or drawcords help to make the fit just right on a variety of athletic bottoms, but the Super Mojo doesn’t have that same accommodation. Their band is incredibly supple and feels great against the skin but it won’t necessarily feel secure if you struggle to keep pants up above your hips or backside. If you have a thinner or narrow build or a larger midsection than your hips, these may slip down on you when in compromising positions. It is a shame because the rest of the short is so perfect for so many workouts but the lack of adjustability limits the full possibilities for wearing them. Being unable to secure your clothing on you properly can be a dealbreaker, and if that is a priority for you, the Super Mojo won’t meet that particular need.

Ease of Wear

Nothing is greater than being able to just slip into your favorite gear and move freely without any discomfort. Insanely soft materials make wearing the Super Mojo feel like a dream against the skin and help you be up for anything. Reviewers felt there was just the right amount of snugness to feel secure, with none of the drag that comes with a skin-tight pair of pants. If you’re constantly bothered by tags and seams in your favorite cozy wear, you are going to be overjoyed at the plush design of the Super Mojo. There are no hard seams, no misplaced stitches, and no itchy tags to hold you back. Slipping them on and off is wonderfully simple and care is even easier. Anyone looking for a super laid back addition to their warm weather gear will fall for the Super Mojo, no doubt. For pants as chill or as hype as you are, Prana dominates the market.


Reviewers agreed on quite a few aspects of the Super Mojo but one thing is certain: customers are incredibly loyal to this bottom once they give it a try. Customer after customer could not get over how wonderful this short was. Many owned multiple pairs and upgraded every new addition of the Super Mojo, with complete trust in Prana. Despite this seemingly frequent buying, reviewers noted that their previous shorts weren’t only holding up to wear, they were holding up well. No fraying or tears. Thanks to a full inseam gusset that helps to reinforce the inseam and crotch area of the Super Mojo, the short has a much more extended life. People were buying more of this item because they loved it, not because they needed to replace it. Anyone who climbs knows how hard climbing can be on any clothing. Between snags and scuffs, you can destroy a pair of pants as quickly as you buy them. So, when people are raving that this Prana is their go-to for climbing, running, or even lounging, with no complaints about the products failing integrity, you definitely should take notice. This is an athletic pant that can be worn hard and still feel just as soft for years to come. You may want to buy more pairs, however, that will just be because you can’t get enough of them!

Fabric Stretch

Super breezy, warm weather clothing tends to be unforgiving when it comes to the material. Due to a lot of stretchy materials not breathing very well, the lightest and airiest articles of clothing tend to be very rigid. This, of course, does not work in clothes that you want to get active in. The Super Mojo incorporates fantastic stretch into the recycled blend that they use for the overall short. Pockets can restrict movement from the inside, due to tripling up the fabric around your pelvic area. Prana avoids this by making fully meshed versions, to not cut back on their wearer’s mobility. The four-way stretch fabric has thirteen percent of spandex to thank for its extreme flexibility. If you have yet to make the switch from regular basketball shorts to tried and true athletic shorts, you will be amazed at the difference between something like this Prana and the standard fare.

Moisture Wicking

Reviewers loved that despite this short not looking like it has performance details, it does everything their old gym shorts did and more. Runner’s shorts almost always have moisture-wicking technology or specifically moisture-wicking material for when you’re working up a sweat. Prana didn’t want to leave you damp and uncomfortable during a workout, so they developed pants that have the same benefits without the blah appearance. Soft and stretchy fabric wicks away moisture from the body and brings it to the surface to quickly dry and increase your comfort. The lack of an inner brief helps to keep air circulating which aids the moisture wicking capacity as well. Made from quick-drying material, not only will this keep moisture that naturally occurs from perspiration or contact from staying on the skin, but it helps to eliminate the moisture as effectively as possible. If you get caught in a bit of rain or run through morning dew, you don’t have to spend the entirety of your excursion feeling gross due to wetness.


It is hard to not miss pockets when you don’t have them. It isn’t only difficult but downright frustrating. Prana recognizes the accessibility needs that we all have. Their Super Mojo has storage and convenience with their trio of pockets. The front hand pockets can hold a slew of things, as they are generous in size and lined with mesh, to not further restrict you or weight you down. However, these are not secured, so their easy access has the downfall of allowing things to just as easily fall out. If you like to keep a small stash of protein bars or gels in your pockets, you know why this is important. Easy access without interruption by buttons or zippers is ideal for your front pockets but Prana added something more. Their back pocket is velcroed closed, styled similar to a button fly pocket. To stow your keys, gym id, money, or credit card, this is the safest way to store valuables on you, secured somewhere close.


