Unitop Men’s Hiking Shirt Review

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The Unitop Men’s Hiking Shirt isn’t a shirt that is just made for those with a big passion for being in the outdoors. It is also completely suitable for most casual occasions, avid fishermen, construction workers, women who work from home, and men who like to lounge on the couch in the evenings. It is lightweight but still durable, and it also allows your torso and arms to have a better range of motion and more overall comfort.

The chinlon material used in ninety-five percent of this shirt’s construction is a form of nylon. Its name comes from mixing the words China and nylon together. It is more smooth than regular nylon and not quite as durable. It is mixed with spandex material in order to give it more durability and flexibility. The Unitop Men’s Hiking Shirt is water-resistant and wicks away moisture from your skin. It also dries quickly so you’re not left walking around in a soaked shirt all day.

Because the fabric of this hiking shirt happens to be so smooth, and the shirt works hard to keep you dry, you can be comfortable going through your day without an undershirt. The back includes mesh vents to enhance airflow and increase the rate at which your sweat is being evaporated. If you produce a lot of sweat in a day, you may still want to opt for a moisture-wicking undershirt.

This shirt can be worn as either a short-sleeve shirt or a long-sleeve shirt, depending on your needs and the weather conditions. It is available in six color options and the size options are small, medium, large, and extra-large. Not to mention, it’s got a great price tag, and comes with a free return and refund policy when purchased on Amazon.com.

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Great Price


Not Waterproof

Not As Rugged As Competitors


The Unitop Men’s Hiking Shirt’s construction is ninety-five percent chinlon, which is a type of nylon originating in China. The fibers are finer and create a smoother feel than typical polyester and nylon products. Chinlon is not as durable as other fibers. It is sometimes woven with spandex to strengthen it; such as this shirt is woven with spandex.

It is prone to crinkling more easily, though. For some people, it only takes five to ten times of folding the material for it to start to crinkle. Once it is done, it is hard to reverse. Try not to ever fold it up. Always hang it or lay it flat. This will help prolong its lifespan.


Five percent of this hiking shirt’s composition is spandex. Adding this little bit of spandex will bring quite a few benefits to the table, believe it or not. Spandex is the material that gives your clothes stretch. It is most commonly found in workout clothing. Another great product that has spandex in its composition is this storage belt.

Spandex is a man-made fabric that is able to expand almost six hundred percent of its own size. The range of motion it offers is noticeable, even at just five percent of the composition. Once you’re done stretching the fabric, it will fall right back into place. Spandex also provides additional moisture-wicking capabilities, enhanced breathability, and quicker drying times.

Moisture Control

It’s important to have breathable clothes from head-to-toe. You want to stay cool in hot weather and dry in cold weather in order to keep your body temperature better regulated. You want your skin to be protected from odor-causing bacteria and skin irritation.

The chinlon (nylon) that is used in the construction of the shell of this shirt is a lightweight, breathable, moisture-wicking, and quick-drying fabric. The back of this hiking shirt also features a mesh panel for better air circulation. Thanks to these features, your body temperature will be better regulated.

When your clothing is more breathable, you’ll be able to eliminate more odors that are caused by bacteria that are attracted to your sweat. Less sweat = fewer odors. In clothing that isn’t breathable, the odor tends to stick around, even after washing. For more moisture control and coverage, check out this outdoor jacket.


Men are blessed with pants that have much deeper pockets than women’s. However, when you’re working, adventuring, or playing outdoors, it’s handier to have your items more accessible. The Unitop Men’s Hiking Shirt is designed to be especially convenient.

There are two styles of this shirt available. One style features two breast pocket; the other has two. On both styles, the pockets are secured with velcro. In the breast pockets, you can store your cash, ID, credit cards, etc. There is also a utility loop that can be used as a pen holder, sunglasses holder, or fishing rod holder. You could even attach your keys to it.


Having sleeves that are capable of transforming from long-sleeve to short-sleeve and back to long-sleeve again is very convenient, especially for the outdoorsman or working man. When you need to throw a little extra elbow grease into the job, roll them up and secure the tabs.

You can roll your sleeves down whenever necessary in order to provide your forearms with additional protection against UV rays, poison ivy, scrapes from twigs, etc. Another reason to roll the sleeves down to your wrists is to achieve a more professional look. If you’re needing to make a quick outfit change to look more formal, keep these shoes handy.

No matter how you wear your sleeves, this type of shirt will always be in style. It is sleek, modern, simplistic, attractive, and masculine. If you’re not wearing it because it’s functional, you’re wearing it because it’s comfortable, fashionable, or belongs to your crush.


The Unitop Men’s Hiking Shirt doesn’t have to be reserved only for hiking trips through the mountains. You can wear it to go fishing in the river. You can wear it to go camping or to work on a construction site.

