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If you’re planning a hiking trip, work outdoors, or simply like to wear button-up shirts, this could be the shirt for you. The Baleaf Men’s Hiking Shirt is as functional as it is attractive. Not only will you be comfortable throughout the day, but you’ll be protected.

This hiking shirt can protect your skin from bug bites, poison ivy rashes, twig scratches, and even harmful UV rays. When you need extra protection, or it is chilly, roll the sleeves down to your wrists. When you’re warm, need less protection, or need to get your hands dirty, roll them up to your elbows.

The Baleaf Men’s Hiking Shirt includes two breast pockets with velcro closure, a utility loop above the left pocket, and a classic lapel. You can hang your pen conveniently on the utility loop so that you don’t have to fumble in your pocket and potentially knock something else out of it. The utility loop can be used by fishermen as a rod holder as well.

This hiking shirt comes at a great price and, depending on the retailer, a return policy. Check with each retailer before purchasing so that you are able to return it if it doesn’t fit properly. Not all bodies are the same, so every shirt won’t necessarily work for everybody.

Editor's Pros & Cons

Great Price

Mesh Lining

Moisture Control

UV Protection



Issues With Sizing



Baleaf was created by athletic people who simply wanted to produce quality, functional activewear. Most importantly, they wanted to offer this at a more affordable price so that more people can enjoy the things they love. Baleaf is dedicated to helping people go on adventures and conquer sports goals.

Baleaf, also known as Dream Supply Chain, was founded in February of 2009. The CEO, Lefee Xu (located in Xiamen, China) was determined to make her dreams come true in order to have a successful e-commerce business. She partnered with more than twenty factories so that she could have a steady supply for her vision.

Workout culture began to increase in 2015, with people gaining more interest in the gym training, running, yoga, swimming, and outdoor adventures. Since then, Lefee has been focused on the most popular workouts in order to appeal to the biggest audience in the industry.

Baleaf stays on top of the ever-changing market by continuously implementing technological advances in their products. Some of these advances include airflow technology, compression technology, and lightweight materials. These details help to enhance your performance.

Lefee also focused on features that could be used to improve functionality. She did this with details like arm sleeves that are detachable, pockets that can better hide valuables, layers that provide UPF protection, and more. Her products are designed all around to make your experience better.

Baleaf is an acronym for “Balance Active Life with Ease and Attraction through Free-flowing ideas”. It’s a good thing they decided to shorten it, right? Get the most comfortable, best performance, and most technology that’s available on the market and reach your goals.


It’s important to consider what materials a piece of clothing is made from. Firstly, you need to make sure you’re not allergic. Secondly, you need to make sure your skin isn’t irritated by it. And lastly, you need to make sure the fabric has properties that suit your needs.

The Baleaf Men’s Hiking Shirt has a shell made one hundred percent with nylon. The lining is a polyester mesh. These materials each have their own properties that will work to give you the properties you need in a hiking shirt.

Mesh has the ability to increase air circulation in order to enhance ventilation. This helps to cool you down and rid your skin of sweat quicker. The knitting of the polyester is loose and open, giving your shirt better stretch, allowing better air circulation, cooling you down, and carrying moisture away, and drying quickly.

The shell is made of nylon material. Nylon is a common choice for outdoor wear because of its ability to keep you drier and regulate your temperature better. The wicking ability and quick-drying properties of nylon are what help it to regulate temperature.

Nylon is also chosen for its strength. It is resistant to scratches and pilling from contact with foreign objects. It can also stand up to more washes (and won’t shrink in wash), abrasions, and wear and tear more efficiently than cotton.

While nylon does absorb water, it does not absorb oil. Because it doesn’t absorb oil, it doesn’t get trapped and produce an unpleasant smell. Nylon is eco-friendly in that it can be crafted with recycled plastic sources and the nylon itself can be recycled when it’s done being used.

Moisture Control

No matter what you’re doing, it is important to have clothing that’s breathable. You need to be able to stay cool in hot conditions and dry in cold conditions. You need to be protected from skin irritation and odor-causing bacteria from being stuck in a moist shirt.

The nylon material used in the shell of this hiking shirt is breathable, lightweight, and quick-drying. And the back of the shirt features a mesh panel for extra air circulation and moisture control. Thanks to these properties, this shirt is more efficient at regulating your body temperature. In colder weather, you’ll stay drier. In warmer weather, your sweat will evaporate quicker.

One of the most appreciated benefits of having breathable clothes is that they tend to have less of an odor, even after washing. Some materials can’t get rid of the odors, but nylon and polyester mesh don’t hold onto it. Because you’ll be kept cooler and drier, you’ll be able to avoid odors that are caused by bacteria that are attracted to your sweat. Add an outdoor jacket that’s also breathable for more coverage and protection.

UV Protection

Aesthetics, materials, breathability, flexibility, and moisture control are definitely important factors to consider when shopping for a hiking shirt. However, something that may not cross your mind is UV protection. You know that your long sleeves can protect you from bug bites, scratches, and poison ivy. But they provide your skin with much-needed protection from harmful UV rays, especially during long hikes on a sunny day.

This shirt is rated UPF 50+. The nylon material is breathable, but still woven tightly enough to filter the light passing through to your skin. Because you can wear this shirt as a long-sleeve or a short-sleeve shirt, you can protect your arms more when you need to and have them free to get dirty when you don’t need the protection.