Plenty of people who work out do it primarily for their health but that doesn’t mean that they don’t take pride in looking good. Reviewers loved that the Prana was so stylish, allowing them to wear their favorite shorts all the time, without getting any judgments or looks. It can be hard to put yourself together, especially after getting active, so a slick style like this Super Mojo is always welcomed into the wardrobes of those who love to exercise. With the waistband exposed, these are a workout short but if obscured with a top, they pass easily as nice khakis. This is quite impressive for any athletic wear, whether it be for yoga and climbing or running, all of which the Super Mojo can outfit you for. These are very clean looking and streamlined. They do not have seams on the outside of the leg or visibly at the bottom of the leg. They are tailored much more similar to a work pant. For those who are athletic and sporty but don’t want the sporty look, the Super Mojo will perfectly deliver a sophisticated take on the classic gym or outdoor short

Sunburn Protection

Skin damage is a serious thing. While many of us experienced the times where lathering yourself in oil and laying out to tan was the norm, for either us or our parents, we know now the harm that can cause. Any tan is a mutation of the cells of our skin, opening us up to risks for melanoma and less alarming skin damage. These shorts have 50+ UPF. Coverage alone helps to combat the harmful effects of the sun’s rays but just physical coverage isn’t always enough. If you care about protecting yourself from possible skin damage, this Prana Super Mojo has you covered, quite literally. You may not be familiar with UPF protection, as the standard used to be SPF, which is Sun Protection Factor. UPF is Ultraviolet Protection Factor and it protects against more than just the previously implemented SPF standard. UPF doesn’t only block out UVB rays as SPF does, but it also blocks UVF rays for additional protection. UPF is recognized as the new standard across the board. SPF only slowed down the rate of burning, so an SPF of 20 would make you burn at a rate that is 20 times slower than you would sans any protection. UPF blocks out 98 percent of harmful rays, which ensures a much stronger and more reliable level of protection when you’re in the outdoors. This standard has specifically been formulated for sun-protective clothing. If you are frequently in bright, sunny areas and have found that you get sun damage despite your best efforts, fabrics like this one by Prana can help.


Prana makes many efforts towards sustainability at their company and they try to do the same with their clothing. Everything they create is fair-trade certified, to ensure that they are not benefitting from labor or business practices that are exploitative. These are mostly made from recycled material, with a small amount of spandex added for four-way stretch. Their fabrics are Bluesign certified, which means they are safe to wear for everyone, and will not transfer any chemicals while being worn or washed. This may seem to be insignificant but you would be surprised how much clothing is created without the safety or health of the wearer in mind. It was only recently that we discovered that water bottles can transfer chemicals that affect our hormones are regularly used and produced. Workout gear should be predominantly worry-free. It is difficult enough to get out there and get active, you shouldn’t have to stress about if your clothing is safe for you, and the environment, to wear.


Versatility in workout clothes is a plus. Yoga pants and leggings have become very popular casual wear for people of all ages, thanks to their comfort and cute factor. The Super Mojo is the same way. Reviewers loved that they could wear these in a variety of situations, even to work. That being said, these are even more appropriate than yoga pants or leggings with their sleek appearance. People who bought this bottom by Prana found that they were the perfect lounge short but they were equally great for family outings or working around the house. While they are made for getting active, even the unathletic can fully appreciate their comfort and cozy wear. These have versatility in both appearance and use but they still aren’t a one-style-fits-all kind of short. Though some use them for climbing, the lack of adjustability in the waist and unsecured pockets could pose risks to those wanting to take these for a climb. Needs will have to be assessed and considered when committing to this Super Mojo by Prana.

Bottom Line

Prana may not be known by the world, yet, but options like the Super Mojo certainly declare who they are to the market. With sustainable business practices, Prana uses its resources ethically to make these moisture wicking and cozy-cool shorts. Their band is lacking in adjustability and their open pockets could pose issues for certain activities, but the risk of purchasing these Super Mojo shorts pales in comparison to the apparent reward.