Wear it to work on a roof, to walk around the park, and to sit on your couch watching television. Wear it to your son’s baseball game and then wear it out to dinner.

Wherever you’re going, it’s likely that this shirt will be able to go with you. What’s better is that it’ll blend in. After all, we all know many men who wear this type of shirt 24/7.


The Unitop Men’s Hiking Shirt comes in just four sizes. They are small, medium, large, and extra-large. Most shirts in this style are available in sizes small, medium, large, extra-large, extra-extra-large, and extra-extra-extra-large.

Size small is 29.5 inches in length from top to bottom, 18.1 inches from shoulder to shoulder, and the chest circumference is 45.6 inches. The sleeve length is 26 inches, the sleeve opening circumference is 8.6 inches, and the waist circumference is 44 inches.

Size medium is 29.9 inches in length from top to bottom, 18.5 inches from shoulder to shoulder, and the chest circumference is 48 inches. The sleeve length is 26.3 inches, the sleeve opening circumference is 9.1 inches, and the circumference of the waist is 46.4 inches.

Size large is 30.3 inches in length from top to bottom, 19.2 inches from shoulder to shoulder, and the chest circumference is 52.7 inches. The sleeve length is 27.1 inches, the sleeve opening circumference is 9.8 inches, and the circumference of the waist is 51.1 inches.

Size extra-large is 30.7 inches in length from top to bottom, 19.2 inches from shoulder to shoulder, and the chest circumference is 52.7 inches. The sleeve length is 27.1 inches, the sleeve opening circumference is 9.8 inches, and the circumference of the waist is 51.1 inches.

Please be sure to measure yourself before choosing a size. The measurements for each size vary from company to company, brand to brand.


The hiking shirt comes in six different colors. They are all very neutral and earthy. For the most part, they are darker shades. However, there are a couple of lighter ones.

The colors that are available are black, deep gray, gray, light gray, khaki, and green. Black, deep gray, light gray, and green are all available in the one-breast pocket model. Either way, you’re sure to rock any occasion with one of these colors.

For outdoorsmen, you’ll probably lean more towards the light gray, green, and khaki. For casual events, deep gray, gray, and black would work great. When you need to dress up more, the black will go with anything. Black instantly dresses up any outfit. Pair any of the shirts with a pair of khaki hiking pants and you’ll be ready to hit the trail or the alehouse.


Most of the reviews we dug up have been very positive. The only negative comments so far are that they aren’t waterproof, and they aren’t as durable as other materials. These are both true. However, you can always layer a waterproof jacket on top of this hiking shirt.

Consumers report that this hiking shirt is, in fact, very versatile. They have dressed them up with slacks and dressed them down with blue jeans. They’ve worn them during plane rides and long road trips. They’ve rolled up their sleeves to get work done or enjoy a day out in the warm weather.

As long as you’re careful with it, it will remain relatively wrinkle-free. Never keep it folded up. If you must compact it, try to roll it up instead. This chinlon material is easily crinkled. Once it crinkles up, it’s nearly impossible to reverse.

Customers are impressed by the temperature control (with the exception of extremely hot or humid weather). The fabric is breathable, smooth, and stretchy and customers love the colors. They urge future customers to take their measurements before ordering. However, if you don’t, and need to return the shirt, the return and refund processes are quick and easy (with Amazon).


One thing you definitely want to check before purchasing any item is whether or not you’ll be able to return it should it not be exactly what you were hoping for. Thankfully, when you order from Amazon, this hiking shirt is eligible for returns.

If you purchase from another retailer, they may have a different policy. When ordered from Amazon, you’ll be able to view your cut-off date for a return in your order details. If you have missed your return date or for some other reason can not process a return, you do have more options.

You can sell your hiking shirt to another Amazon customer, for cash, without having to pay a fee to list it. You can also set your own price. If you don’t want to go that route, you can always trade it. Your item can be traded for a gift card to Amazon.com. Once you ship the item back, your gift card will be distributed.

Bottom Line

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if you’re a man or a woman; if you’re a hiker, biker, worker, lounger, walker, or shopper. This shirt can be exactly what you’re looking for. It offers up a simplistic, functional, modern, look.

This shirt is made with lightweight material that is also breathable, moisture-wicking, and quick-drying. Spandex is integrated into the design so that you may have more range of motion and the shirt will keep it’s original shape longer.

The only negative reports from consumers have been that the Unitop Men’s Hiking Shirt isn’t waterproof and isn’t as rugged as some of the competitors. If it isn’t what you need, you will need to look elsewhere.

However, if this hiking shirt does have the qualities you’re looking for, it is offered at a very fair price. Depending on the retailer you purchase it from, you’ll even have a money-back guarantee for a limited amount of time.