By absorbing the UV rays before they can get to your skin, you’ll be better protected from skin cancer and sun damage. The darker the shirt, the better the protection. If you’ll be in the sun a lot, it wouldn’t be advisable to wear white or light blue. Don’t forget that your eyes will need protection from UV rays as they are damaged from the sun as well.

Working Man

This hiking shirt is, as the name suggests, designed specifically for hiking. However, it can easily be used by a man (or woman) who works outdoors; whether it be for a construction job, roofing job, ranch job, or park ranger job. Not only will it give you the protection you need from the sun, but it will keep your temperature more regulated and be stronger against wear and tear.

It’s also convenient for those who need more than one breast pocket, those who need a utility loop for a pen, a fishing rod, sunglasses, or even something to attach your keys to. You can work hard in this hiking shirt, from dawn till dusk, and be able to stay more comfortable, drier, and cooler. Any outdoorsman/working man knows that you also need to have quality socks, so you can find a pair here.


The Baleaf Men’s Hiking Shirt is offered in a wide range of sizes from small to extra-extra-extra large. This means that it is able to serve a larger demographic of customers. Be sure to take measurements before deciding on size. Sizing always ranges between brands.

Size small fits chests that measure between 37 ½ - 39 ½ inches in circumference. It fits waists that measure between 32 ½ - 34 ½ inches in circumference. It has a total length of 30 ¼ inches from top to bottom.

Size medium fits chests that measure between 40 - 42 inches in circumference. It fits waists that measure between 35 - 37 inches in circumference. It has a total length of 30 ¾ inches from top to bottom.

Size large fits chests that measure between 42 ½ - 45 inches in circumference. It fits waists that measure between 37 ½ - 40 inches in circumference. It has a total length of 31 ⅞ inches from top to bottom.

Size extra-large fits chests that measure between 45 ½ - 48 inches in circumference. It fits waists that measure between 40 ½ - 43 inches in circumference. It has a total length of 32 ¾ inches from top to bottom.

Size extra-extra-large fits chests that measure between 48 ½ - 51 inches in circumference. It fits waists that measure between 43 ½ - 46 inches in circumference. It has a total length of 33 ¾ inches from top to bottom.

Size extra-extra-extra-large fits chests that measure between 51 ½ - 54 inches in circumference. It fits waists that measure between 46 ½ - 49 inches in circumference. It has a total length of 35 inches from top to bottom.


The great thing about today’s hiking shirts is that they are so versatile. Because they are so sleek and simplistic, they can blend into almost any environment. Wear them camping, to work, to lounge around in, to go to dinner, to grocery shop, or to walk around the neighborhood.

This hiking shirt comes in three different color options. They are bright blue, white, and khaki. The blue would be perfect for social occasions, the white would work for lounging, dinner, or work. And the khaki would be ideal for hiking, camping, and working. For even more versatility, add a vest to your look.

Sleeve Length

Something that contributes to the versatility, convenience, and comfort of this hiking shirt is the fact that it can be worn as either a long-sleeved shirt or a short-sleeved shirt. For the working man, this means you can roll your sleeves up when it’s time for a little extra elbow grease.

The sleeves can be rolled down to provide your forearms with protection from harmful UV rays, bug bites, and poison ivy. Another reason you may want to roll the sleeves down is to look more professional or formal for certain occasions. If you need to make a quick transition into formalwear, you can keep these shoes handy.


The Baleaf Men’s Hiking Shirt receives mostly positive reviews. However, we were able to dig up some customer complaints. The following are the common grievances that consumers are having.

Some men are reporting that the collar is way too large and the sleeves are too short. Many are claiming that the shirt runs small, but just as many are claiming that it runs large. This suggests that you want to pay extra attention to the sizing chart and actually measure yourself before ordering.

Other complaints include that the shirt doesn’t dry wrinkle-free, not even when it is left to hang dry. Some people have had difficulty buttoning the shirt as well. Some claim the holes are too small, others claim the buttons are too big. Although, some people have trouble buttoning things in general. Purchase the shirt from a retailer that offers a free return policy so that you can return it if you have trouble.

Return Policy

When you purchase the Baleaf Men’s Hiking Shirt from the brands’ website, you will be able to cancel an order, only if you submit the cancellation request before the item has been shipped out. If you are able to cancel your order, you will be given a full refund.

You have fourteen days from the date of purchase to decide that you are not satisfied with the product. Your item cannot be used, washed, or altered in any way. You must include the original packaging and proof of purchase. There is not a restocking fee when you return a product.

Once the return department receives your product, they will inspect it and email you to let you know they have received it. Then they will send you a notification to let you know whether or not they approved your refund. If approved, the refund gets processed and automatically returns the money to the original payment method. It can take up to a few days for the credit to appear.

Bottom Line

You can expect a number of benefits from this hiking shirt. It is designed to give you versatility, letting you wear it to virtually any occasion. This is especially doable with the color choices available. Wear the blue for more social occasions, the white for formal occasions, and the khaki to get dirty in.

The Baleaf Men’s Hiking Shirt can also provide you with comfort, range of motion, moisture control, temperature control, UV protection, and strength. You can adjust the sleeves according to the weather or task at hand. Roll them up or down as needed.

This hiking shirt comes at a great price, has a return policy (depending on the retailer), and has everything you need for a great hiking adventure or a long day on the couch.